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It’s interesting that lefties want to act like children being separated from families is like an evil thing and ridiculous how they think Trump is evil for it… who cares???

Yeah, I watched the Dem Debate last night. The full three hours of the debate. While I despise the Democrats and the left, I thought I would watch it to keep myself informed ’cause it’s good to do that to see what both sides are saying. It’s a crowded election so the Democrats had to split the Dem Debate in two parts. I watched last night’s debate and I’ll probably end up watching tonight’s debate where Biden, Bernie, Kirsten, Kamala and everyone else will appear.

As far as last night’s debate goes, I was bored to tears like everyone else. The Dems don’t have much of a platform from what I’m seeing. All they have is mostly Climate Change, Health Care for All and Donald Trump hate. That’s all they got from what I saw last night, though.

Like everyone else, I was pretty shocked to see all the Spanish speaking last night and I have a feeling we’ll see even more of that tonight. Dems pandering for American hispanic votes and possibly illegal alien votes too.

At first, I was liking Tulsi Gabbard ’cause she was the only likeable Democrat but she lost me when she started calling out Trump for continuing the Afghanistan wars.

Last night was very comedic, though. It was fun seeing Cory Booker going off on bullshit like usual and those funny facial expressions he always makes.

I would have to say though that I find it laughable that the Dems and the hardcore left finds it very evil that illegal immigrant children get separated from their families at the border. I mean like, really? My thoughts is who cares about those children in cages. There are more problems in America with children like we already have. Dems and hardcore liberals have the audacity to feel sorry for those immigrant children when they have no problem killing babies with abortion? Think about that. There are still thousands and thousands of children who are missing. Children gets murdered by their own parents all the time. There are homeless children in America who live in the streets with their homeless families all over. There are children living in hospitals who have cancer and all that. Once again, lefties have the audacity to feel sorry for immigrant children than American children? Again, I don’t give a fuck about those children in cages and they weren’t Trump’s doing to begin with when it was Obama who started that. No outrage against Obama but of course, they blame Trump like they blame Trump on everything.

And about that guy and his daughter dying while travelling to the border, I don’t really care about that too. They want to blame Trump for that garbage like I saw last night? He wasn’t there when it happened so how could it be his fault? And that picture shown all over the news with their bodies in the water… that’s cruel for the Dems and news media to post a picture of that and show it all over the news. Really? It was the father and daughter’s fault that happened ’cause from the looks of things, they were travelling during 100 degree weather and they probably had no food and water on them from the looks of things. They should have stayed home instead of trying to cross the border. How is it Trump’s fault?

Anyhow, I’m going to be watching tonight’s Debate just to keep myself informed. I’m sure tonight’s debate will be worse than last night. Bernie is gonna be on so watch out. Tonight’s debate will be even more entertaining than last night. I’m sure the Trump bashing will get a lot worse tonight. Gonna be interesting. Yeah, I’ll be watching.


Joe Biden may not have been at the 1st Democratic debate but he WILL be at debate no. 2…

I think Joe Biden will announce his run for Democrat president really soon. Maybe this week or next. Bernie Sanders and Hillary may have started a new kind of movement in the liberal world but once Joe Biden jumps in the race, Bernie & Hillary will be done. Biden will take their spotlight for sure.

People think Bernie and Hillary are gonna be the next one but they won’t be. People keep forgetting that Biden is gonna join in on the race soon and it’s not gonna be pretty once he does. Are you liberals upset with all the Hillary bias on CNN? Well wait until Joe joins in on the race. It’ll get worse, trust me. Once Joe joins, Bernie is done, y’all.

Biden is gonna win the nomination due to a corrupted election. It’ll be Trump vs. Biden in the General Election for sure either that or it could be Carson vs. Biden. Either one. Bernie and Hillary won’t even make it through the primaries. Joe is gonna be the star and he’s going to steal Bernie’s & Hillary’s voters. Watch him.


Bernie didn’t win the debate last night, Hillary is gonna be the winner… of course… who else would be the winner?

The libtard community are already making predictions that Bernie Sanders won the debate but before the Democrat debate even went on, I made the prediction that Hillary is gonna win no matter what happens. All those standing ovations Hillary got last night, were they staged? I’m willing to bet they were! I’m sure CNN had an applause light box and it would only come on after Hillary got done talking.

