Most people can’t think of a reason why they love Bernie Sanders, ever noticed that???

Liberals all over the internet are like, “Go Bernie”, “I love Bernie”, “He’s gonna be the next one, yeah!”, etc. blah blah blah, you get the deal… liberals having a huge hardon for the guy and all. The thing is most liberals can’t think of a single reason to like him. I haven’t seen one liberal explain one reason why they love him. It’s crazy, ya know?

I’m just making some observations on this.

You ask a liberal why they love Bernie so much, they don’t give you much of an answer. When I made that post in facebook yesterday, slamming liberals support for Bernie and asking them why they love Bernie… a few of them responded but didn’t really explain why they love him. One guy replied to me and said, “He has some good ideas, though”… not telling me any specifics.

So let me get this straight, they love Bernie Sanders so much and treat him like he’s their King but can’t think of a single reason why they love him? Just shows even more how uneducated and braindead these liberals really are with their politics. They don’t understand politics at all. Liberals support Bernie is ’cause they don’t want to support Hillary or Donald Trump… I think that’s pretty much the only reason. They can’t find a candidate to support so they figure Bernie is the only choice they have.

Bernie’s opening statement from last night is laughable. His opening statement seems like he wants to stop the jail system, release all prisoners and dangerous people and Bernie would rather spend our money on education for children. That’s pretty insane and dangerous that he wants to end the incarceration system in America. People get imprisoned for a reason to keep America safe from criminals and dangerous people.

What’s even more of a joke is that Bernie Sanders defended his socialism last night and called it “Democratic Socialism” and I’m like, really? I didn’t know there was a such thing called “Republican” and “Democrat” socialism ’cause I never heard such a thing. Socialism is socialism, there’s no left and right on that thing. Bernie just made it up as he went along.

Bernie is a fucking loon.


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