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Midterms results thoughts… Republicans didn’t get the House and Cuomo won third term NY governor but we still did well…

It was an interesting Midterm election yesterday. I was watching the results on C-Span last night and watching the results on the internet. Did we get the Red Wave like we were hoping? Not really. The election was so and so. Both Dems and Republicans were winning all over. There were some things about the election last night that I was happy and wasn’t happy about.

Things I weren’t happy about were Andrew Cuomo winning third term which was kind of predictable and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez winning her Congres seat. Of course, Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren getting re-elected, I was pissed off at those as well but what do you know? This is politics.

I think there really was a “Red Wave”… it’s just that Democratic voter fraud is still a problem. Politicians are still committing voter fraud out there especially Andrew Cuomo. I believe the NY elections are totally rigged.

It’s really hard to beat liberals ’cause they are still a dominating force in America whether you want to admit it or not. Liberals are everywhere. I’m surrounded by liberals everywhere I go. NY is still a blue state and it’s probably gonna be a blue state for a long time. NY is a mostly liberal state. It pisses me off but what are you gonna do? Just gotta deal with it, I guess.

I maybe pissed Cuomo got re-elected but I’m not going to beat people up for supporting him and I’m not going to verbally attack those who voted him. It was the same with Obama when he got elected and re-elected, I dealt with it. You learn to accept it and move on with life. Liberals should take that advice.

I must be honest though is that it’s real scary that liberals do support people like Alexandria Ocasio Cortez. I can’t stand that nutjob. She’s a real nutjob and insane just like most liberals are so I can see why they love her. I think she’s the most annoying female politician I’ve ever seen. She’s not pretty to look at either and can’t stand looking at her face. She’s a freak for sure and the left loves her? LMAO! No surprise really ’cause libtards are always supporting weird people. Those politicians that libs support are never a likeable person so go figure.

Anyway, I’m not worried about liberals taking back control of the House now. We have a mostly conservative SCOTUS, we have a mostly Republican Senate and we have Donald Trump as president so we’re good, thank you.

One thing I’m happy with the election last night is that Elise Stefanik got re-elected third term like I predicted and glad Tedra Cobb lost. I’m also glad Ted Cruz won so liberals gotta be upset with that one.

I gotta say though that Donald Trump is the master at getting people to go out and vote. A lot of politicians are bad at it, some are good at it but Trump is the best at it. Trump sure knows how to get people all fired up on voting and he does the best job getting people out of their homes to go out and vote. Why is he the best at that? Well him being the CEO of a major empire, he probably got all that from doing his masterful negotiations in the past. The man really knows how to talk to people.

It was a pretty interesting election.


Boehner predictably re-elected third term, makes me lose hope for the GOP even more…

Well, today is a sad day for America. Boehner predictably elected 3rd term as House Speaker. With a republican controlled House, it seems that most Republicans still support him sadly. We begged the GOP to vote him out and of course, none of them listened to us. When the GOP support a corrupted politician like Boehner that means they also support and agree with Obama’s policies and ideas. As long as Boehner is still House Speaker, then nothing is gonna happen to Obama. The GOP just turned their backs on America just by not listening to us. Fucking bastards.

I’m thinking of going independent after all ’cause I’m honestly fed up with both parties.


Today is when the Republican led 114th Congress will begin, will they do what we elected them for?

Today is the day where Republicans take over almost all of Congress, both the House and the Senate. They will go from January 3rd which is today all the way to January 3rd, 2017. They will be in office for the last two years of Obama’s presidency.

We gave them a landslide win for a reason… to hopefully get rid of Obama and to fight back at his imperial presidency. We gave them the landslide win hoping to get our country back. Take back our country of what the corrupted and criminal Democrats left us.

Hopefully, they will grow a spine and do what we elected them for… to fight back at Obama hoping to get him impeached and hopefully get him to resign and all that stuff. I’m sure some republicans will bravely fight back at Obama but I have a feeling that many of them are still gonna be cowards. A lot of them will still be too scared to fight back at Obama but who knows. We’ll just have to wait and see. Hopefully they do give us as they all promised.

With a Republican led Congress, I think we’ll get to the truth of all of Obama’s crimes and scandals a lot faster like Benghazi for starters.

