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Sylvester STallone drops big hint that “Expendables 4” is his next movie???

Sly’s last couple of movies were “Rambo: Last Blood”, “The Suicide Squad” and “Samaritan”. I haven’t seen “Samaritan” yet but will get the BluRay when it’s out.

Anyhow, Sly’s just dropped the big hint that “Expendables 4” is probably gonna be his next film. They have a script ready to go and it’s gonna start filming soon?

The goal with these Expendables film series is to have a bunch of big name actors all in one movie to go “old school” in action films. That’s the whole point of ’em. So far Sly had almost all the big action stars in the first three films.

Question is, who is going to be casted for “Expendables 4”? Here comes all the guessing games.

I’m sure the main cast will return: Sly Stallone, Jason Statham, Randy Couture, Dolph Lundgren, Jet Li and Terry Crews. Arnold will probably return but will Bruce Willis? We don’t know about Bruce since he refused to star in the 3rd one but we’ll see.

I’m sure Sly will add a bunch more big names to cast… here are some wild guesses…. “The Rock” Dwayne Johnson, Dave Bautista, Vin Diesel, Chris Hemsworth might be possibilities… and I’m hoping and praying Sly gets Kurt Russell and Jackie Chan this time. Sly’s been trying to get Kurt and Jackie since the first one but they kept turning it down… hopefully Sly can get them this time.

One big name action star who hasn’t had a role in a Expendables yet was Steven Seagal. I’m sure Sly wants him pretty badly but as long as Avi Lerner is still producing Expendables 4 in which he is, no chance of that happening of Seagal being in EX4. As some of you may or may not know, Seagal and Lerner don’t get along, they had a big falling out and Seagal refuses to work with Lerner. Sly and Seagal has no beef with each other, they get along great still, it’s Avi Lerner that Seagal hates. Although, Steven Seagal would be an awesome addition…. too bad it’s never gonna happen.

Other names I’d like to see get added: Michael Rooker (Sly did Cliffhanger with him), Carl Weathers would be cool, Daniel Craig, Michael Douglas and John Travolta maybe? It’ll be cool to see Sly and Travolta re-team again.

It’ll be interesting to see who’ll they get for this one.


Sylvester Stallone announced on instagram that he finally started work on “Expendables 4″…

Sly just announced on his instagram page that he just started writing the script for “Expendables 4”. Ever since the third one, there have been talks that Sly won’t be returning to the fourth film due to disagreements with the script but it turns out that Sly is definitely down for starring in the film again as confirmed by the man himself.

So will “Expendables 4” be Sly’s next film after “Rambo: Last Blood”? Probably. Sly says this is gonna be the last Expendables movie and he isn’t getting any younger so it’s a good time to get it out of the way.

As you all know, the whole goal of the Expendables franchise is to have a bunch of iconic action stars to star in one big action movie together. So far the Expendables franchise had just about every big name star you can think of but there are still a handful that Sly hasn’t had yet.

Terry Crews won’t be back due to all that sexual misconduct stuff but I’m sure we’ll see some cast members back from the first three films: Jason Statham, Dolph, Jet Li and Randy Couture will all probably be back ’cause they are the main characters. I’m sure we’ll see some additional Expendables and more villain characters.

Doing a little digging, I heard that Pierce Brosnan is gonna have a role maybe and Sly wants Jack Nicholson to be the villain.

I’m sure we’ll definitely see a lot more iconic stars in the film and I would like see:

  • Tom Cruise
  • Nicholas Cage
  • Kurt Russell
  • Dwayne Johnson
  • Liam Neeson
  • Al Pacino
  • Vin Diesel
  • Dave Bautista
  • Chris Hemsworth
  • Jason Momoa

Any of them would be pretty cool additions, in my opinion.

I’m a huge fan of the Expendables films. I loved them all even the third one was good. Even though the third one was PG-13, it was still entertaining as hell, in my opinion.


Sylvester Stallone confirms he’s reprising his role as Barney Ross in “Expendables 4”, shooting down speculation of him not coming back…


Due to Sly’s fallen out with Nu/Image Millennium in the past, there was a lot of speculation and rumors of him not coming back. Now that him and the studios are on good terms, Sly himself confirmed the news that he is indeed coming back as Barney Ross. It’s good ’cause I can’t see The Expendables movies go on without him. Glad a 4th one is happening with Sly in it.

Now that EX4 has been officially greenlighted and Sly is going to be coming back, it’ll be interesting to see who they’ll add in the cast. Like I said before, I hope they get Kurt Russell this time. Clint Eastwood would be cool too if Sly’s lucky enough to get him.

So Rocky coming back in “Creed 2”. Barney Ross coming back in “EX4” and there’s possibly a “Rambo 5” coming too. Sly keeping himself busy. It’s a part of why I admire him. Sly loves making movies. It’s a passion of his and he shows it.


Turns out Sly might give up “The Expendables” franchise after all? Is he about to give up action movies completely?

