Sylvester Stallone nominated for Golden Globe! YES!!!

This year will definitely be the year that Sly will win a bunch of awards for playing Rocky Balboa. Seriously, Sly winning awards for his acting talent is long overdue. He should have won a bunch of awards for the first Rocky movie ’cause Sly’s performance in the first Rocky movie was amazing as well but his performance in “Creed” was even better, though!

I’m very happy for Sly for finally getting noticed for his acting talent. Once again, over the years in his career, people always criticized him. Claiming that Sly doesn’t have any acting talent but they say he is only recognized for being an action star. Well, I believe Sly finally silenced his critics and showed them that he does have acting talent.

Sly will win a Golden Globe and then he will finally get his Oscar award. It’s Sly year, y’all!


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