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The mainstream media has been “Fake News” long before Trump became president… “Fake News” started because of Obama…

While it’s nice that a lot of people finally woke up about the mainstream media (or MSM), I knew that the MSM was fake long before Trump became president. The MSM has been “Fake News” ever since Obama got elected in 2008.  I even knew back then I couldn’t trust the media. The media has been trying to make liberal politicians look like they’re good people when they’re not.

They tried to make Obama look like an authentic person when he’s not. The media helped elected Obama when we never knew much about him. His birth certificate is fake and yes, it already has been proven many times that the media ignored. Obama has loads of sealed records that we can’t see and he won’t release. We don’t even know if Barack Obama/Barry Sotero are his real names either. We never knew anything about the guy but the media helped elect him anyways. Obama is not the guy that the media tries to make him out to be.

The media has already been “Fake News” for almost a decade now. For the 2016 elections, they tried to do that with Hillary. Tried to make her look like a good person when she’s not really but this time America woke up and they failed to get Hillary elected. Most Americans finally woke up and didn’t fall for their bullshit.

You guys know that I’ve been bashing the media for a long long time and I still can’t stand the media now. I don’t watch the news on TV anymore and don’t even read the papers. Mostly all liberal biased garbage.

It’s nice to see that America has finally woken up about the media:


I’ve been trying to warn you guys about the media for a long time but all you guys did was laugh at my face and continued to believe everything they say. NBC, CNN, The WaPost, The NYTimes, Media Matters, etc. Seriously, ya’ll STOP following that garbage. The news lost all credibility. There aren’t real journalists anymore except for a few of them. There are still real journalists around like Matt Drudge of the Drudge Report, I consider that credible news and of course, we have Wikileaks. There’s a few real journalists left on FOX News too like Sean Hannity who’s in trouble by the left over the Seth Rich investigation. Hannity’s the real deal, always liked that guy. I trust Matt Drudge and Wikileaks more than anything, though. They report real news without the bias.

The media sucks, always did. They have gotten much worse under Trump as president, though.

I’m not lying when I say that I don’t watch the news on TV anymore. I don’t watch that much TV anyways. The only stuff I watch on TV are stuff on Netflix, WWE Network and I watch WWE RAW on Monday nights. I also watch movies on BluRay and play video games too. I don’t watch a whole lot of cable TV ’cause it’s all junk mostly. I spend most of my time playing guitar and making music anyways. That’s what I prefer to do more.

It’s real sad that many out there continue to watch the news on TV and actually takes them seriously. What will it take to end the liberal bias garbage in news reporting? It’s getting out of hand and so sick of it.

America wants fair and honest reporting, that’s why most of us go to the Drudge Report, Wikileaks and Sean Hannity. They are the real deal. Screw everything else. Yeah, even Breitbart News is getting bad.


I’ve noticed a big difference between Obama and Trump press conferences…

So earlier this morning I’ve watched Trump’s first solo press conference as a president from yesterday. Trump calling out the media in person to their faces was glorious, indeed.

However, though, have you noticed the difference between the Trump press conference and Obama press conference? Watch the two videos above and try to compare them if you would. They are both pretty different with the way the press reacts to the president.

With Obama press conferences, all the reporters did was kiss Obama’s ass most of the time. It seems that the reporters questions were carefully picked by the Obama administration as if the whole press conference was scripted almost. The reporters had to be kind to Barack.

When it comes to a president Trump press conference, reporters get so aggressive to the president. A lot of whining and moaning. Instead, the president puts the media on defense… making them look weak.

All this shows is how one-sided and liberal biased the media really is. They are only in bed with liberal political figures but hate everything conservative.

It is interesting though how at a Trump press conference, the media doesn’t like to be called, “Fake News”. The media then begs for respect and cries “Freedom of speech”. Hey media, like I said in a post before, you totally deserved that verbal smackdown by Trump. President Trump made it clear throughout that press conference that he doesn’t mind negative reporting against him, he just wants their stories to be truthful but they never are. All the fake news media does is slander him most of the time and you expect him not to respond? Really?

The media needs to realize that respect is earned and the American people doesn’t respect the fake news MSM at all. It’s why we all voted for Trump ’cause we’re all fed up with the MSM.

President Trump called out the media again on twitter today, he tweeted out this:

I totally agree with that tweet.

