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Grover Norquist: “Liberals see Government the way kids see Santa”… (totally agree!!!)

What Grover Norquist said about liberals is so true. They really do look at the US government as if they’re Santa Claus which is really sad and pathetic. Perfect example of that, I’ll never forget their reaction when the government finally gave them “gay marriage” in the USA. They acted like little kids who just got a new bicycle from under the tree. They had the same attitude when Obama finally stepped in about the North Dakota Access Pipeline. Sadly that’s how liberals look at Obama too, they look at him as if he’s Santa Claus.

Liberals rely on the government too much which is sad.



Where are all the anti-war liberals???


It’s pretty well-known for a long while that liberals were angry at George W. for sending Troops to war in Iraq/Afghanistan. They called him a war criminal and all that stuff.

Yet, Obama sends Troops to Syria to battle Isis and we could be going to war against Russia pretty soon. We get complete silence from liberals. This meme is right that I haven’t heard anything from liberals or Democrats since 2007. We don’t hear anything from so-called anti-war celebrities like Neil Young and Sean Penn… silence from them too.

More proof that liberals are pretty one-sided in their political opinions. I’m noticing that they are only anti-war only if it’s under a Republican president.


Video: I guess this is good enough proof that libtards hate the bible and Christianity…

Mark Dice has got a lot of balls for this. This guy has been doing a lot social experimenting in San Diego, California to test how many gullible and naive people there are in this country. Turns out there are many of them which is no surprise. Most liberals are misinformed of what goes in America and this is proof of it.

Good work, Mark. I love how Mark messes around with the psychology of liberals… interesting. Liberals thinks he’s being serious on this petition which proves how naive they are. They don’t realize Mark is actually making fun of them. It’s a known fact that liberals are a bunch of Atheists, they hate religion for sure.


Interesting article that defends Chrissie Hynde’s rape comments… worth a read…

Here’s a great article written by a woman who defends Chrissie Hynde’s controversial rape comments and it looks like she’s siding with Chrissie on this one too.

This blogger here is so right. The reason that libtards and “feminists” are upset at Chrissie is that they didn’t like her telling women what to wear or how much they drink. They also didn’t like her blaming the victims.

Look, I know that women like to party hard late at night but at the same time, it’s very risky. There are a lot of women who naivety believes that nothing dangerous will happen if they go out there partying. Like I said in a post before, this world is not so lovable and wonderful as many would like to believe. There’s a lot of bad people and dangerous psychopaths out there. Women think they can go out there and do what they want to and think nothing will happen to them.

If you’re a woman and if you go out there partying wearing short skirts and tank tops that exposes your cleavage, you walk out there drunk… chances are something is gonna happen to you.

Nothing wrong with partying and having a fun time but do it responsibly and do it carefully. Don’t party alone… go with a group of friends.

I think the feminists got upset ’cause they simply can’t take the truth and it upsets them. They don’t like it when someone else’s opinion is different. Gotta love intolerance.


Anyway, rape can happen anywhere and anytime. Not just at night. There’s no reason for women to go around looking sexy all the time. Nothing wrong with dressing and looking sexy sure but do it responsibly and on special occasions. Looking sexy will help catch the eyes of sexual predators out there. There’s a lot of creepers out there and you gotta watch out for ’em.

It’s not a safe world at all. Stop thinking it is.


5 reasons to ignore people with hardcore liberal views…

These days, it’s getting more and more pointless to debate politics with liberals. Ya know, people with hardcore “left-wing” views. People who claim they are “liberals”. I would avoid them like the plague and pretend they are dead to you. It’s best not to debate politics with left-wingers. Why?

I’m about to explain 5 reasons why:

  • They are too one-sided: These people hate everything Republican and everything “Conservative”. They will not agree with anything on the “right” at all. They will only think you’re cool if you agree with them. They only stay on their side almost 100% of the time and I can’t stand it.
  • They support Barack Obama and Hillary or believe there is nothing wrong with them: When you want to discuss the criminal actions about Barack & Hillary, they’ll ignore you most of the time. They will only believe what the mainstream media tells them and anything outside of that, they will be quick to judge it as “bullshit” or “conspiracy theory”. They can’t accept any kind of truth about Barack and Hillary and it’s getting really old.
  • They can be a little hateful and dramatic: Liberal intolerance. Gotta love it. When they’re disagreed with, they can be a little bit too dramatic for no reason. Call you names like bigots, haters, racist, whackjob conspiracy theorists, etc. I’ve been called every name in the book by libtards.
  • They can be liars and hypocrites: Seriously, these people can lie just as bad as Barack and Hillary does. They are also the biggest hypocrites I’ve ever seen. For example, they don’t like “right-wingers” hating on their precious Barack Obama and claim we can’t do it ’cause he’s President of the US but last time I checked, liberals bashed the hell out of George W. when he was president. Isn’t it strange how it’s okay to bash George W. but not Barack?
  • They are uneducated and misinformed with their politics: Sometimes ya gotta wonder what their grades in Social Studies/History were like in High School and I’m pretty sure they weren’t very good at all. Most liberals don’t know their history well. Why do you think Obama was voted twice in the White House and why most libtards love Hillary so much?

