Video: Bernie Sanders says only “Black Lives Matter” and not everyone else… yet, libtards still love the guy…

Yes, I did watch the Democrat debate last night. As I predicted, the debate is going to turn out pretty comical and I was right. All 5 candidates were a bunch of losers. Well, Jim Webb got interesting for a little while ’cause he started talking like a Republican a little bit and he was the only one who had the balls to say “All Lives Matter”. I was starting to like Jim Webb up until the point when he started talking about illegal immigration and he was all for giving illegals free healthcare. So Jim Webb lost my vote last night.

Bernie Sanders said “only black lives matter” and I’m sure that got libtards all fired up. Anderson Cooper tried to ask Hillary the same question if “Black Lives Matter” but she dodged the question and didn’t answer it.

The whole Democrat debate all seemed pretty rehearsed and scripted which proves that none of those 5 have what it takes to be president.

Bernie Sanders looks like Doc Emmett Brown or Uncle Scrooge, talks like he’s about to choke on something and he looks like he was about ready to pass out during those three hours. Do you think an old man like that can take an overwhelming job like the president of the United States without suffering a stroke or a heart attack? Bernie Sanders is a delusional old man who is out of touch with reality on a lot of things.

I can’t understand why libtards love Bernie so much and I called them out on it on facebook last night. I wasn’t afraid to slam liberals for their support on Bernie Sanders. This is what I wrote on facebook last night during the debate, “Oh my, why do you guys love Bernie Sanders so much? A guy who looks ilke Doc Emmett Brown in the White House? No thank you. That dude is an old whack job. ‪#‎DemocratDebate‬”.

More thoughts on last night’s Democrat debate later on. I’m interested in seeing how many ratings it got. I would think the ratings were pretty low ’cause I’ve noticed that a lot of liberals didn’t even watch it last night. In facebook, I’ve noticed liberals were watching other things on TV: “The Walking Dead”, baseball, football, etc.


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