This is for those who can’t understand Ted Nugent…

Check out the links I just posted above. Love Ted or hate him… he’s a very successful guy. His facebook page has over two million followers, he still sells out shows, his new album “Shut Up and Jam” is selling really well, and he does good things for the U.S. troops as you can see above. In reality Ted’s a good guy.

When he hates on Obama, he’s just like me and everybody else. He’s just a patriot who is disgusted of what Obama is doing to our country. He has every right to speak out on Obama how he wants to and I think he’s doing a great job.

I love Uncle Ted, he’s the fuckin’ man! I plan on getting his new album soon.

I support both Ted Nugent and Sarah Palin. Suck it haters! \m/


6 thoughts on “This is for those who can’t understand Ted Nugent…”

  1. I give to his charities. I don’t agree with every word he utters (nor do I anybody) but I know that a high percentage of my dollars go to where they say they go. However, I won’t give a dime to anything through Palin even though I agree with most of her stances. I don’t like HER and some things she has done.

    Have you listened to Uncle Ted’s album? Thoughts? I’ve been thinking of picking it up.

    1. I haven’t got it yet but will pretty soon. I liked his first single that he put out with Sammy Hagar on vocals. That was a pretty rockin’ song.

      As far as Ted’s politics go, his stuff aren’t all that bad. A lot of stuff he talks about are pretty much the same stuff I talk about on here: Benghazi, Operation F&F, Ft. Hood, Illegal Immigration, etc.

      There’s nothing wrong with Ted at all, in my opinion. I’ve been supporting him for a long time now both his music and his politics. Everything he says about Obama is spot on.


  2. I like Ted’s thoughts for sure. Just not every word. Heck I don’t even agree with MY every word! Last year I went to see him in concert and he still rocks it hard.

    I also heard that first single with Sammy. Solid stuff. It would be difficult to re-capture the magic of some of his hits from years ago but a nice solid album would be good.

    How about this…. I’ll go get it and give you a small review.

    1. It’s a shame he isn’t in the Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame yet when he deserves to be. Whether people love him or hate him, he’s a rock n’ roll legend. Politics and music should be kept separate.


      1. Yeah, when I get his new album, I’ll buy an older album of his too. “Stranglehold” is one of his best songs of all time. If I ever get myself a band one day, I’m gonna cover that one.


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