It may have seemed that Bernie was pretty strong last night to liberals but Hillary won the debate last night just like she’s gonna win all of them.

I have noticed that Hillary’s server wasn’t brought up at all last night ’cause I’m sure that was a part of Hillary’s guidelines, if CNN brought up the server they would get some kind of legal action like a lawsuit or something.

Listen to the Doctor of Common Sense below.


Most people can’t think of a reason why they love Bernie Sanders, ever noticed that???

Liberals all over the internet are like, “Go Bernie”, “I love Bernie”, “He’s gonna be the next one, yeah!”, etc. blah blah blah, you get the deal… liberals having a huge hardon for the guy and all. The thing is most liberals can’t think of a single reason to like him. I haven’t seen one liberal explain one reason why they love him. It’s crazy, ya know?

I’m just making some observations on this.

You ask a liberal why they love Bernie so much, they don’t give you much of an answer. When I made that post in facebook yesterday, slamming liberals support for Bernie and asking them why they love Bernie… a few of them responded but didn’t really explain why they love him. One guy replied to me and said, “He has some good ideas, though”… not telling me any specifics.

So let me get this straight, they love Bernie Sanders so much and treat him like he’s their King but can’t think of a single reason why they love him? Just shows even more how uneducated and braindead these liberals really are with their politics. They don’t understand politics at all. Liberals support Bernie is ’cause they don’t want to support Hillary or Donald Trump… I think that’s pretty much the only reason. They can’t find a candidate to support so they figure Bernie is the only choice they have.

Bernie’s opening statement from last night is laughable. His opening statement seems like he wants to stop the jail system, release all prisoners and dangerous people and Bernie would rather spend our money on education for children. That’s pretty insane and dangerous that he wants to end the incarceration system in America. People get imprisoned for a reason to keep America safe from criminals and dangerous people.

What’s even more of a joke is that Bernie Sanders defended his socialism last night and called it “Democratic Socialism” and I’m like, really? I didn’t know there was a such thing called “Republican” and “Democrat” socialism ’cause I never heard such a thing. Socialism is socialism, there’s no left and right on that thing. Bernie just made it up as he went along.

Bernie is a fucking loon.


CNN teased Obama’s third term last night with this scary question…

One of the questions of last night’s debate toward the end was Anderson Cooper asked, “What would your presidency not be like if Obama got a third term?”, it went something like that. It was a pretty scary question and you can tell that when the 5 candidates tried to answer that question, you can tell by the looks on their faces that they hated that question. It seems like that the 5 candidates were pretty disturbed to hear that Obama might get a third term or extend his presidency somehow.

A lot of people believe that Obama extending his presidency somehow wouldn’t happen but it definitely could. I think it’s a possibility that it could happen ’cause even Obama himself kept teasing it as well and CNN dropped a big hint last night that it could happen. Those 5 candidates didn’t like that question at all. They all seemed bothered by it.

If Obama extends his presidency in 2016 and cancels elections, don’t be surprised that it actually happens like many of us tried to warn you many times before. This is why Obama started things like ISIS, the Black Lives matter movement, etc. He’s just trying to find ways to extend his presidency.

It could happen and we could put up with Obama for a pretty long time. There’s no reason for Obama to extend his presidency at all. He’s thinking about it ’cause the man is a huge egomaniac. Period.


Video: Bernie Sanders says only “Black Lives Matter” and not everyone else… yet, libtards still love the guy…

Yes, I did watch the Democrat debate last night. As I predicted, the debate is going to turn out pretty comical and I was right. All 5 candidates were a bunch of losers. Well, Jim Webb got interesting for a little while ’cause he started talking like a Republican a little bit and he was the only one who had the balls to say “All Lives Matter”. I was starting to like Jim Webb up until the point when he started talking about illegal immigration and he was all for giving illegals free healthcare. So Jim Webb lost my vote last night.

Bernie Sanders said “only black lives matter” and I’m sure that got libtards all fired up. Anderson Cooper tried to ask Hillary the same question if “Black Lives Matter” but she dodged the question and didn’t answer it.

The whole Democrat debate all seemed pretty rehearsed and scripted which proves that none of those 5 have what it takes to be president.

Bernie Sanders looks like Doc Emmett Brown or Uncle Scrooge, talks like he’s about to choke on something and he looks like he was about ready to pass out during those three hours. Do you think an old man like that can take an overwhelming job like the president of the United States without suffering a stroke or a heart attack? Bernie Sanders is a delusional old man who is out of touch with reality on a lot of things.

