Why I prefer to keep music as a hobby…

I was just doing a little googling for research material on, “professional career vs. hobby”. I found this interesting little blog that kind of explains the whole thing of what I’m talking about better than I can. This article here. Take a few minutes and read it if you would.

It explains that if you decide to take your hobby — whatever your hobby will be: a musician, artist (painter), photographer, film maker, etc.) — into a professional career… it might take the passion out of what you love doing. If you turn it into a professional career, it’ll seem like a chore instead of something passionate to do. It’ll make you feel like working a job. You could get a lot of stress by working all the time on your creativity and making lots of money off of it.

You can still make a living off of something you love doing just keep your original hobby separate. You want your original creativity of your hobby to be yours and when you make money off of it… that might create a distraction in life.

If I were to make a living off of something I love, it wouldn’t be music. I would rather make a living off of working on computers and doing office work. That’s the kind of job I would rather work for. I’ve had years of training on computers and taught myself how to use them over the years. I’ve also had years of office experience. I haven’t gotten a new office job yet ’cause they’re hard to get nowadays. I did have an office job in the past that I worked at for about 9 years, though.

As far as music goes, it’s just something I want to do. Music helps me get through life and it helped me what I am today. It makes me a happy person. Music is what helps keep me strong, confident and keeps me going in life. If I make money off of it or try to get big with it… I don’t know, it’ll just feel different. I don’t think I have what it takes for a professional “career” thing.

Some of you probably would want to see me take it to a “career” but honestly, I don’t care to. It’s why I’m always willing to play free gigs and just hand out my music for nothing. I just write songs for me, ya know?

This is not about “putting down someone’s way of life”… it’s about looking at reality.

I never cared to be a rock star. I never took myself seriously. I just want to make art with my music and enjoy it. That’s what it should be about the passion of it.

I used to want to be a rock star. In fact, that’s the reason I picked up the guitar in the first place ’cause I dreamed of becoming a famous rock god like most but as I got older, I started to realize that those dreams are never going to happen so I kept music as a hobby.

I wouldn’t want to make money off of songs that I have written — especially if I’m proud of my work. I don’t need record labels telling me how my songs should be or how they should be written. Your music doesn’t need to be a cash making machine. Just be proud, be happy, and that’s all you need!


2 thoughts on “Why I prefer to keep music as a hobby…”

  1. There will be always some exemptions but I think establishing a good career in music, you need to start as early as possible with formal education and if you have the talent, you will make it, if not, you will keep it as your hooby. Because if you are a very good musician, you will be setting the rules, not record labels… In today’s world, it is certainly possible to work on your music along with your daily job and if you get a chance to go further with music, you can reduce the time for daily job and transfer that duration to your music… If you do not have a strong financial backup, you have to to like this anyway, otherwise you will be suffering for bound…

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