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Scott Stapp announces solo tour, no Creed reunion yet…

Scott Stapp revealed the big announcement today that he’s going on tour for his solo career but not with Creed. He’ll be touring in some states in the US and he’s got a few dates booked in Africa.

Welp, he’s got to start making money again somehow since he’s been pretty broke for a long while. Now he’s getting better with himself, he’s getting back on the road again with his music. I think he’s about ready to release a new solo album too ’cause he just recorded one, I believe. During his solo tour, I’m sure he’ll play all the well-known CREED hits as well. Of course, he’s going to play all the Creed along with his own material. If he wasn’t gonna play Creed songs then people wouldn’t be interested in his tour. That’s why you hear Creed songs in the promotional video above giving you a hint that he will play Creed songs on tour.

I’m a big fan of Creed. I’ve heard all of their albums and saw them in concert twice in the past. I’ve always loved the band. Of course, their album, “My Own Prison” will always be the best record, in my opinion. While there is no CREED reunion yet, maybe Scott will invite Mark Tremonti to play guitar on a few Creed songs on his tour? That could probably happen.

While Creed has got a lot of critics and haters now ’cause of their mainstream status in the past, I still love the band today. I’m glad Scott is getting better and improving his life so I hope he stays this way.

Check out Scott’s tour dates here:



Scott Stapp of Creed returns home and reunites with family…

Look like singer Scott Stapp is getting himself better. He just completed rehab for his prescription drugs addiction and now it looks like he just finished treatment for bipolar disorder. He looks totally new and improved. Scott is looking a lot better and way happier now. Good for him. Looks like he reconciled with his wife and family too.

After returning home from treatment, looks like he decides to enjoy the day to cook up some burgers and dogs on the grill for the family. Congrats to Scott and hope he stays this way. I’ll have to admit that he was scaring me with all that “statement” videos he was making.

Now that he is better, I think a Creed reunion is in order here! I am a fan of that band, always has been. Saw them live in concert a couple of times.


Police close case on claim that money was stolen from Scott Stapp after the singer couldn’t be contacted…

Is Scott Stapp being honest on money being stolen from him? I’m beginning to think he isn’t. Admittedly, this story is getting weirder and weirder. Stapp made three videos via his facebook page going on rants about how his money has been taken from so he goes to the police to file a complaint. The singer even filmed a video of himself going to the police and he showed the police complaint on video. Of course, the videos were taken down from his facebook page but I’m sure you can find ’em in youtube.

I’m sure the police tried to investigate the singer’s claim of his stolen money but it’s looking like they’re giving up on him since he couldn’t be contacted anywhere. He reaches out to the police begging for help and when they said they were willing, he now refuses to be helped? Wow. Something’s definitely not right here.


I don’t know who to believe anymore ’cause honestly that whole family are a bunch of whack jobs.


Scott Stapp quick into squashing latest rumors, singer releases new statement via facebook…

All those claims made by his wife and his son Jagger saying he’s on drug and alcohol, I think his family is out to destroy him for whatever reason. Look like Scott hasn’t been getting along with his family. We gotta stop believing in his families lies.

See, I told you, Mr. Stapp is fine. He seems like it from the post above. As you read in his statement above, it looks like that Mr. Stapp is about to give us proof on his sobriety and staying clean of drugs. I believe he is clean and healthy and sane. I repeat, you gotta stop believing in his wife’s and son’s lies.

Jaclyn seems like a real bitch and I hope Scott sues her for everything she got and it looks like it’s gonna happen. She’ll probably see Scott in a court room real soon.

I support and believe in Scott ’cause I used to be a fan of Creed. They were a good band, in my opinion.


About Scott Stapp threatening to assassinate Obama thoughts…

As soon as the news hit the web that Scott Stapp is allegedly plotting to kill Obama as claimed by his wife Jaclyn, sure enough, people believed it as something that it is true. I’m reading facebook comments about this story and yes, there are all kinds of Creed jokes about this and Obama haters cheering him on. There are also people claiming that he is mentally ill and needs help.

Why are people so quick in believing this ’cause it’s all over the news???

It could be that Jaclyn is just a stupid bitch, making it up to make him look bad. Maybe Scott is all fine and good. Maybe Jaclyn is just doing whatever it takes to destroy the man. Her and Stapp could have been fighting the day she made that 911 call and she made that 911 call as a revenge kind of thing. If her claims about Scott turns out not to be true then she could be arrested for calling an emergency line.

