Those liberals really are terrible… wow…

So liberals will always side with their fellow liberals and they will look at right-wingers as evil people. That’s how it goes, hey? Lately, I’ve been seeing liberals in facebook defending Hillary Clinton. So they obviously look at her like she’s some type of hero as well. When republicans/conservatives bash the idea that Hillary is getting documentaries and the NBC biopic with Diane Lane… they’ll just accuse us of whining and they’ll think she deserves those TV shows.

Sometimes I don’t understand liberals. About how they think. When liberal politicians such as Hillary or Barack does something illegal and criminal, they’ll defend them until right-wingers have nothing left to say. They really do worship Hillary and Barack. This may sound pretty weird, that I’m in somewhat in an agreement that she’s probably gonna run for president and get the win. She’s getting so much support from liberal people, right now. They even defended John Kerry when he was caught vacationing on a boat while all those Egypt protests were going on.

I also read that Barack’s appearance on Jay Leno last night got pretty high ratings and I am pretty sure most of the TV audiences were Barack’s fellow liberals who follow him. I didn’t watch Barack on Jay Leno ’cause: 1) I hate Jay Leno 2) I knew all Barack was gonna do was say a bunch of lies like usual.

Liberals are clearly taking over America, and the conservatives are losing. They really don’t believe that freedom of speech works both ways ’cause when conservatives speak out on something the liberals will attack them.

On twitter, I’ve had more conservative people follow me. Which is pretty cool. I need more conservative people in my life. If I ever get myself a woman someday, I’m gonna make sure she has similar political views and will make sure she’s conservative, lol. If I get a liberal woman, the relationship is probably not gonna last long. Ha!

The thing is when you talk about right-wing stuff to the Liberals, they’ll get all over you and they’ll think you’re a bad person. When you talk about right-wing topics to the conservative people, they’ll think you’re the coolest person on the planet. That’s how it goes. It’s like a football team.

Even if Barack and Hillary both gets charged for their crimes such as Benghazi, I don’t see the liberals turning their back on them yet. They’ll still side with them and they’ll want them freed.

Politics shouldn’t be like this, to be honest with you. The left wing/right wing kind of bothers me a bit. It shouldn’t really matter anymore on who’s left/right wing. We all need to be real and honest. Get together and help the country instead of this back and forth debate. I see that the liberals want answers on Benghazi too; however, they just don’t want to see that Hillary and Barack could have been responsible for the attacks. That’s what they lie and cover themselves up for. I’m willing to bet those liberals believe that the 7 suspects that got charged for Benghazi weren’t sent by the Obama Administration. The liberals would think it’s getting closer to the truth of Benghazi when it’s not. Benghazi is far from over. Until Hillary and Barack are charged and put in jail; that’s when it’ll be all over. They should have been the ones to be indicted first before those 7 suspects.

I stopped talking politics in facebook ’cause the liberals drive me crazy. I still talk politics in facebook groups and other like pages but mostly republican/conservative sites.

As far as the 7 suspects of Benghazi goes… it’s just a lousy attempt for the Obama Admin. hoping to get the media to stop talking about Benghazi and move on. Like I said previously, more of their cover ups. They’re trying to get away with it.

I believe that Liberals don’t understand much about politics. I try to talk to them about conservatism and what it is… they talk to me like they don’t know what conservatism is. They just seem to be siding with the media on everything. They think the stuff reported in the news is reality when it isn’t. You can’t believe everything that’s reported in the news just like you can’t believe everything you read online.

If we get a republican/conservative president in the White House for the next election, you can very well believe Liberals will be protesting for impeachment. That’s exactly what they did when George W. was president. Liberals are messed up. I tell ya!


10 thoughts on “Those liberals really are terrible… wow…”

  1. Well, considering Fox News serves as an entire media mouthpiece to bash the left, I’d reconsider what ypu say about liberals and “freedom of speech”. Not everything is as black and white as you want to believe. There’s a very large contingent of Democrats that aren’t thrilled with the administration, considering it has taken some decidedly right wing positions on things like national security lately.

    1. Yeah, I have noticed that some liberals/democrats have turned their back on the Obama Administration but not enough. Once it’s proven that Barack and Hillary were behind Benghazi, maybe that’s when all the liberals turn on him then… hopefully.


      1. Well, I think you’re barking up the wrong tree there. At best it was a lot of poor communication, at worst, the CIA had some presence in Libya to facilitate moving arms to Syria and all the details are being kept secret because, well, that would be secret….

        You’d serve your purpose better by not clinging to conspiracy theories and concentrating on the values, not stories, that matter to you.

  2. Yeah, if you’ll notice, I brought up the CIA thing first.

    The point is, *if* there was something going on, it wasn’t for the reasons you’d probably like to believe.

    Also, I wouldn’t put much stock in the what Newsmax has to say, just like I don’t get my news exclusively from sources that have a decidedly liberal slant.

    Oh, and I suspect that you’re more of a Libertarian than a “hardcore conservative”. You should look into it further.

    1. yeah, but there was a report where there are possibly hundreds of CIA officers on the ground being ordered to be kept quiet. A few of them killed and injured. Possibly being ordered by the Obama administration.


      1. Yes, but you’re misinterpreting *why* there’s speculation there was a CIA presence. No rational person is suspecting that the administration had anything to do with the attack itself, the idea is that it’s been so hush hush because the CIA was involved in said arms operation, which would of course need to remain secret.

      2. I took a few minutes to research what Libertarian is all about. And you’re right, I guess I am more of a Libertarian than anything else but you can be both libertarian/conservative. A lot of people are. That’s what Rand Paul is. He is both libertarian/conservative. All the issues of Libertarian pretty much matches all of my own exact thoughts. However, Republican, Libertarian and conservative are pretty much the same thing. Conservatism isn’t a party, I know that, it’s just the way you think.


      3. Rand Paul is a Republican in name only, with a couple of philosophical exceptions, because it’s very difficult to get elected as a Libertarian. That’s changing somewhat, but there was a stigma attached to it for decades due to some laughable Libertarian presidential candidates.

      4. I think Rand Paul is awesome. He’s a good truth teller and he’s got a lot of balls. He’s got a lot of Ron Paul in him for sure. I’m sure he gets a lot of help from his father. If Rand Paul decides to run for President, I would vote for him. I had my eye on him ever since his 13 hr. filibuster about the drones. That was pretty historic stuff.


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