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Why was John Boehner crying during the Pope’s speech???

I think the reason John Boehner was crying during the Pope’s long & boring speech is not because he was emotional to see the Pope’s presence. I think it has something to do with more than that. Something dark and it wasn’t pretty. Did something bad happen to John behind the scenes of politics?

Was John forced to resign by the President? I think Barack Obama threatened him and forced him to resign. John was crying ’cause he knew what was coming up ahead for him after the Pope’s speech. Isn’t it kind of odd that John announced his resignation shortly after the Pope’s speech?

It could be Barack retaliating against John for suing Barack over Obamacare & Illegal Immigration. That could probably be what happened and that’s my guess. Either way, something did happen between him and Barack, no doubt.


BREAKING NEWS: John Boehner to resign as House Speaker! About freakin’ time!!!

Over the years, I realize that both liberals and conservatives hate John Boehner the House Speaker so there is one thing that we both can agree on that Boehner is horrible. I never liked Boehner ’cause he has always been Obama’s protector and lapdog.

Is the reasoning for Boehner’s sudden resigning is because he’s finally realized that he isn’t that popular? I know calls for him to resign has been on the rise as of late and that’s probably the reason. He couldn’t take all the pressure of people calling him to resign and finally threw in the towel.


Now lets hope they elect a Speaker who has the guts to take down Obama ’cause it would be cool.


Final Benghazi report to be released next year???

Trey Gowdy is hoping to get the final Benghazi report out sometime next year in 2016. It can come out shortly before the next Elections start; however, the final report could be delayed if the Obama administration doesn’t cooperate.

Now, I know what you’re thinking… you’re probably immediately thinking this Select Committee is nothing more but a lousy attempt to try and stop Hillary. Not really. I’m starting to look at it as a way to protect and “cover” for this administration even more. I hope that’s not what they’re doing.

Boehner seems to know more about Benghazi than the rest of us so I think he’s hiding something. Just protecting his best friend, Obama. Boehner claims that the Obama administration made it difficult to get all the facts but how? I mean, Boehner and Obama are best friends, right? Obama is not hard to find at all and I’m pretty sure Boehner is always in close contact with Obama. They also spend a lot of time together in person as you see in the photos above.

To get Obama himself to testify on Benghazi, I’m sure he’s just a phone call away. They claim it’s impossible to get info on Benghazi from the administration, yet they are still standing and still out there. Why is it so hard to get them in front of Trey Gowdy? It can’t be hard at all, just a phone call away like I said. Why the excuses that it’s “impossible to get info”????

On top of that, it really shouldn’t take this long at all to get to the bottom of Benghazi. I hope this committee isn’t on the cover-up and if the report turns out to be “no wrongdoing” again, I’m gonna be pissed.

Even if the Obama administration cooperated, you’re not gonna get much from them anyway. All they gonna do is lie, lie, lie, lie and they’ll black out most of their documents. I no longer trust this committee to be honest with you. It could be an attempt to make Hillary look innocent and she could continue on with her campaign.

Anyway… as long as Obama is still in office, you’re never gonna get the truth of Benghazi. Obama’s gotta get out of office and then we need to elect a Republican president in 2016 like I said… then getting to the bottom of Benghazi will be much easier and quicker. This is why we need Rand Paul or Ted Cruz in the oval office. I’m fine with either one of those guys.



Are the GOP enemies with Democrats? Apparently no, this photo of Speaker Boehner says it all…

It may seem like that the GOP in Congress are enemies with the left but it’s not like that at all. Apparently, they are in bed with each other and this photo of Speaker John Boehner kissing Nancy Pelosi says it all. This isn’t the first time that Boehner have been caught kissing Pelosi. He’s been caught kissing her many times before.

Speaker Boehner also gets along with Obama a bit too well too. Behind the scenes, Boehner and Obama are best friends. Here’s a pic to prove that….



That photo above was on St. Patty’s Day last month as you can tell with the green ties. Obama and Boehner walking down the steps, looking like they’re laughing and telling jokes with each other, all smiles. Yet in the media, Obama and Boehner are pretending to be enemies.