It’s really turning out that Sylvester Stallone maybe finished with action movies for good. First, he announced that he is done playing Rambo. Now he might give up the Expendables franchise. Sly starred as Barney Ross in the first three Expendables movies and in Expendables 4, there’s a lot of talk that Hulk Hogan may takeover as the leading hero in the franchise. The Rock may also be casted as the film’s main villain.

Also the main reason why Sly is giving up action movies lately is ’cause he’s going to keep his focus on “Creed 2”. Plus, Sly is on the verge of hitting 70 soon so his body probably can’t take doing his own stunts anymore.


‘The Expendables 4’: Hulk Hogan Replaces Sylvester Stallone; The Rock As Villain?

What do you think? Do you think the “Expendables” franchise could do well in the box office without Sly in the lead? I don’t know. People watch these films mostly for him anyways but with the Rock possibly gonna be casted as the main villain that could help the box office for sure. Dwayne Johnson playing a villain in a movie? Wow. That’s interesting. Dwayne’s played mostly heroes in his movies so him playing the bad guy would be cool. I know Dwayne can play an awesome bad guy ’cause he’s played a heel wrestler in WWE many times.


“Expendables” TV series aimed for iconic TV stars???

Sly Stallone and Avi Lerner of Lionsgate studios are planning a TV version of “The Expendables” which means that the cast for the TV version will be full of iconic TV stars. Yes, this means that the TV version will include stars such as Kiefer Sutherland, Lucy Lawless, Scott Bakula, Mr. T and many others.


What a great idea!!!! I’m all for it.

They need to include Richard Dean Anderson, Dean Cain, The Hoff and Pam Anderson. Kevin Sorbo as well.


Sly Stallone admits “Expendables 3” being PG-13 rated was a “horrible miscalculation”…

Sly and Lionsgate studios tried to experiment with the PG-13 rating for “Expendables 3”, hoping it would attract a more younger audience. Unfortunately, their goal failed miserably ’cause “Expendables 3” was a box office bomber. The first two were very successful simply because everybody loves the graphic violence with those movies. What do you expect, ya know? When you have an action movie full of iconic tough guys, people expect to see that kind of graphic violence and we didn’t get that with, “EX3”. In “EX3” there was tons of violence in the film but there was less-blood and less-swear words. Not what we want to see in an “Expendables” movie. Well, Sly Stallone is admitting they were wrong with the PG-13 rating and they’re going back to the way they were before for the next film except the next film is gonna be even darker.

Now that Kurt Russel is finally back to working on film again (he’s got a role in “Fast and Furious 7” and Tarantino’s “Hateful Eight”), hopefully Sly can get Kurt for “EX4”.

As for other actors for “EX4”??? I’d say Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson would be a nice addition to the cast. I’m shocked they have never gotten Dwayne yet. I would also go for Tom Cruise and Vin Diesel. Why Tom Cruise? Love him or hate him, Tom’s been in plenty of action movies over the years of his career so I think he would be a nice addition.


First the Ghostbusters is going all female… now the Expendables going all female too???

At Cannes film festival, Avi Lerner the producer of “The Expendables” franchise revealed that he is planning an all-female Expendables that will be titled, “The Expendabelles”. He also said they are writing the final lines of the script and they should start shooting in the beginning of next year.

Stallone said he wants Sigourney Weaver to star as his on-screen wife and he wants her to lead, “The Expendabelles” group.


What’s with the new all-female trend in Hollywood???

“The Expendabelles” sounds like a title of a low budget soft-core porn film, HA!!!!

An action movie with hot babes??? I’m all for that!

As for my dream casting of this movie how about: Rhonda Rousey, Gina Carano, Michelle Rodriguez, Scarlett Johansson, Milla Jovovich, Zoe Saldana, Rooney Mara, and Uma Thurman.

Why did I pick Uma Thurman??? Well she did some great action with the two “Kill Bill” movies so she might be a good addition to this.

It’s gonna be kind of tough for Sly and Avi to find tough looking chicks for an action flick. Those actresses I listed above would probably be the best choices.

If this movie doesn’t show boobs or legs, then this film would be worthless. Sex and action should go together for this one if they want it to work. Maybe that’s the whole idea???


The Expendables suing hard on film leak!!!

“The Expendables 3” has already leaked on the internet and Lionsgate studios are not taking any shit! Film leaks happen all the time in the movie industry but most studios don’t do anything about it with the exception of Lionsgate. Lionsgate take piracy very seriously. Their demands are pretty tough too.

Good for them. I’m glad they’re taking action and doing something about it. They seem to be very proud of the film.


I’m looking forward to Expendables 3. I’m a huge Expendables fan. Loved the first two films and will be seeing the third this month. Despite the PG-13 rating of the third film, I’m sure it will still be entertaining as hell.

I think this is the last Expendables movie that Sly will be starring in, though. I think he said he’ll be done with these movies but I’m sure the Expendables will keep going with more sequels just without Sly.

