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Midterms results thoughts… Republicans didn’t get the House and Cuomo won third term NY governor but we still did well…

It was an interesting Midterm election yesterday. I was watching the results on C-Span last night and watching the results on the internet. Did we get the Red Wave like we were hoping? Not really. The election was so and so. Both Dems and Republicans were winning all over. There were some things about the election last night that I was happy and wasn’t happy about.

Things I weren’t happy about were Andrew Cuomo winning third term which was kind of predictable and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez winning her Congres seat. Of course, Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren getting re-elected, I was pissed off at those as well but what do you know? This is politics.

I think there really was a “Red Wave”… it’s just that Democratic voter fraud is still a problem. Politicians are still committing voter fraud out there especially Andrew Cuomo. I believe the NY elections are totally rigged.

It’s really hard to beat liberals ’cause they are still a dominating force in America whether you want to admit it or not. Liberals are everywhere. I’m surrounded by liberals everywhere I go. NY is still a blue state and it’s probably gonna be a blue state for a long time. NY is a mostly liberal state. It pisses me off but what are you gonna do? Just gotta deal with it, I guess.

I maybe pissed Cuomo got re-elected but I’m not going to beat people up for supporting him and I’m not going to verbally attack those who voted him. It was the same with Obama when he got elected and re-elected, I dealt with it. You learn to accept it and move on with life. Liberals should take that advice.

I must be honest though is that it’s real scary that liberals do support people like Alexandria Ocasio Cortez. I can’t stand that nutjob. She’s a real nutjob and insane just like most liberals are so I can see why they love her. I think she’s the most annoying female politician I’ve ever seen. She’s not pretty to look at either and can’t stand looking at her face. She’s a freak for sure and the left loves her? LMAO! No surprise really ’cause libtards are always supporting weird people. Those politicians that libs support are never a likeable person so go figure.

Anyway, I’m not worried about liberals taking back control of the House now. We have a mostly conservative SCOTUS, we have a mostly Republican Senate and we have Donald Trump as president so we’re good, thank you.

One thing I’m happy with the election last night is that Elise Stefanik got re-elected third term like I predicted and glad Tedra Cobb lost. I’m also glad Ted Cruz won so liberals gotta be upset with that one.

I gotta say though that Donald Trump is the master at getting people to go out and vote. A lot of politicians are bad at it, some are good at it but Trump is the best at it. Trump sure knows how to get people all fired up on voting and he does the best job getting people out of their homes to go out and vote. Why is he the best at that? Well him being the CEO of a major empire, he probably got all that from doing his masterful negotiations in the past. The man really knows how to talk to people.

It was a pretty interesting election.


Brett Kavanaugh finally confirmed for Supreme Court Justice!!! YES!!! WOOT!!!

Well, I would say it’s about fucking time! I watched the voting on TV today. The battle was very close but the big Kav got it! The evil Democrats desperately tried to take him down and they failed miserably. Now ABC news is reporting that Dr. Christine Ford is no longer going after him and looks like she’s backing down from all this ’cause she knows she lost her fight.

Some of you may say this circus is all over but the Dems won’t give up. They’re going to try and impeach him now. Just watch. Dems don’t care about the truth, they don’t care about the law and they don’t care about due process either. The only thing they don’t want is a mostly “conservative” SCOTUS and that’s what is scaring them to death.

If you liberals are upset over this, just wait for the midterms when the red wave happens.

I would have to say that my favorite moments over this Kavanaugh thing would have to be Lindsey Graham and the Susan Collins speech.

This whole circus was such a joke. It was an obvious Democrat hit job and if you can’t see that then WOW, I don’t know what to say. If you still call yourself a Democrat/liberal after all this then that proves that you’re messed up and don’t know anything about politics. It’s real disgusting to see Dems destroying good people ’cause political views are different. It’s gotta stop and it’s not good for America at all.

I’m glad Kavanaugh is finally SCOTUS, though. He seems like a really good guy too and he didn’t deserve to get attacked by the Dems like that. Dems are really evil and despicable people. I want to know who the leaker is and evil Diane Feinstein needs to be investigated.

Once again, if you liberal readers out there are upset with this… be ready for the midterms and the re-election for Trump in 2020. You don’t like the conservative take over in America? Well too bad! You lefties brought it upon yourself ’cause liberals suck ass. We’re fed up with the left and we finally say, “Enough is enough”!


Tried to give John McCain respect but no more… the guy is a piece of garbage and always will be!!!

So Sen. John McCain spent years and years of railing against Obamacare aka The ACA. He spent years railing against Obamacare even under Obama as president. Now here comes McCain voting against what the internet calls the “skinny repeal”… meaning a GOP bill that would take out parts of the ACA. The bill was called the Health Care Freedom Act that was introduced by Mitch McConnell.

