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Could tonight be the night that Obama announces “martial law” and postponing of Elections???

That could be what’s coming and I have a feeling it might. Obama coming on TV on all TV stations to make a huge announcement that will shock the world. Announcing that he is enacting “martial law” to cancel elections and extend his presidency. I doubt this will happen but it’s a scary thought and it could, ya never know.

When the Obama White House announced that he was addressing the nation tonight at the Oval Office, this was the first thought that came to my mind. We’ll wait to see what he has to say.


Obama really thinks he owns the White House, that’s why he isn’t leaving even after 2017…

It’s no surprise to see that the first words that comes out of Obama’s mouth in his “faecbook” video is “This has been my backyard for the past 7 years”. Of course, this wasn’t the first time he claimed that the property on the White House is HIS property. Here’s a little flashback y’all.


Everybody should know by now that the White House isn’t the president’s property. It’s the PEOPLE’s property. The White House actually belongs to the people. Yes, that means us. I think you all know that. Obama clearly thinks he owns the White House all for himself which is why he isn’t going anywhere even after 2017. The White House isn’t his house at all, it’s our house for sure!

Obama is obsessed with the White House. He thinks the place is his home which is why he isn’t leaving anytime soon. John Boehner suddenly stepped down as House Speaker. Joe Biden announced he isn’t running for president. Something is definitely up here and the Obama admin. has got something up their sleeve for sure. They’re planning something big.

Don’t be surprised that the Elections wouldn’t even happen and Obama would still be president. He’s not going anywhere, folks. We’re gonna have to put up with Obama even longer. I’ve got this sick feeling.


Here’s a little flashback, y’all… Obama said no US Ground troops in Syria back in 2013…

Obama just did a George W. Bush and there’s no outrage from the left. Where’s Neil Young and Sean Penn when you need ’em? Aren’t they anti-war? Oooopsss, they’re only anti-war only if it’s under a Republican president. Liberals rail against George W. for going to war in Iraq/Afghanistan and Obama is going to war right now.

So now Obama finally decides to fight back at Isis when he should have done that a long time ago. Oh, I wonder why… it’s probably because the elections is going on and this is another sign that “martial law” is coming. In order for “martial law” to happen the US must be under war, look up “martial law” yourself and read about it. US go to war, declare “martial law”, elections get cancelled and Obama will continue to be president even after 2017.

That’s why the US government started this fictional terrorist group named ISIS. ISIS was started by the CIA and MOSSAD. All those ISIS beheading videos were all fake and scripted. Where do you think ISIS gets all the military like weapons and Toyota trucks from?


Joe Biden not running for president is a clear warning, a third-term Obama presidency is happening…

For a long while, Joe Biden kept teasing that he might run for president and just today he just made an announcement that he’s not going to. I’m pretty sure that Joe was gonna go for it and he was gonna run but he was told by the Obama admin. not to. He was ordered not to run on the last minute before his announcement today. You can see it on Joe’s face that he looks kind of sad of not running that he was forced out by Obama and his admin.

You can also see the look on Obama’s face that he’s got something up his sleeve. Planning to extend his presidency by a third term or martial law. Either way, Obama is still gonna be president after 2017. I don’t want it to happen but it’s looking more and more likely it’s gonna happen. We could put up with Obama for a pretty long time. Obama could illegally jump on the Democratic race if he wanted to or else he could cancel elections and extend his presidency. We could put up with Obama for several more years or longer. He could continue to be president until he’s dead, trust me.

Donald Trump, Hillary or Bernie won’t become president at all ’cause the elections will get cancelled before you know it. We’re really doomed, America.


Obama ignores advice from generals for the 6th time about withdrawing troops from Afghanistan…

Part of a president’s job is that he must listen and take orders from US generals but for the 6th time Obama ignores the generals request to withdraw troops.


So you ask, why should the Obama admin. remove US troops from Afghanistan to end the war there like they keep promising? Probably because there’s no longer a war to be fought. All the enemies and terrorists have already been defeated. The war has gone on for so long.

I’m sure Obama wants to withdraw the troops but he can’t ’cause in my opinion, he’s not competent enough to give those kind of orders so the way I’m looking at it is Valerie Jarrett is calling all the shots here. She’s the one giving Obama the orders to ignore the general’s request of withdrawing the troops.

Valerie is Obama’s boss. In order to get rid of Obama, have to get rid of her first. They’re doing whatever it takes so they can keep Obama in power even after 2017.


Shocking… predictable Obama lies about sending US troops back home from Afghanistan… martial law is coming, y’all…

Are libtards mad at Obama yet?

Obama promised in the past that he plans to withdraw US troops from Afghanistan by 2017…


… but of course, he’s keeping them there.


Libtards wanted the wars to end. Barack ended the Iraq war and Afghanistan is still going on. Obama promised many many times in the past that he plans to withdraw troops from Afghanistan and end the war there but of course, he lies again.

I’m sure libtards aren’t angry at him yet, they’re gonna applaud him for this just like they blindly applaud him for “everything” even if it’s bad.

Libtards may say that ISIS could be the reason he’s keeping him there but there’s no reason for him to be keeping them there at all. The only reason are two words, y’all: “martial law”. It’s part of his plan to extend his presidency by keeping the wars going. In order to make “martial law” happen, America has to be under civil unrest or war.