In my opinion, I think Scott maybe fine… the claim was made up by his bitchy wife. This is how I think this is gonna turn out.

I don’t think Scott would do something that stupid. I don’t think he’s that kind of guy. Anybody that believes her claims is a naive idiot.

Just wait for it, I think Scott’s lawyers will respond to this pretty quickly and they will say that Jaclyn’s claims are bullshit. They’re gonna be quick to squash this. I’m betting your money on it.


Scott Stapp’s questionable song titles on his facebook page… scary stuff…

Over the weekend, Scott Stapp have been posting a series of song titles that he’s been listening to. Yes, people in facebook post songs that they’re listening to all the time but if you pay close attention to what Scott is doing, it seems like he’s been using the song titles as a cry for “help” and he maybe hinting at “suicide”. Song titles like, “Achille’s Last Stand”, “Running To Stand Still”, “She Talks To Angels”, “Twice As Hard” and many others. Seems like he’s been writing a suicide note on facebook as “song titles”.


I’m sure his managers and agents could stop him but Scott is probably posting these on a mobile phone himself so I’m sure there’s no way to stop him. He’s probably doing this for attention just to try to get his wife and son back but when people put up suicidal notes publicly, we should be concerned.

I hope he gets the help he needs before it’s too late. He needs to knock it off and grow up.


Will Scott Stapp end up like Robin Williams???

Scott’s facebook page is getting pretty fucking scary. He’s getting weirder and weirder. Are all these song posts he’s been posting suicide notes? Is he threatening to kill himself again? Pretty scary how he went from posting three videos ranting about how he claims to be broke and homeless, then went to posting about listening to his favorite songs on facebook.

He’s definitely scaring his fans and his supporters.

Maybe there is nothing wrong with his wife and she’s probably just as scared of him as we all are.


Is Scott Stapp lying about being clean and sober???

In Scott Stapp’s videos, the Creed rocker claims he is 100% clean and sober. Scott claims he doesn’t do drugs and drink alcohol anymore. According to his son, Jagger, that is not true. The tweet above appears to be Jagger’s twitter.

I’m surprised that Jagger’s tweet about this didn’t go viral yet but give it time… it will. I’ll be honest that Scott does seem a little messed up in those videos.


Scott Stapp’s supermodel wife, a gold-digger out to destroy him???

I haven’t been following all the Scott Stapp drama until he started posting those three videos on his facebook page. He took them down, though which is a good thing. In my opinion, he shouldn’t have made this stuff public.

I think it maybe possible that it’s his gold-digging wife, Jaclyn did this to him. Took his money and made him homeless. If you’ve noticed in his videos he posted, he never exactly went into details of how he got homeless. Did his wife kick him out of the house or what???

Scott claims he’s broke and homeless but keep in mind, you can’t trust rock stars either.

I don’t see how Scott can be broke after making millions from his Creed albums and his solo records. The guy is still working on music and tours often.

He does seem like a nice guy, though after seeing those videos. I wish Scott well.


Creed frontman, Scott Stapp, announces that he’s homeless due to battle with IRS…

This is very sad. A shame what’s happening to former Creed frontman, Scott Stapp who is now homeless due to a nasty battle with the IRS. While squashing rumors of his death and drug/alcohol addiction, Scott posted a 15 minute long video revealing to the whole world of what’s going on in his life right now. It’s not very good either and this is coming from a singer who fronted one of the biggest band’s in rock history. Creed only released 4 albums in their career and all of them were very successful in the Billboard charts. They were a pretty mainstream and commercial band in the late 90’s and early 2000’s years.

If you think being a rock star makes you rich and make you feel glorious with all the fame and fortune, you may wanna watch this video.

I’m a fan of the band Creed. I know this band is not everyone’s favorite but I dig the band. I bought their albums and saw them in concert like two or three times. It was an honor to see Scott sing on a stage when I had the chance.

I don’t wanna gossip about him or speculate on what’s going with his personal life but it sounds like his divorce with his wife may be a part of it.

Now that he posted that video, I think people will try to help him now. People will try to send him some donations and I’m sure his bandmates in Creed will help him out as well.

The video is pretty sad and almost brought tears to my eyes admittedly. Remember, being a rock star is not always great. You’ll deal with a lot of setbacks. A lot of ups and downs. Fame and fortune can ruin your life.

This just goes to show how shady the IRS really is and what the economy could do to all of us. Wake up, America.