While the media are trying their best to be an enemy to Trump… how much do you want to bet that they don’t realize that they are an enemy to all of us? The American People? The mainstream media thinks we’re all stupid and gullible but we’re not. We’re not going to vote for Hillary because they want us to. The American people should decide who to vote for, not the media.

Trump is right they are doing a great disservice to our country all the way.

However, there are still a lot of people that still believes everything the media says which is mostly liberals and some independent voters.

Hey media, if you don’t want Trump calling you our and if you want your respect back then why don’t you be honest for once? Get rid of the liberal bias and be honest on both sides of the spectrum. That’s why we all turn to Breitbart news and yes, Fox News too ’cause there’s no liberal bias in any of them.

The media lied to get Barack Obama elected. They tried that again with Hillary but it didn’t work this time.

If you guys in the MSM want your ratings back then bring back real journalism and stop trying to ram liberalism down our throats. We’re fed up with it. Keep it up, media. Once again, you’ll lose the 2020 election and will never see a Democrat president ever again.


Like I said the MSM are the new tabloids (or fake news)…

So, have you ever wondered why there are so many die-hard liberals all over the place? Ever wondered why liberals are always looked at as heroes but they look at conservatives as if they’re enemies? Have you ever wondered why there are so many Donald Trump haters but they think there is nothing wrong with Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders? Have you ever wondered why it’s okay to bash Republicans but it’s not okay to bash Democrats?

Well, you can absolutely blame these guys for that:

– The New York Times
– The Washington Post
– NBC News
– CBS News
– ABC News
– Salon.com
– The Huffington Post
– Rolling Stone
– BBC News
– Sky News
– Financial Times
– Politico
– New York Daily News
– L.A. Times
– USA Today
– US News & World Report
– Gawker
– Newsweek
– Time
– Business Insider
– Daily Beast
– Yahoo News
– Daily Kos
– Young Turks
– Slate
– Raw Story
– New Yorker
– Buzzfeed
– MoveOn
– Think Progress
– Media Matters
– Wonkette
– Center for American Progress
– Little Green Footballs
– The Economist



That list above are all in bed with Democrats. Mainstream media sources listed above are all very protective of “liberalism”. It’s really sickening to see. There is a certain blog reader here who should be nameless who looks around for “credible sources” but this guy reads the Washington Post and listens to the left-wing radio NPR. He calls that credible source both the Washington Post and NPR that is full of liberal bias. Dishonest journalism both of them.

If you get your info from any of the list above, all you’re doing is getting brainwashed by these losers who calls themselves “journalists”. I don’t follow any media sources listed above… at least I try not to.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see how those media sources above are dishonest. They aren’t just dishonest against Donald Trump. They would do anything it takes to protect liberalism. That’s why they got to make people like Obama, Hillary, Bernie, Joe Biden look like they’re good guys when they’re not really. As for the GOP/Republicans there are some that get attacked by the media when they don’t deserve it like Ben Carson, Sarah Palin, Ted Nugent and others.

We really need honest journalism back. We need to fix our broken media for sure. It’s a huge problem. The government is a huge problem but the media is the bigger problem. I think the media is our enemy. They are the ones that started all these riots and they got police officers killed because of their dishonest reporting and political correctness. They need to get a life and get a real job. FUck all of them. I hate the media so much.

If you follow the news and if you think what they report is “true” and “credible” then you have a problem.


Why you shouldn’t listen to liberal opinions or viewpoints…

Liberals are very one-sided people. They’ve always have been and always will be. I ignore liberals like the plague these days. I don’t debate them at all. Why? Read Laura Ingraham’s tweet above and you’ll see why. It’s a proven fact that liberals won’t let us have our own opinions or viewpoints. When they disagree with us they’ll do anything to silence us. They’ll go as far as calling us every name in the book like “racist”, “bigot”, “conspiracy theorist”, etc. Whatever they could in order to silence us.

Liberals will only believe what the mainstream media tells them. If you call yourself a “liberal” then you probably get all your political info from sources such as NBC, CNN, CBS, MSNBC, etc. You also probably get your info from other liberal rags like the Washington Post, NYTimes, Gawker, Media Matters, TIME magazine and all that crap. Once again, that stuff is not journalism. All they do is just feed ya one-sided views. The mainstream news is so liberal I can’t stand it and anybody that takes what they say seriously is dumb.

