Can an old man like Bernie Sanders handle a political debate? I’m curious on how he’ll do tonight…

Bernie Sanders failed to stop “Black Lives Matter” protesters from taking over his rally in Seattle back in August. That shows that he can no longer handle the pressure in politics anymore ’cause the man is weak and old. Bernie seems to be doing well during his speeches, drawing in large crowds and all that but do you think he can handle a presidential debate? Will he be able to handle the tough questions by the moderators and do you think he can handle Hillary Clinton?

I’m probably gonna watch the debate tonight just out of curiosity and entertainment alone even if I hate all the Democrat candidates. Tonight’s Democrat debate will indeed get low ratings but if anything, they will get some people watching. Chances are, most liberals will probably tune in for Bernie and not for Hillary.

I don’t think Bernie can handle a presidential debate and he’s probably gonna get destroyed by Hillary anyways. Anyway, the CNN debate moderator Anderson Cooper will probably end up making Hillary look good and treat her like a princess throughout the whole thing ’cause why?

Here’s a little interesting tidbit for ya… Anderson was once a member of Hillary’s Global Initiative.

So that means that Hillary wanted Anderson Cooper to host and to serve as moderator. She’s probably gonna turn out looking like a winner of the debate.

What will they discuss tonight??? I’m sure gay rights will be all over it… gun control, abortion & Planned Parenthood will be all over it too and Climate Change absolutely.

One of the other candidates will probably try to bring up Benghazi and the e-mail scandals but Anderson will probably cut them off and make Hillary look good. That’s how it’s gonna go.

I’m probably gonna watch tonight just for comical material ’cause it is gonna be funny. Hillary will lie about stuff and CNN will applaud her. Sorry Bernie supporters but I think he’s gonna get destroyed tonight ’cause Hillary is very dangerous and evil. If you’re face to face with her, watch out.


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