Obama really thinks he owns the White House, that’s why he isn’t leaving even after 2017…

It’s no surprise to see that the first words that comes out of Obama’s mouth in his “faecbook” video is “This has been my backyard for the past 7 years”. Of course, this wasn’t the first time he claimed that the property on the White House is HIS property. Here’s a little flashback y’all.


Everybody should know by now that the White House isn’t the president’s property. It’s the PEOPLE’s property. The White House actually belongs to the people. Yes, that means us. I think you all know that. Obama clearly thinks he owns the White House all for himself which is why he isn’t going anywhere even after 2017. The White House isn’t his house at all, it’s our house for sure!

Obama is obsessed with the White House. He thinks the place is his home which is why he isn’t leaving anytime soon. John Boehner suddenly stepped down as House Speaker. Joe Biden announced he isn’t running for president. Something is definitely up here and the Obama admin. has got something up their sleeve for sure. They’re planning something big.

Don’t be surprised that the Elections wouldn’t even happen and Obama would still be president. He’s not going anywhere, folks. We’re gonna have to put up with Obama even longer. I’ve got this sick feeling.


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