Love Sly or hate him, he’s amazing at what he does. He has created three big franchises in his career: Rocky, Rambo and the Expendables. You should respect him for that. I’m still a big fan of Sly and still look forward to every new movie he comes out with.


On Expendables 3 casting: Where is Arnold, Jackie Chan and Nic Cage??? They’re not in it?

It looks like Arnold decided not to be in the next Expendables movie for whatever reason. I could have sworn that Jackie Chan was on board to have a role but looks like they couldn’t get him. Same with Nicolas Cage. Nic Cage has been confirmed for the next movie for a long while but don’t see his name in the official cast listing. Ah well, maybe those guys will be in EXP4. Maybe Arnold felt he couldn’t be in it since Bruce dropped out? As for why Jackie and Nic dropped out, I don’t know… maybe they’ll explain soon.

That’s the thing with Expendables casting when you want to have a movie full of iconic stars it’s going to be tough to see who’s available and who’s not. Sly even tries to get Steven Seagal and Kurt Russell in these movies but no luck.

I give so much kudos and respect for the original cast for sticking with these movies: Dolph, Jason, Randy, Terry, and Jet. Seems like those guys are committed to these films.

A lot of people like to make fun of the “Expendables” movies ’cause of old muscle dudes beating each other up but I enjoyed the first two films. Hell, the writing needs work and so does the direction but they get improvement in every film. I respect what these guys do for these movies ’cause they have heart and passion for it. They’re committed ’cause they want to entertain people and their fans, that’s pretty much what these movies are about. They want to entertain people who love action movies and that’s why they have all these iconic stars from action movies over the years.

I think, “The Expendables”, is a pretty interesting franchise. Love these movies or not, Sly is a hard working guy and he certainly has a “don’t quit” attitude about him, I respect him for that. Although, Sly can be a bit difficult, weird, and ego-driven with his cast… I still respect Sly for his dedication and commitment with these films.

You can tell that Sly is doing the, “Expendables”, movies just for fun. He definitely looks like he’s having a blast and he shows it.


Is Sly losing credibility when trying to cast for, “The Expendables” movies??? I would say yes…

While I do like and appreciate Sly Stallone, I’m slowly starting to lose my respect for the man. I think the guy is kind of delusional and messed up a little bit. For the first two Expendables movies, Sly has tried to confirm many different cast members and then they denied about being casted. For example, Sly has done this to Nicolas Cage a couple of times. Other actors/actresses such as Brittany Murphy, Sigourney Weaver, Sandra Bullock, Carl Weathers, Kurt Russel, Steven Seagal, and most recently Mel Gibson.

I felt that Bruce Willis didn’t deserve that attack by Sly on twitter. It was pretty uncalled for. Willis didn’t deserve to be called, “Greedy”, and “Lazy”, when Sly is pretty much the same thing. Sly has hypocrite written all over his face. Maybe Bruce bailed out ’cause he had his own reasons? Maybe Bruce had other film commitments? Maybe Bruce exited out of the EXP3 ’cause of creative differences? Maybe Bruce wanted to get paid more? Before Sly hired Jean Claude Van Damme to star in “EXP2”, Sly and JCVD had a bit of public feud going on. Then they quickly reconciled and Jean Claude is officially in “EXP2” as you can see.

If Sly keeps up his bullshit, I’m probably gonna lose my respect for the man for good. I’ll admit, he is a bit of a whack job at times. I’ll sell all of his movies on DVD/Bluray that I own in my collection if he keeps it up, I’ll be done with him, I’m serious. I’ll give him another chance, though.

Sly needs to show respect for the actors who work for him. No wonder him and Arnold haven’t gotten along over the years before they reconciled ’cause Sly’s a bit of an egomaniac himself.

Sly wants to be the leading star in all of the Expendables movies and have the most screen time more than the other actors, and he always wants his photo front & center on the posters/DVD/Bluray covers. It’s all about Sly.

To be quite honest with ya, Sly wouldn’t have been back in the mainstream again if it weren’t for The Expendables movies. That’s the reason he wants to have films full of iconic stars ’cause he knew that it would help make his career big again. When Sly tries other movies such as “Bullet to the Head”, it flopped in the box office pretty much. Sly can’t do anything else outside of action movies and tough guy actors. That’s why he continues to stay in that genre.

Maybe that one reader is right, that it’s time for Sly to hang it up and retire. I’ll admit that half of his movies over the years are pretty much garbage. “Judge Dredd” was one of the worst movies I’ve ever seen. So was “Driven”, “Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot”, “Oscar”, “The Specialist”, etc. I just respected Sly for his work for Rocky and Rambo like most fans. Honestly, that’s all he’ll ever be good at. I will also admit that Sly is not the best director and screenwriter in the world either.

I honestly have more respect for Arnold than Sly, really. Think I’ve about had it with Sly. He’s getting really weird and his twitter shows it. If you’ve noticed, I haven’t been posting about Sly all that much as I used to.