The main problem in America today is mainstream media…



The problem in America today is the mainstream media. They are not doing their jobs and they just stay on one side which is the left. The reason why not enough people are waking up about Barack Obama ’cause the media protects him at every turn. It’s pretty disgusting to me.

I don’t get my news from these outlets you see in this photo. I get my news from alternative sources such as InfoWars, the Blaze and places like those. That stuff is more realistic journalism than the mainstream news.

When they say “Kill your TV before it kills you” is right. I did exactly that and you should too. Stop watching the news, people. While I don’t watch TV anymore, there are a few TV shows I like to watch but they have nothing to do with news. I like to watch a few drama prime time TV shows like “Game of Thrones”, “Vikings”, “The Following” and things like that. Other than that, I stopped watching the news a long time ago.

This is why I believe that Barack Obama is in control of most of the mainstream media like in the photo you see above. So you ask? How would Obama be in control of the media?

Well for one, executive orders probably. Think how Obama would send these outlets an agreement for them to sign and then he would pay them a lot of tax money to protect them. A lot of our tax money that they can’t refuse. Think how Obama would negotiate with these news outlets behind the scenes.

I’m sure the media wants to be realistic on Obama’s crimes and scandals and all that stuff ’cause they know that this stuff would bring up the ratings but they can’t. I would think these news outlets signed some kind of agreement. Plus, people who work in the Obama administration are either family & friends with people who work in the media.

After the Brian Williams lie, should be good enough to see that the media can’t be trusted at all.

So why aren’t enough people waking up about Obama yet? Media is key. Think about it right? If they stopped staying on one side and did some realistic journalism, then maybe America would have woken up about him a long time ago. I really do believe that Obama is in charge of the media… telling them what to report and what not to report.

Honestly, this makes the media a bunch of criminals too for protecting criminals and letting him get away with things. The media never wants to hold Obama accountable for anything, that’s criminal. Not only that most of the Obama administration needs to be jailed, all the so called “journalists” needs to be jailed too.

If the mainstream media were honest about “Benghazi” and “Operation: F&F” then Obama would have been done a long time ago.

I wonder how the media will be when/if Obama leaves office in 2017? If he leaves office? There are a lot of rumors that he may still be president after 2016 due to a third term election or if they decide to go for “martial” law” and I hope that doesn’t happen. If that happens, we’ll be even more doomed than ever before. Like most people, I am sick of Obama though and sick of people defending him no matter the situation. Sick of it all.

Not only we have to do something about the Obama administration, we need to do something about our media too. Realistic journalism is pretty much dead.

Seriously, y’all stop watching and reading the news. It makes your IQ low and fries your brain. Don’t believe everything they report. I even think FOX News is crap as well so just so you know, I’m not on one side at all.




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