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Joe Biden not running for president is a clear warning, a third-term Obama presidency is happening…

For a long while, Joe Biden kept teasing that he might run for president and just today he just made an announcement that he’s not going to. I’m pretty sure that Joe was gonna go for it and he was gonna run but he was told by the Obama admin. not to. He was ordered not to run on the last minute before his announcement today. You can see it on Joe’s face that he looks kind of sad of not running that he was forced out by Obama and his admin.

You can also see the look on Obama’s face that he’s got something up his sleeve. Planning to extend his presidency by a third term or martial law. Either way, Obama is still gonna be president after 2017. I don’t want it to happen but it’s looking more and more likely it’s gonna happen. We could put up with Obama for a pretty long time. Obama could illegally jump on the Democratic race if he wanted to or else he could cancel elections and extend his presidency. We could put up with Obama for several more years or longer. He could continue to be president until he’s dead, trust me.

Donald Trump, Hillary or Bernie won’t become president at all ’cause the elections will get cancelled before you know it. We’re really doomed, America.


CNN teased Obama’s third term last night with this scary question…

One of the questions of last night’s debate toward the end was Anderson Cooper asked, “What would your presidency not be like if Obama got a third term?”, it went something like that. It was a pretty scary question and you can tell that when the 5 candidates tried to answer that question, you can tell by the looks on their faces that they hated that question. It seems like that the 5 candidates were pretty disturbed to hear that Obama might get a third term or extend his presidency somehow.

A lot of people believe that Obama extending his presidency somehow wouldn’t happen but it definitely could. I think it’s a possibility that it could happen ’cause even Obama himself kept teasing it as well and CNN dropped a big hint last night that it could happen. Those 5 candidates didn’t like that question at all. They all seemed bothered by it.

If Obama extends his presidency in 2016 and cancels elections, don’t be surprised that it actually happens like many of us tried to warn you many times before. This is why Obama started things like ISIS, the Black Lives matter movement, etc. He’s just trying to find ways to extend his presidency.

It could happen and we could put up with Obama for a pretty long time. There’s no reason for Obama to extend his presidency at all. He’s thinking about it ’cause the man is a huge egomaniac. Period.