Are the GOP enemies with Democrats? Apparently no, this photo of Speaker Boehner says it all…

It may seem like that the GOP in Congress are enemies with the left but it’s not like that at all. Apparently, they are in bed with each other and this photo of Speaker John Boehner kissing Nancy Pelosi says it all. This isn’t the first time that Boehner have been caught kissing Pelosi. He’s been caught kissing her many times before.

Speaker Boehner also gets along with Obama a bit too well too. Behind the scenes, Boehner and Obama are best friends. Here’s a pic to prove that….



That photo above was on St. Patty’s Day last month as you can tell with the green ties. Obama and Boehner walking down the steps, looking like they’re laughing and telling jokes with each other, all smiles. Yet in the media, Obama and Boehner are pretending to be enemies.

This is why I can’t stand Boehner like most people.

If you want more examples of why nothing have been done about Obama yet,  Boehner is another problem.

It seems that Boehner is very protective of Obama and the Democrat party.

So in reality, in Congress… it’s not really GOP vs. Democrats at all. They actually respect each other and love each other. They’re like co-workers on a job, ya know?

This is another problem in America, the GOP refusing to hold Democrats accountable for their crimes.


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