Two more years left of Obama’s presidency and hopefully they can get him out early. It would be cool. It doesn’t matter how much time Obama has left. That man needs to be held accountable for his criminal actions… he really needs to go. The same goes for John Boehner, he needs to go too.

I refuse to debate with people who can’t see the evil in Obama. If you think he’s a good guy or if there’s nothing wrong with him at all, then get out of my sight. I’ll ignore you and shut you out of my life. I don’t need to talk to people who can’t see the evil in this man. Hopefully, the now Republican led Congress will prove to everyone how evil this man is but I doubt it, though.

Republicans ran for Congress and pretended they were gonna take down Obama. We gave them their vote and so far nothing but silence from them. Hopefully, the GOP doesn’t let us down. They just got themselves elected for political power and gain… nothing more, nothing less.

I do hope they fight back at Obama hard and aggressively. We really need to do something about Obama and if you can’t see what he’s doing to our country, then I don’t know what else to say.


I have lost faith and hope in our government, disgusting… we are about to arm our enemies… the Syrian rebels…

So the House and the Senate approved arming Syrian Rebels. Who are the Syrian Rebels? Are they good guys? If you think so, then you may wanna watch this video.

The Obama administration have been arming our enemies for a long while now… that’s what “Operation: Fast and Furious” and “Benghazi” were about. It’s just that Obama have been arming our enemies privately behind the scenes.

Now his obsession with arming our enemies have been officially made public over Congress agreeing to arm Syrian rebels hoping to fight Isis. It looks like republicans even agreed with arming Syria. I’m really beginning to despise both parties. They are both traitors and they just sided with Obama.

Obama would never consult with Congress on anything unless they give him what he wants. Well, they gave him what he wanted for once and I’m sure Obama is happy as hell and enjoying it.

What’s wrong with sending our own troops over? What’s wrong with dropping drones or nukes on Isis?

I don’t think the Syrian Rebels are going to fight Isis either. The Syrian Rebels are just gonna join them and Isis will get even bigger and more powerful.

I am despising our government even more now.


This is why the Democrats are gonna fail at defending the White House over Benghazi…

While this article is praising the hell out of Elijah Cummings, hailing him as a Warrior or a hero or whatever… I am actually glad that he is leading the Democratic Benghazi select committee ’cause I’m actually interested on how they’re gonna defend the White House.


Just an FYI, this piece of garbage is a lying criminal who is being investigated for the IRS scandal. He also has ties with the Communist Party USA.

Liberals hail him as a hero but this is more proof that liberals support corrupt people and criminals.

I think the Dems will fail at defending the White House ’cause no matter what they do… the truth will always remain the same no matter how hard they try to re-write it.

I think the Republicans will prevail and they will be successful at getting the truth. The Dems might be good at defending the White House for a while but later, they’ll have nothing to do defend them for so I think they will give up.

I can’t wait ’til they put Elijah in front of Trey Gowdy. Trey won’t deal with Elijah’s bullshit for sure. Trey is gonna get all over that scum bag and I can’t wait!!!


Obama is not the only problem with America, Congress is a huge problem too!!!

A new poll has been released and two-thirds of Americans finds that the 113th Congress is the worst in history. A lot of Americans are finding that both the House and the Senate has done nothing to fix America’s problems.

Read the full story, here.

I really don’t find this all that surprising either. Once again President Obama is not the only problem with our homeland. Our entire government overall are destroying our country and they have chosen to do nothing about it.

If we had better people in government doing their jobs then Barack Obama would have definitely been impeached and arrested a long time ago but nothing has been done about his shady presidency. People in Congress knows he is bad (mostly republicans, of course) but so far they haven’t done anything to impeach him and they know he has done all kinds of impeachable offenses.

I think the reason Congress does nothing about him ’cause that’s how President Obama wants it. It’s all power and control. Just Obama’s way of trying to get away with impeachment.

I do agree though that this is the worst Congress in history. Honestly, I think our whole government overall is responsible for things like Benghazi and Operation: F&F happening. If our government wasn’t such a mess then maybe those tragedies wouldn’t have happened, ya know? Our whole government are evil scum, not just Obama. They haven’t done anything about Obama ’cause they are helping to protect him too.

America certainly deserves better. Impeach and arrest all of those evil fuckers. Get ’em all the hell out. They all should rot in hell — not just Obama.