I can’t stand it when liberals defend liberal politicians all the time like Bernie Sanders, Hillary, Obama, etc… then they continue to act like the GOP are the bad guys. That’s because the mainstream media brainwashed them into getting them to think that way. Yes, the GOP are bad guys and evil. I would have to agree there but the Democrat politicians are no different. I wish liberals would think the same for Democrats but nope… nothing is ever wrong with Democrat/liberal political figures. They’re just normal people, doing good things for America (sarcasm).

The news is garbage. All of it. When liberals attack a GOP figure like Donald Trump for example and they show me an article that makes him look bad — chances are, that article will come from a liberal source like I listed above. I don’t pay attention to any of it. If you look at the news as something credible then you are really dumb and naive. Once again, I don’t watch or read the news anymore.

I don’t listen to liberals opinions and thoughts. I ignore all of that too. We really got to get rid of this “right vs. left” crap ’cause there’s no such thing. Stop calling yourself liberals. Stop calling yourselves conservatives. Get rid of the labels. I’m not on either side anymore. Liberalism is getting worse in America and conservatism is getting just as bad. All that garbage with Ted Cruz proves how bad conservatism has gotten. Donald Trump proves that the “right vs. left” just doesn’t work and that’s why he gets my full support.


If you’re a Donald Trump supporter like me, you should ignore all liberal attacks against the guy…

If you’re a Donald Trump supporter like me and if you want to publicly show your support for Trump then chances are some dumb ass libtard will probably try to talk you out of supporting the guy. If you publicly show your support for Donald Trump, a libtard will come around and say you shouldn’t be supporting him. Then they’ll either show an article or some dumb misinformed meme that makes him look bad. When a liberal shows you an article that makes Trump looks bad… chances are the article is gonna come from garbage like: CNN, ABC, NBC, Washington Post, NYTimes, etc. which are the last places you should be getting your information from. Everybody knows the mainstream media isn’t to be trusted. The mainstream media gets paid to make conservatives look bad. That’s what they do. The media has always been bullies toward Trump. Everybody knows that the negative reporting on Donald Trump by the mainstream media is mostly bullshit and ridiculous. It’s funny that liberals actually fall for that stuff. Keep in mind that these are the same people who voted Obama twice and they are the same people that support old loons like Bernie Sanders.

I don’t believe libtard attacks against Donald Trump. I ignore negative articles written about Trump that is done by the mainstream media. I don’t pay attention to it. Liberals and the mainstream media tries their best to make Trump supporters look stupid and uneducated but it isn’t working so they can keep trying. I get dumb ass libtards trying to talk me out of supporting Donald Trump but I don’t care. I’m not listening to any of their shit. If they won’t listen to our Obama criticism then why should we listen to their Trump criticism? Fair is fair, right?

I don’t care what anyone thinks. I’m staying loyal to Donald Trump and I have faith that Trump is the right guy. If there’s a negative article or story by any of the mainstream media outlets like the ones I listed above chances are it’s gonna be ridiculous and untrue. The media gets paid to make people look bad. That’s their job. That’s okay, though. All their attacks against Donald Trump is doing nothing but helping him anyways. Trump is gonna get elected ’cause of the media attacks. So keep it going. No matter what people say about Donald Trump, I’m always gonna support him and stay loyal to him so all Donald Trump haters can suck it.


The American people wants honesty in the media and government but most are blind & ignorant about it…

Can’t you see all the dishonesty in the media? All the dishonesty in the government and the Obama White House? Like most people I’m tired of it all too. All the dishonesty… the lies and the political correctness that goes on in this country. Like most Americans, I’m fed up with it all as well. Yeah, it is the truth that most of us are fed up with the media and the US government. We are also fed up with Barack Obama, our US president. It’s just that a lot of people can’t see our true feelings about America. Nobody cares to listen to us and nobody cares to hear us. That’s why we’re called the “silent majority”. We’ve been the silent majority ever since Barack Obama has gotten elected in 2008.

I mean, each fucking time we want to tell the truth about Obama or what’s really going on in America… a lot of people will laugh at us and say “We’re full of it”. It’s just ridiculous. All of it. Instead of people saying, “Thanks for bringing it to our attention”. They have to make fun of us and bully us around.

This bullshit still goes on today. This is why a lot of us support Donald Trump ’cause he’s been saying all the stuff we’ve all been thinking. He feels the same about America as we all do. Each time we tell the truth, we all get looked at as insane whack jobs.