The skinny repeal bill failed to pass the Senate ’cause three Republican Senators voted against it and not surprisingly, John McCain is one of them.


My question is why would those three Senators be against the HCRA???

From the article:

The Health Care Freedom Act would have repealed Obamacare’s individual and employer mandate, provided states flexibility on Obamacare insurance regulations through waivers, increased Health Savings Account (HSA) contribution limits, repealed Obamacare’s medical device tax, and defunded Planned Parenthood for one year.

That sounds pretty damn good to me!!! Why would they be against that? It’s like, huh? Really? It would have gave the HSA more money, get rid of medical device tax and defund P.P. for a year. All that sounds awesome!

I guess the three Senators that voted against that wanted to side with Democrats again. They’re RINO republicans. It’s clear that McCain doesn’t care what the American people thinks ’cause right after he voted down on the HCRA, he laughs with Chuck Schumer as you see in the pic above.

McCain is a traitor and backstabber; he just stabbed Trump in the back, that’s what he did. Anyhow, fuck that McCain clown. He has always been a clown… he’s a terrorist sympathizer and helped start the rise of ISIS so fuck him. Again, I tried to give him respect due to his brain cancer but regardless of that, he’s still a piece of shit. McCain just helped Democrats is what he just did. No surprise. He’s a RINO republican, he sides with Democrats on a lot of things.

It’s going to be very challenging to repeal the ACA when the GOP continues to be divided. Truthfully, I don’t care what healthcare bill the GOP comes up with… I just want the ACA gone. Any bill is better than the ACA ’cause anything is better than Obama.

I tried to give McCain another chance due to his brain cancer but after this — McCain no longer exists to me.


John McCain slammed the hell out of Obamacare on the Senate floor today, liberals tear him apart on twitter…

If you want to know what being “courageous” is, this is it right here. Sen. John McCain was just diagnosed with brain cancer and battling something serious but that didn’t stop him from coming back to the Senate to fight against something serious. It’s not stopping him from speaking his mind and doing something for the American people. To me that is very heroic and I think McCain just won over my respect again. You can love or hate McCain all you want to, this was pretty ballsy of him to do. When you have something serious like brain cancer, you need to take it easy and rest but McCain doesn’t believe in that. This man is a fighter and this is proof of that. He knows what making sacrifices is like and he just did that here. This man doesn’t care what condition he is in… when he’s ready to deliver a message to the American people, he’ll do it.

I’m sure his doctors advised him not to go ’cause he needed his rest and all that stuff but he wasn’t having it so he went back to work anyways. Bravo, Senator McCain! He wanted to do something important for the American people and he wasn’t going to sit home and watch the diabolical Obamacare continue to destroy America. Obamacare sucks and it’s gotta go. Hopefully it gets repealed this week and we can finally say RIP to the ACA. I hope and pray that Republicans do the right thing. All we can do is cross our fingers for now.

Liberals think John McCain is such a hero… well, how do you like him now? I’m now seeing liberals on twitter ripping McCain apart. Funny after seeing liberals feeling sorry for McCain after Trump allegedly saying that he’s no war hero (if you believe that Trump actually said that, you’re so naive and dumb).

This is the McCain I want to see: him fighting for the American people. I used to dislike McCain ’cause he’s such a RINO, siding with liberals on a lot of things. I think McCain did real good this time. Thank you, Senator!


Congrats to Congress for FINALLY passing the Keystone Pipeline but we all know that asshole Obama will probably veto it…

Everybody wants the economy to get better. You’re all missing out on a good opportunity for the Keystone Pipeline. Why don’t the left want it? For risks of pollution? I understand that but we already are polluted all over. If Arab oil is what y’all prefer instead of American or Canadian oil, be my guest. This is why Barack doesn’t want the pipeline. He would rather have Arab oil in the United States. Barack wants the Muslim oil instead of American.

Republicans tried to tell everybody that the Keystone Pipeline is a great economic opportunity but the ignorant left doesn’t wanna listen to us. It really is a great opportunity. Barack is obsessed with the US getting more jobs, more energy sources and all that stuff… well, the Keystone will give us all that.

Nope… Barack doesn’t want the Keystone ’cause he knows it’s gonna help the United States and his goal is to destroy this country. He’s probably gonna end up “vetoing” but that’s okay fuck him. At least we finally showed him that we really want that Pipeline.

it’s amazing that the Keystone finally got passed through the House and the Senate when it had struggled to pass after all these years. Republicans are on the right track. They’re doing what we elected them for.

