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Speaking of Ted Nugent, Tom Morello speaks out on his friendship with him…

Ya know, Tom Morello is right that he does reserve the right to be friends with whoever he wants. Yes, there is this thing called “agree to disagree” so what happened to that lately? They may have political differences but like Tom said, he’s not afraid to confront Ted about some stuff… I’m sure they try their best to keep politics away from music ’cause to me, that’s what they’re friendship is about “music”.

Why did they get together as close bros? Musical interests I would say… maybe their tastes in music is what got them together and also mutual respect is another reason. They just respect each others musical talents ya know? Tom thinks Ted is a great guitar player and Ted thinks Tom is a great guitar player.

It is completely okay for a die-hard conservative to be friends with leftist people. I’m a die-hard conservative myself, just so you know and I’ve had plenty of local musicians that were pretty leftist who refused to talk with me over “political differences”. Freakin’ bullshit if you ask me.

We definitely need this more in the musicians community…. musicians getting together despite the political differences. Politics isn’t everything, it’s about the music. It is possible to put politics aside away from music. It’s real sad to see that leftist musicians hating on conservative musicians and vice versa, it happens both ways.

Tom Morello is a very leftist guy yes but that man himself is also a badass guitar player, I admire his playing too.

While I’m a die-hard conservative admittedly, I do support plenty of bands & artists who are very leftist but I support them ’cause simply their music is good. It’s about the music, not about their political views. It’s definitely possible to keep politics separate from music. Try it sometime? It’s not healthy to live like that, hating on each other ’cause of political differences.


Anyhow, don’t be surprised if you see some kind of Ted Nugent and Tom Morello collaboration coming. I’m sure they already discussed that so maybe they’re waiting for the right time? You know they’re gonna end up doing something musically.


Ted Nugent is right that we really need to clean house of the media, not just the government…

Not only that we really need to clean house of the US government and the White House, we also need to clean house of US mainstream news media. It should be pretty easy to see how corrupted the media is. All they do is protect liberalism the best they can. All they do is make liberalism look good and make conservatism look bad. If you have left-wing views then chances are you have been brainwashed by the mainstream media and have fallen for their bullshit. Journalism shouldn’t be like this at all. It’s good that the media is honest on the GOP & Conservative side but they need to realistic on both sides of the spectrum. Stop making liberalism look good and be realistic on them too. That’s what we all want in America, ya know? Stop this political correctness bullshit and report actual “news” is what we want to see.

Jail all the news journalists and CEO’s of news outlets. Some of you may ask, why jail ’em? Well, if they’ve agreed to protect criminals like Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, that’s criminal too. If Barack and Hillary were responsible for Benghazi then the media should get arrested for protecting other criminals. If the media has been protecting fraudulent presidents like Barack Obama who doesn’t even have an authentic birth certificate then that’s criminal. If the media has been protecting Barack over other crimes such as Operation F&F, IRS, NSA and others, that’s also criminal. A lot of media journalists and CEO’s need to be jailed and replaced with “real” journalists.

If you get your news from garbage like the NY Times, Washington Post, NPR then all you’re doing is getting brainwashed with “one-sided” opinions and it’s pretty sad that a lot of people actually believe what they say.

What’s going on in the world shouldn’t be a “right vs. left” thing at all. I’m tired of it. “Right-wing” people don’t deserve to be treated this badly and I totally blame the media for that for sure. So when Donald Trump gets in the oval office, we’re gonna do some major cleaning in government and media. Wipe ’em all out and start over again is what we need.


Ted Nugent on Cecil the Lion: “The only reason people overreact ’cause this lion was given a name and a spotlight”…

Ted Nugent promised he was gonna do a big write up on Cecil the Lion and he did right here. Ya know, I honestly believe that libtard America are freaking out over nothing for this. This animal was no different than any other lion so who cares? African animals get hunted and killed all the time. This didn’t have to be a big news story either.

Don’t believe into the media’s lies on what Walter Palmer did was “illegal”. I don’t think it was illegal and anybody that think it was, you’re too naive and dumb to follow everything the libtard media says. You just have to have one-sided opinions. Have the same opinions as the media does and I’ll have a rant about that soon.

This is an interesting write-up by the Nuge. I read it from start from finishing and it’s interesting.


Of course, liberals will never take what he says seriously ’cause he’s a hardcore conservative. It doesn’t matter whether Ted is right or not, libtards will hate him no matter what he says. Even though conservatives tries to be positive and honest, liberals will continue to hate ’cause of their “right wing” views. It’s pissing me off, really. Even though conservatives try to be nice, liberals will go on a hateful rant and call them every name in the book ’cause believe me, I get that everyday.

Who cares about this Lion, it’s just a distraction and a lousy attempt of the left to try to win 2016. I totally agree with Ted that the only reason America is freaking out about this Lion is ’cause it was given a name and a spotlight. Makes a whole lot of sense. Who in their right mind would name a lion? I don’t think Zimbabwe gave him that name, I think the media gave him that name.