What I find even more insane is that a lot of people will believe everything the media says and that’s the last thing you wanna trust, the media. I try to tell people how corrupt and broken the media is but no one wants to listen to me on that either. They’ll defend the media and say things like, “Oh, they’re all just doing their jobs and they know what they’re doing. The media is credible source”. Really?

Come on, guys. Fucking knock it off, will ya? You don’t need to agree with everything the media says. How about some “critical thinking” and “thinking outside the box”? That’s what I do. I don’t go by everything the media says. Fuck no. What I do is when stories get big in the news, I express my own opinion and my own thought. When we do, people will be like, “wah wah wah, you’re wrong. You can’t say that”. It’s all fucking bullshit. I’m tired of it all.

We all deserve to speak our mind and tell the truth. That’s the problem in America is “political correctness” in the media and government. Sad part is most people in America buy what the media and the government says. This is why I have to stick to my guns. I’m not gonna let people silence me ’cause they disagree, no fucking way. I make an opinion and thought about politics, I stick with it. I still do that today.

I no longer care if people get pissed off or offended at my opinions. Fuck you if you don’t like what I have to say. These days, I just ignore people who disagree or get offended. I just express my opinion and ignore everyone’s bullshit. It’s just the best thing to do, ya know? Save ya a headache.

Our mainstream media is corrupt and dishonest. If you read garbage like the Washington Post, Salon, Media Matters or the NY Times then I feel sorry for you. If you take what they say seriously then I feel sorry for you. They are not credible source at all. All they do is feed ya a bunch of one-sided garbage. I can’t stand the way the news is right now and it’s getting worse for sure especially the new jobs report that just got out which you know is a flat-out lie and fake. The media and the government are both on Barack & Hillary’s side.

You gotta stop watching or reading the news ’cause it’s all garbage. All they do is brainwash you and they are doing a very good job of it too. People are so naive and dumb, they’ll believe everything they see & read.


Ted Nugent is right that we really need to clean house of the media, not just the government…

Not only that we really need to clean house of the US government and the White House, we also need to clean house of US mainstream news media. It should be pretty easy to see how corrupted the media is. All they do is protect liberalism the best they can. All they do is make liberalism look good and make conservatism look bad. If you have left-wing views then chances are you have been brainwashed by the mainstream media and have fallen for their bullshit. Journalism shouldn’t be like this at all. It’s good that the media is honest on the GOP & Conservative side but they need to realistic on both sides of the spectrum. Stop making liberalism look good and be realistic on them too. That’s what we all want in America, ya know? Stop this political correctness bullshit and report actual “news” is what we want to see.

Jail all the news journalists and CEO’s of news outlets. Some of you may ask, why jail ’em? Well, if they’ve agreed to protect criminals like Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, that’s criminal too. If Barack and Hillary were responsible for Benghazi then the media should get arrested for protecting other criminals. If the media has been protecting fraudulent presidents like Barack Obama who doesn’t even have an authentic birth certificate then that’s criminal. If the media has been protecting Barack over other crimes such as Operation F&F, IRS, NSA and others, that’s also criminal. A lot of media journalists and CEO’s need to be jailed and replaced with “real” journalists.

If you get your news from garbage like the NY Times, Washington Post, NPR then all you’re doing is getting brainwashed with “one-sided” opinions and it’s pretty sad that a lot of people actually believe what they say.

What’s going on in the world shouldn’t be a “right vs. left” thing at all. I’m tired of it. “Right-wing” people don’t deserve to be treated this badly and I totally blame the media for that for sure. So when Donald Trump gets in the oval office, we’re gonna do some major cleaning in government and media. Wipe ’em all out and start over again is what we need.


Media continues to treat Barack Obama like he’s the best president we’ve ever had when in reality he’s the worst president in history…

In the beginning of Obama’s first term as president, the media treated him like an economics hero. Trying to make him look like he was gonna change the economy for the better. Media continues to make lies that he improved the economy when we all know that the economy is still shit. When you hear from liberals and the media claiming that the economy is in good shape, don’t listen to them. Our economy is still shit and it’s getting worse. The media is indeed lying about our “improved” economy. To prove that the media is lying about our so-called improved “economy” is all one has to do is look at our national debt. Our national debt is still skyrocketing high and it’s gotten even higher.

Obama quickly went from so-called “economics” hero to equal rights and Climate Change hero. Obama is now obsessed with equal rights and Climate Change.

