Sly Stallone releases statement after Oscar loss…

The photograph above must have been taken sometime after the “Best Supporting Actor” was given. It’s just Sly’s way of showing that he’s not upset about the loss. Hey, I’m pretty sure he’s a little disappointed but he’s got the Golden Globe for playing in “Creed” so that’s good enough for him. Like I said, Sly could win his first Oscar for “Creed II”. Are the Academy waiting for Rocky to get killed off and then they’ll give it to him? I wouldn’t be surprised. Think how a Rocky death scene would be an Oscar worthy performance.

Anyway, Sly doesn’t really need an award ’cause he’s too good for it. He already got awarded just by silencing all his doubters and critics about his acting talent. People always criticized him and people are finally starting to realize the man does have acting talent after all. I always knew he did… he just needed the right film to show it.

Like they all say, life goes on. Sly will move on to his next movie which will probably be “Creed II”. It’s looking like Sly is definitely done with action movies for good knowing that he just gave up Rambo and now it looks like he’s about to give up “The Expendables”. He won’t star in “Expendables 4”. The movie is still happening but Sly is not gonna be in EX4. Sly is keeping his focus on “Creed II”.

Sly’s statement above just shows that Sly is a pretty strong guy. He does seem like a guy who doesn’t get upset too easily and I like people like that!


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