Is Sly losing credibility when trying to cast for, “The Expendables” movies??? I would say yes…

While I do like and appreciate Sly Stallone, I’m slowly starting to lose my respect for the man. I think the guy is kind of delusional and messed up a little bit. For the first two Expendables movies, Sly has tried to confirm many different cast members and then they denied about being casted. For example, Sly has done this to Nicolas Cage a couple of times. Other actors/actresses such as Brittany Murphy, Sigourney Weaver, Sandra Bullock, Carl Weathers, Kurt Russel, Steven Seagal, and most recently Mel Gibson.

I felt that Bruce Willis didn’t deserve that attack by Sly on twitter. It was pretty uncalled for. Willis didn’t deserve to be called, “Greedy”, and “Lazy”, when Sly is pretty much the same thing. Sly has hypocrite written all over his face. Maybe Bruce bailed out ’cause he had his own reasons? Maybe Bruce had other film commitments? Maybe Bruce exited out of the EXP3 ’cause of creative differences? Maybe Bruce wanted to get paid more? Before Sly hired Jean Claude Van Damme to star in “EXP2”, Sly and JCVD had a bit of public feud going on. Then they quickly reconciled and Jean Claude is officially in “EXP2” as you can see.

If Sly keeps up his bullshit, I’m probably gonna lose my respect for the man for good. I’ll admit, he is a bit of a whack job at times. I’ll sell all of his movies on DVD/Bluray that I own in my collection if he keeps it up, I’ll be done with him, I’m serious. I’ll give him another chance, though.

Sly needs to show respect for the actors who work for him. No wonder him and Arnold haven’t gotten along over the years before they reconciled ’cause Sly’s a bit of an egomaniac himself.

Sly wants to be the leading star in all of the Expendables movies and have the most screen time more than the other actors, and he always wants his photo front & center on the posters/DVD/Bluray covers. It’s all about Sly.

To be quite honest with ya, Sly wouldn’t have been back in the mainstream again if it weren’t for The Expendables movies. That’s the reason he wants to have films full of iconic stars ’cause he knew that it would help make his career big again. When Sly tries other movies such as “Bullet to the Head”, it flopped in the box office pretty much. Sly can’t do anything else outside of action movies and tough guy actors. That’s why he continues to stay in that genre.

Maybe that one reader is right, that it’s time for Sly to hang it up and retire. I’ll admit that half of his movies over the years are pretty much garbage. “Judge Dredd” was one of the worst movies I’ve ever seen. So was “Driven”, “Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot”, “Oscar”, “The Specialist”, etc. I just respected Sly for his work for Rocky and Rambo like most fans. Honestly, that’s all he’ll ever be good at. I will also admit that Sly is not the best director and screenwriter in the world either.

I honestly have more respect for Arnold than Sly, really. Think I’ve about had it with Sly. He’s getting really weird and his twitter shows it. If you’ve noticed, I haven’t been posting about Sly all that much as I used to.


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