Media continues to treat Obama like he’s the best thing that happened to America when the reality is that we all know that he’s the shittiest president we’ve ever had. The man is a monster and evil. It’s pretty easy to see. If you agree that Barack Obama is a great president, chances are… you’ve probably read too much of the Washington Post or watched too much CNN.

That’s why our media is messed up. They won’t be realistic on who Barack Obama really is. They won’t report anything about his communist ties and they refuse to investigate his past as well. Most Americans despise Obama and we want him out. If you’re one of the few who believes there’s nothing wrong with him, I’ll say once again, you’ve been brainwashed by the media. You probably read liberal garbage like the Washington Post, listen to NPR or watch MSNBC. You probably watch Rachel Maddow or Bill Maher or some of those other liberal TV shows is where you’re getting your info from.

It’ll be nice if dumb Americans would stop believing in one-sided opinions from the media and start looking at the truth. Hopefully we can stop this SOB from extending his presidency and hopefully we can elected a Republican president this time.

We tried our best to get people to wake up about Barack Obama but all people wanna do is shrug off most Obama criticism… call us conspiracy theorist, racist or whatever names they wanna call us. It’s like, we can’t criticize Barack Obama at all. Each time we do, people will defend him on everything even if it’s something small and not that big of a deal. Liberals are that obsessed with the man. I believe that Obama has been defended by people way too much, ya know? It’s pretty ridiculous, in my opinion. People treat him like he’s god or the King or something like that. It’s pretty sad that people defend somebody that you don’t know much about at all… Obama not having an authentic birth certificate, he keeps all of his colleges and grades sealed, he keeps his past so secretive… yet people continue to defend him on everything?

Anybody that continues to defend Obama all the time is a loser and an idiot. I don’t debate and argue with Obama defenders anymore like I used to. I’m glad I ignore them and avoid them like the plague. If all people do is have one-sided opinions all the time then they don’t deserve to debate with me.

Obama don’t deserve to be treated like a hero in the media ’cause in reality he hasn’t accomplished anything at all. All he has done successfully was destroy America. He’s really getting all of these accolades for nothing at all: the Nobel peace prize, getting on magazine covers like “Out”, “Rollingstone”, appearing on talk shows, etc. It’s really weird to me that America treats him like a national hero when the reality is he is the enemy of America.


A lot of liberals are misinformed with their politics ’cause of dishonest media… period…

There are too many liberals and so-called, “independents” who still believe that Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton aren’t bad people. Wanna know why that is? It’s because it’s all the bias in the media. Dishonest media. Journalists not doing their jobs well. Even the journalists and CEO’s of media outlets can be misinformed with their politics as well. It’s why people still believe that Barack Obama is a great president when we all know for a fact that he isn’t. All the media does is try to make Barack and Hillary look good. The media will protect those two from any kind of negative criticism they get from people. Each time Barack and Hillary get in trouble, the media will be quick to defend those two at every turn. The media ignores all the bad stuff reported about them from the non-mainstream news sites and all the media would do is write positive stuff about Barack and Hillary. The media tries to make them look like heroes. They try to make them look like they’re doing good and “positive” things for America when the reality is they’ve done nothing but “negative” things to America but the media has successfully brainwashed people into thinking they are doing “positive” things.

Instead of writing about Barack’s responsibility for things like Benghazi, Operation F&F, the Ft. Hood shootings, the IRS Scandals… instead the media would write things about Obamacare, Climate Change, his fun times on vacation, his spotify playlist, his golf trips, the clock kid going to the White House, etc. The media would report that stuff about Barack… things that actually doesn’t matter for America. It’s just pathetic.

When it comes to Hillary though, all this worship toward her is pretty disgusting to me. They would protect her from Benghazi every step of the way. She has no accomplishments and has the crappiest record and the media would make lies about her accomplishments. They would make her look like a gay rights and civil rights champion. Just like with Barack, she too says a lot of negative and hateful thing about America, yet the liberal community ignores that stuff and they worship her still.

They wanna get all over Ben Carson and Donald Trump but they don’t treat real criminals like Barack and Hillary the same way. The media continues to give Barack and Hillary a free pass. It’s just disgusting to me, ya know? I’ve had it.