I can’t understand why libtards love Bernie so much and I called them out on it on facebook last night. I wasn’t afraid to slam liberals for their support on Bernie Sanders. This is what I wrote on facebook last night during the debate, “Oh my, why do you guys love Bernie Sanders so much? A guy who looks ilke Doc Emmett Brown in the White House? No thank you. That dude is an old whack job. ‪#‎DemocratDebate‬”.

More thoughts on last night’s Democrat debate later on. I’m interested in seeing how many ratings it got. I would think the ratings were pretty low ’cause I’ve noticed that a lot of liberals didn’t even watch it last night. In facebook, I’ve noticed liberals were watching other things on TV: “The Walking Dead”, baseball, football, etc.


Can an old man like Bernie Sanders handle a political debate? I’m curious on how he’ll do tonight…

Bernie Sanders failed to stop “Black Lives Matter” protesters from taking over his rally in Seattle back in August. That shows that he can no longer handle the pressure in politics anymore ’cause the man is weak and old. Bernie seems to be doing well during his speeches, drawing in large crowds and all that but do you think he can handle a presidential debate? Will he be able to handle the tough questions by the moderators and do you think he can handle Hillary Clinton?

I’m probably gonna watch the debate tonight just out of curiosity and entertainment alone even if I hate all the Democrat candidates. Tonight’s Democrat debate will indeed get low ratings but if anything, they will get some people watching. Chances are, most liberals will probably tune in for Bernie and not for Hillary.

I don’t think Bernie can handle a presidential debate and he’s probably gonna get destroyed by Hillary anyways. Anyway, the CNN debate moderator Anderson Cooper will probably end up making Hillary look good and treat her like a princess throughout the whole thing ’cause why?

Here’s a little interesting tidbit for ya… Anderson was once a member of Hillary’s Global Initiative.


So that means that Hillary wanted Anderson Cooper to host and to serve as moderator. She’s probably gonna turn out looking like a winner of the debate.

What will they discuss tonight??? I’m sure gay rights will be all over it… gun control, abortion & Planned Parenthood will be all over it too and Climate Change absolutely.

One of the other candidates will probably try to bring up Benghazi and the e-mail scandals but Anderson will probably cut them off and make Hillary look good. That’s how it’s gonna go.

I’m probably gonna watch tonight just for comical material ’cause it is gonna be funny. Hillary will lie about stuff and CNN will applaud her. Sorry Bernie supporters but I think he’s gonna get destroyed tonight ’cause Hillary is very dangerous and evil. If you’re face to face with her, watch out.


Will the first Democratic debate get big ratings??? I’d say no…

Will the Democratic debate this coming Tuesday, draw huge ratings? I’d say no definitely not. I predict the ratings will be pretty low… just watch for it. The low ratings for the first Democratic debate will prove that America is fed up with liberal politics. I’m sure some people are gonna watch the debate but the only people who will watch it are all those dumb liberals who will probably tune in for their cult leader, Bernie Sanders alone. Other than that, nobody is gonna watch the debate… not only that we’re gonna sick of liberalism… nobody is gonna want to support Hillary just by watching it. Nobody wants to see Hillary lie her ass off throughout the whole thing.

Will I watch it? Maybe I’ll tune in for a little bit, not sure but I’m sure it’s gonna be a horrible debate anyway as all the candidates are gonna do is attack Hillary throughout the whole thing anyway.

I don’t want to see them defending gun control, Planned Parenthood, seeing what they’re gonna do about the fake Climate Change and blah blah blah.

It’s gonna be interesting to see how they’re gonna treat Hillary though. Will they treat her good or will they treat her unfairly? I think CNN is gonna treat her good. They’ll treat her like she’s a princess or something. She’s probably gonna do the most talking than all the others.

If I did watch the debate, it would be for laughs only ’cause it would be entertaining to see how mad Hillary will get. I wouldn’t be surprised that they wouldn’t talk about Benghazi at all ’cause Hillary’s staffers won’t allow the moderators to bring up the question. CNN will protect her over Benghazi and the e-mail stuff. If the other candidates bring up the e-mails and Benghazi, the moderators will silence them by cutting them off. That’s how it’s gonna go, I think.