This is why I can’t stand Boehner like most people.

If you want more examples of why nothing have been done about Obama yet,  Boehner is another problem.

It seems that Boehner is very protective of Obama and the Democrat party.

So in reality, in Congress… it’s not really GOP vs. Democrats at all. They actually respect each other and love each other. They’re like co-workers on a job, ya know?

This is another problem in America, the GOP refusing to hold Democrats accountable for their crimes.


Boehner predictably re-elected third term, makes me lose hope for the GOP even more…

Well, today is a sad day for America. Boehner predictably elected 3rd term as House Speaker. With a republican controlled House, it seems that most Republicans still support him sadly. We begged the GOP to vote him out and of course, none of them listened to us. When the GOP support a corrupted politician like Boehner that means they also support and agree with Obama’s policies and ideas. As long as Boehner is still House Speaker, then nothing is gonna happen to Obama. The GOP just turned their backs on America just by not listening to us. Fucking bastards.

I’m thinking of going independent after all ’cause I’m honestly fed up with both parties.


The Republican fight begins… Rep. Louie Gohmert throws hat in the ring to challenge Boehner for Speaker position…

Great news! In order to get rid of Obama as president, gotta rid of Boehner first. If you wanna know why nothing has been done to Obama over the years is ’cause Speaker John Boehner is Obama’s protector and lapdog. Get rid of Boehner as House Speaker, then getting rid of Obama can be possible.


I wish Louie good luck and I stand behind him totally.


Conservatives campaigning to get Boehner fired and replaced by Trey Gowdy as House Speaker…

Even if House Speaker John Boehner claims to be conservative/Republican, even all of his fellow conservatives/Republicans are getting sick of the man. I have seen more people on the “right” being more open to the idea of Trey Gowdy taking over as House Speaker and I agree!!!

King Obama is breaking all kinds of laws and tearing the constitution to pieces, yet Speaker Boehner does nothing. He does nothing to get Obama held accountable and all Boehner can do is a stupid lawsuit. Trey Gowdy would make a great House Speaker and I do hope it happens. Boehner and Obama are pretty much the same.

When people campaign online to have Trey replace Boehner as House Speaker, it’s not only to help get rid of Obama. It’s not just about that. Like I said before, conservatives look up to Trey ’cause he’s one of the very few who cares about the law and he takes the law very seriously. He’s also one of the very few who cares about the American people which you don’t see much in government.

If Trey was House Speaker, he would help fix our broken government for sure and that’s why a lot of us want him as House Speaker. It’s not just about getting rid of Obama although that would be nice.

I know Trey Gowdy disagreed with Obama impeachment once but if Obama is proven to be responsible for Benghazi, Gowdy would have no choice but to take action on Obama. I can’t see Gowdy letting Obama go if it’s proven that Obama left those 4 Americans dead if it was for a gun running operation. If Trey finds that out in the upcoming hearings, he would have no choice but to try and indict Obama.

While most people in Congress whether it’s Republican or Democrat, most are corrupt and criminal on both sides but Trey Gowdy is one of the few good guys. There are a few good guys in Congress who are good and they are: Trey Gowdy, Jeff Sessions, Rand Paul, and Walter Jones. All those guys are Republicans too. The rest of the Republicans in Congress are all corrupt but the guys I listed are pretty cool in my book. Those guys I listed are real patriots.

I’m all for Trey being House Speaker. He wouldn’t side with King Obama on anything if he caught the president doing something bad.


Who’s side is Speaker Boehner on? Is he on our side or Obama’s??? I think he’s on Obama’s side…

I don’t understand Speaker John Boehner. That guy is really confusing me and he’s probably confusing most Americans. Who’s side is that piece of shit on? Boehner claims to be finding answers on all of Obama’s scandals like Benghazi, IRS, Obamacare, etc. but at the same time Boehner seems to be siding with Obama on everything. Instead of impeaching Obama on his imperial presidency, the best Boehner can come up with is a silly lawsuit over Obamacare. Now Boehner and Obama worked together to pass that budget bill through the House that was announced today.