That’s about all I can think of. I used to debate politics with liberals but it’s gotten to the point where I just ignore them now. I don’t allow liberals to post on my blog, youtube, twitter and everywhere else on the internet. I try my best to get them out of my sight but they are hard to escape from ’cause they’re everywhere. I don’t debate politics with liberals in facebook ’cause I’ll just delete their comment or just ignore it. I’m done with liberals, been done with them a long time ago.

I only debate politics with other conservatives ’cause they are more adult acting, more intelligent and they can be more friendlier too.

Don’t debate politics with liberals. They’ll drive you up the wall and that’s why they are what they are.


Don’t argue with the liberal left, unless you wanna get called a bigot or whatever names they call you…

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a nice, civil and adult debate in politics without the left attacking you and calling you names? That’s why you shouldn’t debate or argue with them at all. Just get your opinions and views on things, don’t reply to liberals at all. These days, talking to liberals is like talking to a brick wall.

The problem is, they (the left) will only agree with their views. They won’t agree with anything on the right at all. They really are one-sided people. Like I said, they only side with views on the left.

When George W. was president, debating politics used to be fun and enjoyable! Now it’s not, under Obama! You wanna tell the truth about Barack, Hillary and other liberal politicians be prepared to be attacked by left-wingers. You wanna disagree with their views, be ready for a liberal backlash. It’s called, “intolerance” like I’ve said many times.

They hate Republicans and they see nothing wrong with the Democrat party at all. To them, everything about the Democrat party is heroic and they feel Democrats are doing good things to America.

Yeah, sure, liberals are gonna accuse us “right-wingers” being one-sided but we’re not at all. We’ve been disgusted with our own party and not afraid to be vocal about it. We know the Republican/GOP side is broken & corrupt, we’re not fucking stupid, ya know? We’ve been upset with the GOP lately ’cause they’ve been helping Obama on a lot of things most notably the TPP trade. We’ve already turned our backs on the Republicans. Most of us did. It’s true!!!

Why won’t liberals turn their backs on the Democrat side? Why won’t liberals be realistic with their own party? That’s one thing I can’t figure out.

To them, there is nothing bad about the Democrat party at all. They’ll support all of Obama’s bad policies and support Obama’s ideas for America even though they it’s been proven they are bad. Each time someone attacks Obama’s policies, liberals will be quick to defend it.

This country has gone batshit crazy for sure. You wanna support right-wing politicians or candidates, liberals will attack you for that too when you should have every right for an opinion.

I stopped debating with liberals a long time ago and feel really GOOD about it. Don’t debate with them. They’ll make your head spin. They drive you crazy ’cause they enjoy it. They’re always gonna think they’re right no matter what they say. They’ll call you names, accuse you of watching FOX News and all that immature shit. They really are the most immature people I’ve come across. Ignore them all, the liberals. Pretend they’re all dead. You can tell ’cause I don’t allow ’em to post on my blog anymore. They are getting worse.

I can see why conservatives are quiet on their views lately so they can avoid a liberal backlash. Don’t be afraid to get your voice heard. Don’t let ’em win.



How liberals view the news is PRICELESS…


I have noticed that the way liberals view the news is pretty crazy and out of this world. The way liberals view the news is pretty priceless and it just proves my point that liberals really are that one-sided.

Read this interesting article:


Yeah, so Caitlyn Jenner comes out as Conservative & Republican… liberals go mad.

Marco Rubio got traffic violations and media question his financial budgets… liberals go mad.

Someone speaks out and opposes gay marriage… liberals go mad.

Obama wants to do things like Net Neutrality, Free College and has no strategy for destroying ISIS… liberals are all happy for him.

The problem is, liberals look at the mainstream news as “credible source”. If you believe that the mainstream news is pretty reliable and credible, then you really are a fucking moron. All I see in the news lately is just one-sided opinions. They don’t look at reality at all. They report news that are on the opinion of the left ’cause they know that stuff catches people eyes.

I’m tired of the way the “news” is going today, ya know? Before Obama was president, I could have sworn that the mainstream news wasn’t so “one-sided”. The news shouldn’t stay on the left wing side at all. We need honest journalism to show people what’s really going on in this world no matter the political views. Honest journalism is dead and gone.

There is definitely a double standard when it comes to news reporting. Left-wing news is more acceptable while “conservative” news is not. It’s pissing me off. It’s why I don’t watch or read the news anymore. This country has gone bat-shit crazy.