Ted Nugent already went to Africa and killed a lion, where was the outrage back then???

Ted Nugent is a known big game hunter. He’s killed other things besides deer. He’s killed bears, pigs, mooses, and you can even add lions to the list.

Here’s an old photo of Ted when he went to Africa to go big game hunting. In the pic, you see a dead lion. Ted has killed lots of animals, “legally” and you can see he feels no remorse for doing it.

In each hunting photo that Ted posts online, he always has a big smile on his face.

Ted also says that the lion that was killed wasn’t actually Cecil, it was a wild lion from a park where hunting is legal in Africa:


In other words Ted is saying that Cecil wasn’t even real. I can see the Obama admin. being behind all of this Cecil stuff just to distract Americans from other things like the elections, the Iran deal, Planned Parenthood, etc. Cecil is probably a hoax kind of like the Sandy Hook shootings and the Boston Marathon bombings.

Walter Palmer did kill a lion but it probably wasn’t the famous Cecil. There was probably no Cecil ’cause that lion wasn’t real.

I’m not a big fan of hunting myself and I don’t agree with killing animals but I respect other hunters freedom of wanting to hunt. They have that right.


Uh oh, is Ted Nugent gonna throw his hat in the ring for president? Looks like it…

What’s going on here? Is Uncle Ted gonna throw his hat in the ring? Is Ted about to make an announcement soon?

While I love Uncle Ted, I’m still gonna support Donald Trump, though but looking forward to hearing Ted’s vision for America, though.

Can you see a legendary rocker in the White House?


Two political figures that liberals really hate take a selfie together @ Shot Show 2015…

Yep, that’s Sarah Palin and Ted Nugent taking a selfie together. Two political figures that liberals really hate. The media and liberals like to paint them as “bigots” and “controversial” but I don’t think so.

I look at these two as patriots who are not afraid to call things like it is. Even if their truth is brutal, they’re not afraid to call out Obama and this corrupt government. If people are hating, they’re doing a good job, in my opinion. They must be doing something right.

I don’t care what anyone else says. I respect the hell out of these two. I love Sarah and Uncle Ted both. Anyone that has the balls to call out Obama’s bullshit, you can very well believe I’ll be a fan of that person. Conservatives like me love these two but liberals hate ’em.

I hope Sarah decides to run in 2016. I loved her since 2008 and I still haven’t turned my back on her yet. Like they all say, “Run Sarah Run”!!!! Agree with it or not, Sarah and Uncle Ted are both heroes in the Conservative community. We all respect the hell out of these two

Why? Because like I said above, these two are not afraid to call out Obama’s bullshit while everyone else stays silent. I love Sarah and Ted. Huge fan of both. All of their haters can suck it if they don’t like it.


Song of the Day: “Stranglehold” by Ted Nugent…

Uncle Ted may not be everyone’s favorite ’cause of his politics but love him or hate him, he’s a rock n’ roll genius. All the haters and doubters will never admit that, right? Like it or not, it can’t be denied he had a very successful rock n’ roll career and he’s still kicking ass! This is one of my favorite rock tunes of all time. Great riff, guitar solos and Derek’s voice is just killer!!!

When ever I get a rock band together, I definitely wanna cover this one myself.



Ted Nugent’s new album, “Shut Up and Jam” is actually a pretty solid album… LOVED IT!!!

So yesterday, I got around to listening to Ted Nugent’s new album, “Shut Up and Jam”.

You may not agree with Ted’s politics but you really should give this album a try. Ted still kills on the guitar and he still writes great rock n’ roll songs. There are great guitar sounds on this record. Awesome riffs and guitar solos. The songwriting is still great too! Before bashing the guy and hating on the guy, maybe you should try to understand him a little more. This was surprisingly a great album. Ted still got it after all these years!

I know it may seem like that Ted isn’t successful but he is. All this hatred toward Ted is doing nothing but helping his music career even more. Why do you think he just put out a new album? Love him or hate him, he’s a rock legend and a great guitar player.

There’s nothing wrong with Ted. He’s just loves America and hunting. That’s why Ted believes in the 2nd Amendment and takes it seriously ’cause he’s an avid hunter and he’s just like every American. He’s afraid of his guns being taken away by our government and all he’s doing is just defending gun rights.

While “Shut Up and Jam” is still a political album, the politics on this album are more positive and toned down. The songs on the album really showed that he loves America.

Check out the album here:



This is for those who can’t understand Ted Nugent…

Check out the links I just posted above. Love Ted or hate him… he’s a very successful guy. His facebook page has over two million followers, he still sells out shows, his new album “Shut Up and Jam” is selling really well, and he does good things for the U.S. troops as you can see above. In reality Ted’s a good guy.

When he hates on Obama, he’s just like me and everybody else. He’s just a patriot who is disgusted of what Obama is doing to our country. He has every right to speak out on Obama how he wants to and I think he’s doing a great job.

I love Uncle Ted, he’s the fuckin’ man! I plan on getting his new album soon.

I support both Ted Nugent and Sarah Palin. Suck it haters! \m/