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Saw “Creed II” yesterday afternoon and I thought it was an incredible film… very well done film… I was impressed…

So yesterday afternoon after I did my Christmas shopping, I went and finally saw “Creed II”. I thought it was an incredible and very well done film. Like the blog title says, I was very impressed. It’s definitely one of the best Rocky films in the series. Still won’t top the 1st one but “Creed II” is definitely the second best Rocky film.

I thought the film was very well acted by the whole cast, very well written and very well directed too. It was an all around great movie so no complaints at all and it was definitely way better than the first “Creed” movie. They really stepped their game up with “Creed II”.

Michael B. Jordan’s acting skills has been heavily criticized for the past several years of his career and I can understand why ’cause I haven’t been too thrilled with his acting skills lately. I thought Michael was really good in “Creed II”, though. It seems he is getting better and better with his acting. I wasn’t too thrilled with his acting in the first Creed movie but he was actually impressive in the second one. Michael was actually watchable this time.

In the past, a lot of people thought it would be a silly idea to bring Ivan Drago back but I think it’s a great idea and it makes total sense to bring Drago back. As a matter of fact, I always knew that Drago would come back in a Rocky film in some way whether it would be for Rocky 7 or a prequel, reboot or a spinoff. It ended up being for a spinoff. I was really impressed witih Dolph Lundgren’s acting in this movie too. He still plays Ivan Drago really well after all these years and Ivan talks a lot more in this one too. Even though Dolph was originally from Sweden, he’s very good at getting the Russian accent down. Why is Dolph so good at playing a Russian character? It’s because he played a lot of Russian characters in his direct-to-video action movies that he played in over the years. Dolph played a very good villain in the movie. Dolph still played a very scary and evil villain that you really wanted to hate just like in “Rocky IV”.

The movie had plenty of flashbacks and memories from the earlier Rocky films which is what made it interesting. I won’t spoil anything but the film did had a few surprising cameos.

The Creed spinoffs makes it looks like that it’s about celebrating the history of Apollo Creed and Rocky Balboa but the way I see the Creed films, not really. The films are about avenging the death of Apollo. I see these as revenge movies ’cause that’s what they are technically. Adonis wanting to get revenge at Ivan Drago for killing his father.

“Creed II” was more powerful than the earlier Rocky films. The new film had more heart and it was a lot more sad and emotional. “Creed II” had too many mixed emotions while you watch it… it’ll also make you happy, laugh at the comedic scenes and make you have a blast watching the training scenes and boxing matches.

As far as Sly’s acting goes, he kills it like he always does really. Sly announced that “Creed II” will be the final time he’ll be playing Rocky. “Creed III” will probably end up happening but it’s going to be without Rocky sadly. That’s understandable ’cause Sly is getting old. He feels he can no longer play the Rocky Balboa character anymore due to his age.

With all this being said, “Creed II” was an amazing film and I was blown away by it. Will the film land some Oscar nominations? I don’t know, we’ll see. I can see it getting nominated for Best Director, Best Original Screenplay and that’s about it.

If you’re a Rocky fan, you definitely gotta go see this one.



Sly Stallone releases statement after Oscar loss…

The photograph above must have been taken sometime after the “Best Supporting Actor” was given. It’s just Sly’s way of showing that he’s not upset about the loss. Hey, I’m pretty sure he’s a little disappointed but he’s got the Golden Globe for playing in “Creed” so that’s good enough for him. Like I said, Sly could win his first Oscar for “Creed II”. Are the Academy waiting for Rocky to get killed off and then they’ll give it to him? I wouldn’t be surprised. Think how a Rocky death scene would be an Oscar worthy performance.

Anyway, Sly doesn’t really need an award ’cause he’s too good for it. He already got awarded just by silencing all his doubters and critics about his acting talent. People always criticized him and people are finally starting to realize the man does have acting talent after all. I always knew he did… he just needed the right film to show it.

Like they all say, life goes on. Sly will move on to his next movie which will probably be “Creed II”. It’s looking like Sly is definitely done with action movies for good knowing that he just gave up Rambo and now it looks like he’s about to give up “The Expendables”. He won’t star in “Expendables 4”. The movie is still happening but Sly is not gonna be in EX4. Sly is keeping his focus on “Creed II”.

Sly’s statement above just shows that Sly is a pretty strong guy. He does seem like a guy who doesn’t get upset too easily and I like people like that!


Turns out Sly might give up “The Expendables” franchise after all? Is he about to give up action movies completely?

It’s really turning out that Sylvester Stallone maybe finished with action movies for good. First, he announced that he is done playing Rambo. Now he might give up the Expendables franchise. Sly starred as Barney Ross in the first three Expendables movies and in Expendables 4, there’s a lot of talk that Hulk Hogan may takeover as the leading hero in the franchise. The Rock may also be casted as the film’s main villain.

Also the main reason why Sly is giving up action movies lately is ’cause he’s going to keep his focus on “Creed 2”. Plus, Sly is on the verge of hitting 70 soon so his body probably can’t take doing his own stunts anymore.


‘The Expendables 4’: Hulk Hogan Replaces Sylvester Stallone; The Rock As Villain?

What do you think? Do you think the “Expendables” franchise could do well in the box office without Sly in the lead? I don’t know. People watch these films mostly for him anyways but with the Rock possibly gonna be casted as the main villain that could help the box office for sure. Dwayne Johnson playing a villain in a movie? Wow. That’s interesting. Dwayne’s played mostly heroes in his movies so him playing the bad guy would be cool. I know Dwayne can play an awesome bad guy ’cause he’s played a heel wrestler in WWE many times.


