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Think it’s safe to say that Obama had made the Democrat party much worse…

I could have sworn that the Democrat party wasn’t this bad back when George W. Bush was president. That’s because back then “gay marriage” and “LGBT” rights wasn’t a huge issue. Now the Democrat party and “liberalism” is trying all they can to ram LGBT rights and all of this human rights stuff down our throats. From what I remember, the Democrat party didn’t use to be this way. In the old days, the Democrat party used to be against gay marriage and all of this LGBT stuff.

This is not what JFK would have visioned the Democrat party. If you knew JFK well, he was VERY anti-communism. In today’s Democrat party, they seem to be all for Communism. Also, JFK was a very religious man back in the day so that would mean that JFK would be against gay marriage and all this LGBT stuff. Today’s Democrat party isn’t what it used to be.

So what would today’s Democrats/liberals would think of JFK now??? Today’s Democrats/liberals would hate JFK… read this interesting article:


Today’s Democrats seems to want to raise the taxes and keep the budget so high but Kennedy would want to lower that stuff. Keep the budget low. Kennedy would also keep the military strong and powerful. Kennedy gave the United States an economic boost back in the day so he was definitely one of the presidents who knew what he was doing when it came to economics. Even though Kenndy was a Democrat, I thought he was a great president, honestly.

The Democrat party definitely changed over the years, absolutely. The same goes for the Republican party. Even the Republican party has changed a lot under Obama. If Kennedy was still alive today, he would be disgusted at how the Democrat party is going. JFK is rolling in his grave for sure. I believe that the Democrat party used to be the conservative party but it’s not anymore obviously.

It’s not only Obama’s fault that Democrats has gotten worse, I would also blame our corrupt news media and career politicians. They are at fault too. This is what Obama wants, though. He’s intentionally changing both political parties ’cause it’s just his way of destroying America. End of story???

We really need Trump in the White House badly.


The Republican party just became the party that liberals would like these days which is not cool…

The reason why a lot of us have turned our backs on the GOP these days is well… it’s simply because the GOP has become a different party lately. They are no longer the party that gives what the American people wants. The GOP no longer cares about the American people. A lot of politicians in the GOP Congress lately have turned very liberal. A lot of them have Democrat views, big time. The 2016 primary elections going on right now proves that. If you hate Donald Trump but instead you like guys like Chris Christie or Marco Rubio or Jeb Bush then you are probably a liberal. The GOP has turned into a liberal party and that’s the one thing that Donald Trump proved to us. Most Republicans in the GOP Congress aren’t true Republicans that includes guys like Rand Paul, Lindsey Graham, John Kasich, etc. The list can go on.

Like I said in a post before, what kind of GOP are we going to have when all they’re gonna do is try to destroy Donald Trump instead of Barack Obama? Like most people I lost all faith and trust in the GOP myself. I’m no longer on their side anymore like I used to be admittedly. The GOP is getting really horrible right now. All those GOP Debates proves how bad it’s gotten lately. The GOP just as bad as Democrats. Both parties are the same now.

It’s turning out now that the GOP are on the side of liberals and Barack Obama. That’s the problem right there. The GOP never fought back against “gay marriage” ’cause they wanted “gay marriage” legalized in the USA too. Go figure.

The GOP is no longer conservative like they used to be. I totally blame Barack Obama, of course… he totally changed both parties for sure. It’s disgusting. This is why we need Trump in the White House.


Donald Trump is my choice for 2016 and I’m sticking with it!

I know I’ve been doing a lot of flip flopping on GOP candidates for the upcoming 2016 elections but I think I’m definitely gonna stick with the Donald. Out of all the candidates in the GOP field, the Donald is the best one, in my opinion. Most of the GOP candidates are nothing but a bunch of RINOS. Donald Trump isn’t, though. He’s the true conservative. The Donald is the real deal. He’s a very honest man and doesn’t really lie about anything. I’ll be listening to his speech online today ’cause they’re gonna stream it live. When the Donald does speeches, notice how he doesn’t use a teleprompter unlike most politicians? The Donald doesn’t need a teleprompter. He knows exactly what he wants to say at the top of his head and that’s one of the reasons I respect him.

He’s definitely the guy that I predict that can go through the primaries and win the nomination for sure. I think he has what it takes to beat the Democrats.

Yeah, the Donald is gonna continue to get a lot of critics and haters… he’s gonna get accused of a lot of things like he’s just some old rich guy wanting more attention but he isn’t. He’s really serious on everything and he means well. He really does have heart for America and he cares for people.

