Election day tomorrow…

It’s amazing how the left can’t see how broken, criminal and corrupt the Democrat party really is. Sure, the Republican party is no different but at least we are patriots and show love for our country unlike the Democrats. Republicans are more willing to fix our country and make our nation strong again. That’s all we Republicans want. To get our country back. So for that we need to get rid of all the criminal and corrupt political leaders like Harry Reid and others. Americans are getting fed up with the Democrat/liberal side and we’re gonna show ’em how fed up we are tomorrow.

Yeah, tomorrow, I’m planning on voting. I know I’m only able to vote politicians in New York State who are running for the House and Senate in Congress but I’ll do whatever I can to help by voting all Republican. I’ll do whatever I can to help turn New York into a Republican state. New York is currently a Democrat state. If you wanna get rid of Gov. Cuomo as New York Governor gotta vote him out and I will do that as well.

If you want to hopefully get rid of Obama as president, voting all Republican is the best thing to do. I used to vote for people in government based on who is best for the job but the way this country is going these days, I feel it’s best to vote all Republican just like what most are doing. In order to get rid of Obama, voting out Harry Reid is key. Harry is nothing but Obama’s lapdog, ya know??? Harry is the one who have been protecting Obama over his crimes.

America is fed up with the Democrat/Liberal party. It’s time to show ’em how fed up and pissed off we are. Another reason that most of us are voting all Republican is not only to help fix our country, this is just our way of trying to fight back at the left’s voting fraud.

Be ready for a historic day tomorrow, libtards. The Republican party is about to make a huge comeback tomorrow and we’ll come back STRONG. I can’t wait to see how the left is gonna react when Republicans take over tomorrow. I’ll get the popcorn ready.


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