Samuel L. Jackson should shut up about Sly…

*sigh* If you watch Sly’s acceptance speech in the video below, Sly went back to the mic before commercial break ’cause he was trying to say stuff that he probably forgot. Probably forgot to thank more people off of his list which are probably Ryan Coogler and Michael B. Jordan. So what? Sly made a mistake and he forgot a few things. When people give acceptance speeches at award shows they forget to thank important people all the time. It happens. So why jump on Sly for it? Ridiculous.

Oh I get it, Sam L. Jackson is another race baiter like Obama & Sharpton. If white people neglect black people, they’ll cry “no diversity”. Sly was quick to respond out of fear of being called “racist”.

Sam Jackson needs to shut his big mouth. Once again, Sly made a mistake and I’m sure he won’t make that mistake again when he wins for “Creed” at the Oscars. He’ll mention Coogler and Jordan at the “Oscars” for sure.

Sly should thank Coogler and Jordan though ’cause those two guys helped him become an award winning actor to begin with. If it wasn’t for Coogler and Jordan then Rocky wouldn’t have came back to the big screen.


Best of luck to Sly Stallone tonight, hope he gets his first Golden Globe for “Creed”…

Sly is nominated for playing Rocky in the movie “Creed” at tonight’s “Golden Globes” but will he actually win? Will he win his first Golden Globe tonight? I’m hoping and praying for him that he does get it. I wish him a lot of luck tonight. “Creed” really was a beautiful movie and it’s one of Sly’s best performances. Lets hope he finally does become a Golden Globe winner tonight. He did get nominated for playing Rocky in the very first movie back in 1977 but he never won it, though. Lets hope he actually wins tonight. I’m sure Sly is getting nervous a little bit right now and he’s probably excited at the same time. I’m predicting he will get his Golden Globe tonight and next, he’ll get his Oscar. GO SLY! Thinking of ya, man!


Sylvester Stallone nominated for Golden Globe! YES!!!

This year will definitely be the year that Sly will win a bunch of awards for playing Rocky Balboa. Seriously, Sly winning awards for his acting talent is long overdue. He should have won a bunch of awards for the first Rocky movie ’cause Sly’s performance in the first Rocky movie was amazing as well but his performance in “Creed” was even better, though!


I’m very happy for Sly for finally getting noticed for his acting talent. Once again, over the years in his career, people always criticized him. Claiming that Sly doesn’t have any acting talent but they say he is only recognized for being an action star. Well, I believe Sly finally silenced his critics and showed them that he does have acting talent.

Sly will win a Golden Globe and then he will finally get his Oscar award. It’s Sly year, y’all!


Is it finally time to give Sly Stallone his Oscar for playing Rocky? I’d say yes! It’s long overdue!

I really meant what I said that I’m very happy for Sly that he finally got recognized for his acting talent. I haven’t seen “Creed” yet but I’m planning on seeing it tomorrow.

Everybody’s always criticizing Sly for his acting talent. Making claims that he’s mostly well-known as an action star but many feel that he isn’t the greatest actor.

I always knew this man has acting talent. He’s even a talented actor in the action movies ’cause I thought he did a great job playing Rambo and movies like “Cliffhanger”, “Assassins”, “Tango & Cash”, “Cop Land”, “Cobra”, etc.

Sly never won an Oscar before but he did get Oscar nominated for Best Actor and Best Original Screenplay for the first “Rocky” film. Yep, I feel it’s finally time to give him his Oscar so I hope the Academy does the right thing.

Yep, Sly’s a talented actor, I always saw that. It’s time to finally see that and silence all of his critics.

Congrats Sly! Well deserved, man! \m/


Scott Stapp announces solo tour, no Creed reunion yet…

Scott Stapp revealed the big announcement today that he’s going on tour for his solo career but not with Creed. He’ll be touring in some states in the US and he’s got a few dates booked in Africa.

Welp, he’s got to start making money again somehow since he’s been pretty broke for a long while. Now he’s getting better with himself, he’s getting back on the road again with his music. I think he’s about ready to release a new solo album too ’cause he just recorded one, I believe. During his solo tour, I’m sure he’ll play all the well-known CREED hits as well. Of course, he’s going to play all the Creed along with his own material. If he wasn’t gonna play Creed songs then people wouldn’t be interested in his tour. That’s why you hear Creed songs in the promotional video above giving you a hint that he will play Creed songs on tour.

I’m a big fan of Creed. I’ve heard all of their albums and saw them in concert twice in the past. I’ve always loved the band. Of course, their album, “My Own Prison” will always be the best record, in my opinion. While there is no CREED reunion yet, maybe Scott will invite Mark Tremonti to play guitar on a few Creed songs on his tour? That could probably happen.

While Creed has got a lot of critics and haters now ’cause of their mainstream status in the past, I still love the band today. I’m glad Scott is getting better and improving his life so I hope he stays this way.

Check out Scott’s tour dates here:



Rocky Balboa returns to the big screen, “Creed” trailer is here!!!

People thought Rocky Balboa would never return to the big screen again but he did. Sylvester Stallone reprises his Rocky role for one more time. Is this the final time that Sly is gonna play Rocky? I predict, yes. I think there’s a possibility that Rocky might get killed off in this one… maybe die of a heart attack and Rocky will have an emotional death scene in the film maybe?

Anyway, this movie looks really great! I’ll probably be in the theater for this one since I’m a big Rocky fan.


Sly’s instagram page is pretty good stuff…

I never realized Sly Stallone had his own instagram page. Check it out here:


As you can see, Sly’s got a bunch of videos on there that he probably took from his mobile phone or something. You’d be surprised to see that Sly is just a normal guy just like the rest of us. He’s got a lot of stuff in Philly while filming the movie, “Creed”. As I expected, he seems pretty happy to be back there and he even had a video about moving back there, I’m sure he was just joking of course.