They didn’t pass that budget bill to save America from another government shutdown. They passed the bill for a bigger paycheck for the Holidays. They did it to get more money for the Holidays. Not only the Democrat party is corrupt, criminal and broken… Republicans are too. Both are pretty much the same right now. Crazy.

Why is it that Boehner and Obama are acting like enemies in the media but behind the scenes they seem to be working closely together? It’s probably because Boehner and Obama are best friends and Boehner being Obama’s enemy is just a cover-up. The American people would be upset if they find out that Boehner is best friends with Obama. Remember Boehner have been caught saying that “Obama is my best friend” to Joy Behar???

This is why Boehner have chosen to do the lawsuit instead of impeachment. Boehner and Obama have been sucking each others dicks. Boehner doesn’t want to see his best friend lose his job as president.

We really need to get rid of Boehner as House Speaker too. He maybe a Republican but even a lot of us Republicans can’t stand him as well. Like most, I too am getting fed up with the GOP. See? We don’t side with our party on everything. It’s all about being real, ya know what I mean?


John Boehner to Joy Behar, “I am Obama’s best friend”…

I’m not a big fan of the liberal biased Washington Post but I thought this article is worth posting. Speaker John Boehner partying with Joy Behar at a bar. Boehner told Joy that he is Obama’s best friend when they were fooling around.


If you wanna know why John Boehner won’t do anything to impeach Obama, this is why. Obama and Boehner are best friends. Possible gay lovers too (LOL, wouldn’t surprise me!!!)?

Anyway, gay jokes aside… this is why Speaker Boehner won’t get Obama held accountable for anything. As a matter of fact, this is probably why Obama decided to be best friends with him so it can be easier for him to get away with everything. I’m also 100% positive Boehner knows more about Benghazi, Operation F&F, IRS, NSA, etc. better than anybody. He knows Obama’s involvement with all those crimes and scandals. Boehner seems to know about Benghazi more than Trey Gowdy so why don’t we get Boehner himself to testify in front of Gowdy, hey?

So you ask, if Boehner and Obama are really best friends… why would Boehner sue him for the executive orders and they pretend to be enemies all of a sudden??? That’s all a political move, to help Boehner with the Nov. elections to help get him re-elected as House Speaker. Obama is willing to help him get re-elected so they pretend to be enemies. Obama was willing to do this ’cause if Boehner gets voted out and if the House gets a new House Speaker, the new House Speaker could impeach Obama… this is why Obama is desperate helping Boehner to get re-elected so Obama wouldn’t get in trouble. See what I’m saying? Obama and Boehner aren’t really enemies even though it appears to be that way in the news. They are best friends. They’ve always have been and I can see they still are.

I hope Boehner does get voted out in Nov. We need to get rid of Boehner in order to get rid of Obama. We gotta get rid of Harry Reid too, he’s another one protecting Obama. So hopefully asshole Harry Reid gets voted out too.


Well, I actually agree with Obama on something for once…

Obama predictably responds to John Boehner’s lawsuit threat saying that it’s all a stunt and Obama said, “If Boehner is so concerned of my executive actions, why don’t he take action through Congress?”. Wait… did Obama just openly challenge Boehner to impeach him? That’s what it’s sounding like to me.

Yes, for once I finally agree with him on something. If Boehner was so concerned of his executive actions and his illegal presidency why don’t Boehner act through Congress instead of a lawsuit?


Obama predictably plays innocent victim like always claiming he’s doing his job and everyone else does nothing. Just another Obama lie. He hasn’t done anything to help this country since 2008 but bring us down. That’s all he’s doing to us. He will never take responsibility for his own actions… he will play innocent victim.

I do agree with Obama for this one time that Boehner’s lawsuit was just a weak stunt.

Listen to Obama in that video interview when he defends himself. He sounds like a little baby, doesn’t he?