The media is corrupt and broken. I know you guys out there watch or read the news and I’m sure you’re hating me for exposing the truth about the media on how corrupt it is. Maybe soon you’ll realize that I’m right that the media isn’t to be trusted. I try to tell people that they shouldn’t be reading garbage like the Washington Post or the NY Times and they shouldn’t be watching garbage like NBC or CNN but what do they do? They shrug it off and laugh at my face. Act like I’m full of it and then they try to defend those news outlets. Trying to make me believe that they are “credible sources” when they aren’t. All they do is feed ya one-sided reporting. They brainwash your minds.

Think of it this way… you know how in a sci-fi movie or a TV show where they have these scientists try to change a personality of an android by re-programming their brains? Well, the same thing is going on here. The news try to change the way you think by trying to reprogram your brains aka brainwashing. That’s what they’re doing. They get paid to brainwash people because they know most of you are dumb and naive. They know most of you trust everything too easily. So they try to get you to believe their one-sided opinions and beliefs.

News journalism is supposed to be reporting the actual facts but they don’t do that. They just do one-sided journalism aka “their own side of the story”.

Someday you’ll realize that I was right about “the news” that’s it’s all one-sided garbage. I don’t buy into any of it and neither should you. I know you’re better than that. All news is garbage, including FOX News. I don’t like FOX News either and many have accused me of watching that station so much since I hate Barack Obama.

If the media did honest journalism then I tell ya, Barack Obama and Hillary wouldn’t be standing today. They would have been thrown in prison a long time ago. It’s the media who is keeping them in power. Wake up, America. Stop being so delusional and naive.

Uggggghh, I so hope Donald Trump gets elected ’cause once he does, he’s gonna say this to all the news journalists… “You’re fired”.


It’s real sad that the media continues to destroy “conservatives” but gives “liberals” a free pass in everything…

There’s a pretty good reason why dumb liberals shrug off any kind of criticism that is aimed toward liberal political figures such as Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. It’s because the media protects them every step of the way. Which is pretty sickening. I know the media is capable of doing honest reporting on both sides of the spectrum… they just don’t want to. They’re intentionally trying to make “conservatives” look like bad guys and liberals look like good guys. That’s how one-sided the media is nowadays.

I know you guys are probably sick of me repeatedly trashing the media but I don’t care. I have a voice and I’m not afraid to get it heard.

There is a reason why some people think there is still nothing wrong with Barack and Hillary. It’s all because of the dishonest and corrupt media. What’s sad about it all is that a lot of people really look at the media as “credible source”. Liberal media wanna destroy Donald Trump, Ben Carson, Rubio, etc. Yet they keep giving Barack and Hillary a free pass in everything. There’s no doubt that Democrat politicians are just as bad as Republicans. I think you know it and it’s sad that many won’t admit it. It’s sad that many go by what the media says.

If you take what the media says is true then you are not very intelligent and you are a very naive person. You don’t think outside of the box and you don’t express your own opinion. Anything that the media says liberals will agree with it. They won’t listen to real people like me they would rather listen to their so-called “credible sources” like NBC, CNN or the Washington Post.

For example if the liberal media says that our police in America are murderers, then liberals will agree.

If they say that Hillary walked out unscathed during the Benghazi testimony, liberals will agree.

I think you get my point now. Anything that the media says, liberals will follow ’cause they naively believe that their “one-sided” opinion is “credible source”.

We definitely have to do something about our news media ’cause it’s all shit right now and they’re getting worse for sure. You know how the media makes it looks like that liberals are the good guys and conservatives are bad? Well pretty soon it’s gonna be the other way around once Donald Trump gets elected in office. I think it’s pretty obvious that “liberalism” is the enemy of America and it will get proven.

“Conservatives” aren’t bad people ’cause we are real patriots and believe in our homeland. We will destroy liberalism once and for all. That’s why we need Trump in the White House. When Trump gets elected be ready for a big change in media reporting ’cause I believe it’s gonna happen. What we need is to get rid of “political correctness” in the media and that’s one thing Trump will put an end to quickly.

We should be able to call Muslims terrorists and Illegal Immigrants criminals without getting in trouble for it. It’s time to stop giving “liberals” a free pass in everything for once. They need to receive some “flak” for some of the things they say as well. Liberals talk a lot of nasty and hateful things about our police and they think it’s okay to call cops “murderers” and liberals don’t get into any trouble for it. Now it’s gonna get worse thanks to Tarantino and his big mouth. The media is disgusting. I don’t like the direction it’s heading to at all. In fact, I find it very scary.