This is my take on it and I’m sticking with it.


CNN teased Obama’s third term last night with this scary question…

One of the questions of last night’s debate toward the end was Anderson Cooper asked, “What would your presidency not be like if Obama got a third term?”, it went something like that. It was a pretty scary question and you can tell that when the 5 candidates tried to answer that question, you can tell by the looks on their faces that they hated that question. It seems like that the 5 candidates were pretty disturbed to hear that Obama might get a third term or extend his presidency somehow.

A lot of people believe that Obama extending his presidency somehow wouldn’t happen but it definitely could. I think it’s a possibility that it could happen ’cause even Obama himself kept teasing it as well and CNN dropped a big hint last night that it could happen. Those 5 candidates didn’t like that question at all. They all seemed bothered by it.

If Obama extends his presidency in 2016 and cancels elections, don’t be surprised that it actually happens like many of us tried to warn you many times before. This is why Obama started things like ISIS, the Black Lives matter movement, etc. He’s just trying to find ways to extend his presidency.

It could happen and we could put up with Obama for a pretty long time. There’s no reason for Obama to extend his presidency at all. He’s thinking about it ’cause the man is a huge egomaniac. Period.


Mark Levin claims we already are under “martial law”, we just don’t know it yet…

Hate to say this but Mark Levin (the conservative radio host and author) here makes a whole lot of sense. A lot of conservatives (including me) have been worrying that Obama is gonna declare “martial law”, a lot of scary rumors that he’s gonna do it. Well it seems that Obama has already done it. We just don’t know it yet. Obama declared martial law quietly and secretly.


It already does feel like we have “martial law” doesn’t it? It definitely does to me. What are we gonna do if Obama announces an extension of his presidency? I wouldn’t be surprised if it does happen but lets hope it doesn’t. We gotta stop this son of a bitch somehow and we still have a chance and there is still hope.


Another reason for the false flag in Charleston shooting… just another way to declare martial law?

In order for the president to declare martial law, it must be done while civil unrest is going on or during a war. When martial law is declared that means that ordinary law no longer matters including the U.S. Constitution…

Read more about “Martial Law” here to those that don’t know anything about it…


This is why I believe the Obama admin. is desperate for civil unrest in the United States. This is why things like Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, Eric Garner and things like that happen as a way for the government to declare martial law. I’m sure you’ve all heard all this talk of “martial law” which means that Obama can cancel elections and he can be president for a pretty long time if he wanted.

Like I said, don’t be so excited about the upcoming 2016 elections ’cause we might not even have the elections. I have a feeling Obama is gonna declare martial law so he can continue his presidency. A lot of us have been trying to warn everyone about “martial law” but nope. Sure enough, people laughed at our faces and they think it will never happen. Oh yes it can happen.

If Obama does declare martial law and he’s still president in 2017, I wonder if liberals will wake up then? Probably not ’cause they’re gonna love him for it. The government is doing all they can for civil unrest in the United States so martial law can be declared and Al Sharpton is doing everything he can to make it happen.

When Obama joked about a “third term” at the last Correspondents Dinner at the White House, I think that was a clear warning that he’s going to declare “martial law” pretty soon. If that happens, we’re screwed. Your Hillary and Bernie Sanders may not even be president. Donald Trump or any of the others will never get elected ’cause of “martial law”. It’s coming, y’all. I tried to warn people about “martial law” on this blog many times myself and in facebook/twitter. Of course, not many people believed me.

Hopefully, Obama can be stopped before it happens. Obama really needs to be removed from office ’cause he is a very dangerous and evil man. I don’t care how Obama gets removed from office, he just needs to go.


There might not even be a 2016 election, Obama could declare “martial law” over the ISIS/ISIL war to continue his presidency even longer…

So Obummer sends letter to an all Republican Congress asking them for authorization to send military to fight Isis/Isil or whatever you wanna call them. I’m sure you’re all wondering about my thoughts about this and you can very well believe it’s not gonna be very positive.

I think Obummer himself may have possibly started ISIS/ISIL as a way for him to declare martial law and continue his presidency after 2016. It’s definitely possible that he can continue his presidency after 2016. How? A president has the power to declare martial law; however, “martial law” must be declared during the time of war or civil unrest. Why do you think Obummer finally ended the Afghanistan war? It’s because he’s about to start a whole new war against ISIS/ISIL. When “martial law” is declared that means government powers and Constitutional rights will be suspended. All power from executive, legislative and judicial branches will be removed.

Why do you think Obummer started all of this civil unrest stuff with Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown? Why do you think Obummer may have started this ISIS group? Have you noticed these things started toward the end of Obummer’s presidency? His presidency could go on even longer ’cause of all of this going on.

So don’t get all excited for the 2016 election, America. We may have to deal with Obummer even longer. He may as well be president for the rest of his miserable life.

Obummer is such an arrogant and egotistical piece of shit. He’ll remain president until his goals for America are achieved… destroy America and transform us but not in a good way. He’s not gonna give up until he turns us into a Muslim state or better known as “The United States of Islam”.

He won’t take responsibility for anything and this man is evil. He’s not gonna be stopped until we stop him ourselves and nobody’s doing anything. It’s just sad all around.