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Where are all the anti-war liberals???


It’s pretty well-known for a long while that liberals were angry at George W. for sending Troops to war in Iraq/Afghanistan. They called him a war criminal and all that stuff.

Yet, Obama sends Troops to Syria to battle Isis and we could be going to war against Russia pretty soon. We get complete silence from liberals. This meme is right that I haven’t heard anything from liberals or Democrats since 2007. We don’t hear anything from so-called anti-war celebrities like Neil Young and Sean Penn… silence from them too.

More proof that liberals are pretty one-sided in their political opinions. I’m noticing that they are only anti-war only if it’s under a Republican president.


Here’s a little flashback, y’all… Obama said no US Ground troops in Syria back in 2013…

Obama just did a George W. Bush and there’s no outrage from the left. Where’s Neil Young and Sean Penn when you need ’em? Aren’t they anti-war? Oooopsss, they’re only anti-war only if it’s under a Republican president. Liberals rail against George W. for going to war in Iraq/Afghanistan and Obama is going to war right now.

So now Obama finally decides to fight back at Isis when he should have done that a long time ago. Oh, I wonder why… it’s probably because the elections is going on and this is another sign that “martial law” is coming. In order for “martial law” to happen the US must be under war, look up “martial law” yourself and read about it. US go to war, declare “martial law”, elections get cancelled and Obama will continue to be president even after 2017.

That’s why the US government started this fictional terrorist group named ISIS. ISIS was started by the CIA and MOSSAD. All those ISIS beheading videos were all fake and scripted. Where do you think ISIS gets all the military like weapons and Toyota trucks from?


Thoughts on the US thinking about attacking Syria over gas attacks…

Honestly, the US should leave Syria alone. If we attack them, then Syria will retaliate and we’re gonna end up into another war. On top of that, it is unconstitutional to declare war on another country without congressional authority. What happened during the gas attacks was horrible but we should stay out of that stuff when it doesn’t involve us. Women and children were killed during the gas attacks and they shouldn’t have to suffer even more if we decide to attack Syria. What’s attacking Syria going to solve? Once again it’s just going to lead us into another pointless war. All this is proving is that the Obama Administration are evil war criminals. It also wouldn’t surprise me if the Obama Administration aided Syria terrorists the chemicals like some people are saying. We seriously need to uphold the Constitution ’cause President Obama haven’t been faithful to it since the start of Presidency. We also need to stop him from attacking Syria and he needs to be held accountable. Get with it, and wake up. Obama is a madman. All he is about is power and greed.

I don’t see how you could defend him over something like this. Of course, the liberals would have his back and would make claims that Obama is doing this to save the people in Syria but it’s not true, and you know it. Obama is a war mongering son of a bitch. He started a lot of wars without congressional authority and this is the worst of them. If you think the US attacking Syria is a good thing… think about how Syria will retaliate. They will want their revenge so they could come over to the US and attack us anytime they wanted. They could send those chemicals to the US and wipe us all out if they wanted easily.

If it’s true that Obama sent those chemicals to Syria, then he is the one who killed all those women and children.

Obama is getting pretty scary, guys. I’m scared of him being our president and you should be too. We really gotta do something about him.


Report: CIA says Bin Laden is isolated from Al Qaeda…

So Americans want to end the war soon and fast? Well, don’t get your hopes up, ’cause ending the war will not happen anytime soon no matter if President Obama tries to stop it or not.

Obama is wasting his time on politics and trying to get the economy to go strong, when money isn’t important. What is more important is protecting America from evil. Do you see Obama doing that right away? If McCain/Palin was elected President, Bin Laden would have been captured or even killed right about now. Well, Bin Laden is still out there.

The CIA says that Bin Laden is isolated from the Al Qaeda operation, meaning kept away and being alone for his own protection and safety. Being seperated from one another. It means Bin Laden is in a good hiding spot where he can’t be found at all but he is still alive and well.

More on it here:


If McCain was elected, he’d get right to work to hunt down Bin Laden right away but Obama is about “change” in the country, not about protecting and saving America.

I wonder what President Obama will say about this news. He’ll probably ignore it and concentrate on “change” in the country just for his own ego.


Cool Video: Masked camera man confronts war protesters in Delmar, N.Y.

Some masked dude wearing the mask of the character from the movie “V For Vendetta” confronted a bunch of war protesters in Delmar, N.Y. It’s a Bethlehem Neighbors for Peace kind of a thing.

Watch the anonymous camera man piss off a bunch of angry war protesters. I have a feeling that things will get worse after this and this is only the beginning.

Is this cameraman doing the right thing? Or is he a weirdo out to seek some attention? You decide.

I know who the cameraman man is and I ain’t telling since it is supposed to be anonymous. But I’m sure you can figure out who it is easily if you know this person yourself.

Enjoy the laughs!