Yep, I endorse Donald Trump for president and I’ll be making a video about it soon.


Boehner predictably re-elected third term, makes me lose hope for the GOP even more…

Well, today is a sad day for America. Boehner predictably elected 3rd term as House Speaker. With a republican controlled House, it seems that most Republicans still support him sadly. We begged the GOP to vote him out and of course, none of them listened to us. When the GOP support a corrupted politician like Boehner that means they also support and agree with Obama’s policies and ideas. As long as Boehner is still House Speaker, then nothing is gonna happen to Obama. The GOP just turned their backs on America just by not listening to us. Fucking bastards.

I’m thinking of going independent after all ’cause I’m honestly fed up with both parties.


The Republican victory made me realize that debating against liberals is a waste of time now…

One thing that the Republican victory did was that it helped us realize that’s it’s pointless getting into political debates with the liberals. I honestly believe that liberals are horrible at political debates. Why do you think they got their asses kicked last Tuesday??? All they wanna do is laugh off at criticism by the right-wingers and defend their precious Obama no matter the situation. I hate discussing politics with liberals for so many reasons. I love debating politics with other fellow conservatives ’cause they are smart people and most know what they’re talking about. Liberals however, don’t know what they’r talking about most of the time.

After the Republican victory last Tuesday night, when Republicans want to celebrate the win, liberals would continue to act like there is nothing wrong with the Democrat party and continue to defend their precious Obama. They’ll respond to Republican posts in facebook ranting and raving about their loss. Once again, I think they’re just upset and jealous. They will NEVER admit that the Republican victory was their fault and will never admit that they had it coming. Yeah, they’re really mad… it’s kind of crazy but they’ll get over it.

My facebook is full of liberal people ’cause I have a lot of people I know in my life with liberal political views. I do have some conservatives on my personal facebook page but not too many, though and they enjoy all of my Obama posts and agree with them. The election helped me realize that liberals are nothing to me. Liberals can be real assholes when they disagree with you. I personally believe that the reason liberals attack Republican’s celebration is ’cause liberals know how we feel about them now and they aren’t liking it. That’s the big dose of karma that I was talking about.

If liberals treated traditional marriage with more respect, didn’t try to take our gun rights away and respect our political opinions then maybe we would have no problem with them. They really did deserve this, though.

I am entertained by the liberals response on this, though as I warned ya the day before to get the popcorn ready. Watching them implode is entertaining as hell.


Just voted today…

Just voted earlier today and I voted all Republican as I said I would. Delusional libtards in facebook think I’m crazy for voting this way and they’re predictably slamming me but I don’t give a shit. I stick to my political beliefs no matter what anyone else thinks. I really believe in my home country that I live in and disgusted at what Obama and the Democrats are doing with our homeland. Even though a lot of Americans out there are voting all Republican, I have a feeling it’s not gonna work ’cause of the voting fraud. If Democrats win, it’s voter fraud. I’m sure Democrats will accuse Republicans of voter fraud if we win but us Republicans don’t cheat. The Republican party maybe on the ballots but in some machines the Republican party won’t even go through, that’s how sneaky they are with voter fraud. Voter fraud by Democrats have already been confirmed in some states in the US, look this stuff up.

As for Republican politicians, I didn’t even know who they all are and don’t even know what their political views are… I just voted randomly… all Republican. I certainly didn’t want to vote for Gov. Andrew Cuomo ’cause him and Obama are pretty much the same corrupted politicians. I never liked Andrew Cuomo anyways. That guy is a piece of garbage too.

I just find it hilarious how libtards can’t see how corrupt and broken the Democrat party is. Yeah, the Republican party is no different but at least us Republicans are real about it. We’re not afraid to admit that we’re not happy with some things in the Republican party. Why can’t liberals admit that there are some things in the Democrat party that they don’t like? I believe it’s because of their precious Obama. They don’t want to make him look bad and they’re afraid of being called racist and all that stuff. It can’t be that hard for them to admit that there is something wrong with the Democrat party. They’re just desperate in taking over our country just to make gay marriage legal in all states of the U.S.

I just don’t understand people in politics and their views. People are really messed up. Discussing politics with people these days is almost like WWE RAW or a soap opera.

Hopefully, the Republican party will kick the Democrats ass and hopefully us Republicans will keep the House and take over the Senate. Once that happens, then they can work on trying to impeach Obama.

I just saw the movie, “John Wick” in theater today and I’m about to review it now.