I think those who protest the pipeline are a bunch of idiots and losers. Barack is vetoing this ’cause he doesn’t give a shit what the country wants. This is why we are in need of a Republican president in 2016.

Those who doubt the Keystone are missing out on a great opportunity. I want the Keystone to happen myself.


Joe Biden, a pedophile???

While Joe Biden here is swearing-in someone into the Senate, Biden attempts to kiss Senator Coons daughter and she seemed to be creeped out the whole time. Watch the video carefully and you can see that Biden has an obsession with this girl. His head close to her head the entire time. Yep, aired on national TV.

No outrage from the liberal media. You don’t see it on CNN, NBC, ABC, The Washington Post, NPR, etc. If John Boehner did that, it would have been a hot news story in mainstream media for sure and liberals would be calling him a disgusting pig who needs to get his dick cut off and all that stuff. You don’t see liberals being outraged at Joe Biden for this. Oh that’s right, Biden is a democrat and according to this fucking country, the democrats are the good guys and they do nothing wrong.


Today is when the Republican led 114th Congress will begin, will they do what we elected them for?

Today is the day where Republicans take over almost all of Congress, both the House and the Senate. They will go from January 3rd which is today all the way to January 3rd, 2017. They will be in office for the last two years of Obama’s presidency.

We gave them a landslide win for a reason… to hopefully get rid of Obama and to fight back at his imperial presidency. We gave them the landslide win hoping to get our country back. Take back our country of what the corrupted and criminal Democrats left us.

Hopefully, they will grow a spine and do what we elected them for… to fight back at Obama hoping to get him impeached and hopefully get him to resign and all that stuff. I’m sure some republicans will bravely fight back at Obama but I have a feeling that many of them are still gonna be cowards. A lot of them will still be too scared to fight back at Obama but who knows. We’ll just have to wait and see. Hopefully they do give us as they all promised.

With a Republican led Congress, I think we’ll get to the truth of all of Obama’s crimes and scandals a lot faster like Benghazi for starters.

Two more years left of Obama’s presidency and hopefully they can get him out early. It would be cool. It doesn’t matter how much time Obama has left. That man needs to be held accountable for his criminal actions… he really needs to go. The same goes for John Boehner, he needs to go too.

I refuse to debate with people who can’t see the evil in Obama. If you think he’s a good guy or if there’s nothing wrong with him at all, then get out of my sight. I’ll ignore you and shut you out of my life. I don’t need to talk to people who can’t see the evil in this man. Hopefully, the now Republican led Congress will prove to everyone how evil this man is but I doubt it, though.

Republicans ran for Congress and pretended they were gonna take down Obama. We gave them their vote and so far nothing but silence from them. Hopefully, the GOP doesn’t let us down. They just got themselves elected for political power and gain… nothing more, nothing less.

I do hope they fight back at Obama hard and aggressively. We really need to do something about Obama and if you can’t see what he’s doing to our country, then I don’t know what else to say.


The Republican victory made me realize that debating against liberals is a waste of time now…

One thing that the Republican victory did was that it helped us realize that’s it’s pointless getting into political debates with the liberals. I honestly believe that liberals are horrible at political debates. Why do you think they got their asses kicked last Tuesday??? All they wanna do is laugh off at criticism by the right-wingers and defend their precious Obama no matter the situation. I hate discussing politics with liberals for so many reasons. I love debating politics with other fellow conservatives ’cause they are smart people and most know what they’re talking about. Liberals however, don’t know what they’r talking about most of the time.

After the Republican victory last Tuesday night, when Republicans want to celebrate the win, liberals would continue to act like there is nothing wrong with the Democrat party and continue to defend their precious Obama. They’ll respond to Republican posts in facebook ranting and raving about their loss. Once again, I think they’re just upset and jealous. They will NEVER admit that the Republican victory was their fault and will never admit that they had it coming. Yeah, they’re really mad… it’s kind of crazy but they’ll get over it.

My facebook is full of liberal people ’cause I have a lot of people I know in my life with liberal political views. I do have some conservatives on my personal facebook page but not too many, though and they enjoy all of my Obama posts and agree with them. The election helped me realize that liberals are nothing to me. Liberals can be real assholes when they disagree with you. I personally believe that the reason liberals attack Republican’s celebration is ’cause liberals know how we feel about them now and they aren’t liking it. That’s the big dose of karma that I was talking about.

If liberals treated traditional marriage with more respect, didn’t try to take our gun rights away and respect our political opinions then maybe we would have no problem with them. They really did deserve this, though.

I am entertained by the liberals response on this, though as I warned ya the day before to get the popcorn ready. Watching them implode is entertaining as hell.


