Scott Stapp announces solo tour, no Creed reunion yet…

Scott Stapp revealed the big announcement today that he’s going on tour for his solo career but not with Creed. He’ll be touring in some states in the US and he’s got a few dates booked in Africa.

Welp, he’s got to start making money again somehow since he’s been pretty broke for a long while. Now he’s getting better with himself, he’s getting back on the road again with his music. I think he’s about ready to release a new solo album too ’cause he just recorded one, I believe. During his solo tour, I’m sure he’ll play all the well-known CREED hits as well. Of course, he’s going to play all the Creed along with his own material. If he wasn’t gonna play Creed songs then people wouldn’t be interested in his tour. That’s why you hear Creed songs in the promotional video above giving you a hint that he will play Creed songs on tour.

I’m a big fan of Creed. I’ve heard all of their albums and saw them in concert twice in the past. I’ve always loved the band. Of course, their album, “My Own Prison” will always be the best record, in my opinion. While there is no CREED reunion yet, maybe Scott will invite Mark Tremonti to play guitar on a few Creed songs on his tour? That could probably happen.

While Creed has got a lot of critics and haters now ’cause of their mainstream status in the past, I still love the band today. I’m glad Scott is getting better and improving his life so I hope he stays this way.

Check out Scott’s tour dates here:


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