What the Republican take over proved…

For the past 6 years of Obama’s presidency, I’ve always been wrongfully accused of being one of the very few of hating Obama. Last Tuesday’s election, should definitely prove that I’m definitely not alone. I’m in very good company. Most of the United States of America are pretty fed up with Obama and the election also proved that we’re fed up with Hillary Clinton and Harry Reid as well.

Republicans not only took over Congress, they also took over most of the USA… look at the latest election map for proof of that. That is proof that most of us hate Obama and my audience isn’t that small.

For the past 6 years, the liberal party have taken over America. They shoved gay marriage in our faces. They also shoved gun control and the legalization of pot in our faces too. I think the liberals dreams of wants and needs are just about over. Republicans came back strong and hard. Liberalism is finally diminishing. That’s also what the election this week proved. We’re sick of the lefts crazy views in politics and we really showed ’em.

In facebook, there are still liberals pretending that there is nothing wrong with Obama himself and the democrat party. Predictably, I’ve gotten some pretty hateful and negative responses from the left in facebook about my election posts. That’s okay. Fuck ’em. Yeah, liberals are gonna be all upset and jealous about it. That’s how they feel.

Now that the Republicans have taken over Congress and the USA, hopefully they do their jobs and try to get our country back like they have been promising. There’s a lot of work that needs to be done. We still need to solve all the mysteries of Obama’s scandals and crimes like Benghazi, Operation F&F, Obamacare, IRS, NSA, Bergdahl, Ebola, ISIS, etc. I’m sure Republicans are gonna get to the bottom of all that which is gonna take some time. Now that Harry Reid is done, we should get the truth to all those scandals a lot quicker now.

Predictably, Obama is not gonna resign due to the Republican take over but Obama is definitely upset about it. You can tell that he is upset by his response to this yesterday. The last thing you wanna believe is Obama working with Republicans and cooperating with them. Obama will never resign but I think he’s just curious of what the Republicans next move is gonna be. He’ll be waiting to see if they’re gonna try and impeach him. He’ll be waiting to see what they’ll do. An open challenge to the Republicans. It’s like Obama saying, “Now you got what you want, try to take me down now. I dare ya.”

This election also proved that Hillary Clinton won’t even make it as president. We’ll get a Republican president in 2016. Who? The Republican president will be either these three: Sen. Rand Paul, Sarah Palin and Dr. Ben Carson. I’m okay with either one of them in the oval office. I prefer Sarah Palin being our first woman president than fuckin’ Hillary. Sarah will get my vote if she decides to run and it’s pretty likely she’s gonna run. She’s been dropping a lot of hints about it.

There’s also a lot of work that needs to be done other than exposing Obama’s crimes and scandals. They need to improve the economy and jobs. Improving the middle class America. If you think our economy is in good shape, you’re delusional and debating with you about it would be a waste of my time.

I’m still pretty psyched that Republicans made a huge comeback. Liberals are upset but they need to learn that the world doesn’t revolve around them.


Why Republicans were victorious this week for the Election… just my observation…

In facebook when I made that post about the Election and a little debate started out of it, people told me that I should vote for who is best for the job. That’s exactly what I did. Vote for people who is best for the job and they are Republicans. Democrats are lousy at running the country. You know that a Republican take over in the United States was bound to happen. Why did the Republicans take over?

It’s not only because the Democrat party is corrupt, broken and criminal… another reason is that the Democrat/liberal side refuses to unite with us to get our country back. We tried to explain to the left how America is in bad shape and what Obama is doing to our country, they just don’t wanna listen to us. We tried many times to get the left to wake up of what’s going on with our country but no matter what we did, they won’t wake up. That’s exactly what made us right-wingers wanna step up and take over Congress since the left doesn’t care.

How were the Republicans successful at taking over Congress and the USA??? One word: campaigning. They did a lot of campaigning to help people running for Congress. That’s the key. They knew that America was in danger and the Democrats do nothing to help fix out country so they did everything in their power to come out strong and kick ass!!! If Democrats won’t care to do something about Obama’s criminal actions, we’re gonna do something about it ourselves.

Sorry but that’s the way it goes.

I was watching some of the election last night on NBC and I was surprised that they were all over the Republican thing and they even interviewed Sen. Rand Paul. Even though NBC is big time liberal, they had no choice but to support the Republican party ’cause of their successful takeover. I’m also hoping that Republicans will do something about our mainstream media so there can be more honest reporting in the future and not just report things aimed at liberal views.

The election this year will be for the history books, indeed. This is also an opportunity to get a Republican president for 2016 too.

We really showed how fed up we are with liberals. Okay, I know another election post but I’m pretty excited and couldn’t help it. I’ll try to talk about something else later.