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Speaking of Ted Nugent, Tom Morello speaks out on his friendship with him…

Ya know, Tom Morello is right that he does reserve the right to be friends with whoever he wants. Yes, there is this thing called “agree to disagree” so what happened to that lately? They may have political differences but like Tom said, he’s not afraid to confront Ted about some stuff… I’m sure they try their best to keep politics away from music ’cause to me, that’s what they’re friendship is about “music”.

Why did they get together as close bros? Musical interests I would say… maybe their tastes in music is what got them together and also mutual respect is another reason. They just respect each others musical talents ya know? Tom thinks Ted is a great guitar player and Ted thinks Tom is a great guitar player.

It is completely okay for a die-hard conservative to be friends with leftist people. I’m a die-hard conservative myself, just so you know and I’ve had plenty of local musicians that were pretty leftist who refused to talk with me over “political differences”. Freakin’ bullshit if you ask me.

We definitely need this more in the musicians community…. musicians getting together despite the political differences. Politics isn’t everything, it’s about the music. It is possible to put politics aside away from music. It’s real sad to see that leftist musicians hating on conservative musicians and vice versa, it happens both ways.

Tom Morello is a very leftist guy yes but that man himself is also a badass guitar player, I admire his playing too.

While I’m a die-hard conservative admittedly, I do support plenty of bands & artists who are very leftist but I support them ’cause simply their music is good. It’s about the music, not about their political views. It’s definitely possible to keep politics separate from music. Try it sometime? It’s not healthy to live like that, hating on each other ’cause of political differences.


Anyhow, don’t be surprised if you see some kind of Ted Nugent and Tom Morello collaboration coming. I’m sure they already discussed that so maybe they’re waiting for the right time? You know they’re gonna end up doing something musically.


Cool Video: Tom Morrello aka “The Nightwatchman” takes over Occupy Wall Street protests in Los Angeles…

Guitarist and singer, Tom Morello, you either love him or hate him. Some people hate him because they don’t like the way he sends messages about politics and all that stuff.

I absolutely love this comment CurrencyENT said in the youtube video below:

“He may have made a lot of money during his lifetime, but he also donates a lot to charities and supports many activist groups. He doesn’t live like a “rockstar”, he lives like your average blue collar worker would. He didn’t do it for the money and fame, he did it to share a message and for his love of music. Respect the man”

Whether you like Tom Morello or not, that youtuber CurrencyENT is exactly right of what he said about Tom, I agree with him. When Tom is the “Nightwatchmen” playing acoustically, he’ll play anywhere he wants to, including open mics at a small bar in your town.

I respect Tom for a lot of reasons. I like how he sends messages about politics and the world. He does a better job at it, then Bruce Springsteen, in my opinion.

In this video below, Tom is seen here performing a set in front of a crowd of protesters. He covers Woody Guthrie’s “This Land is Your Land”, and he changes the lyrics around to the song a little bit.

Tom wasn’t booked or wasn’t hired for this event. He just set up his acoustic equipment and just played. Why? Because he wanted to, that’s why! It’s no surprise that these protests would grab his attention because everyone knows Tom Morello is politically motivated.

When will Bruce Springsteen or Neil Young start performing in front of protesters? Just give it time and they’ll show up out of nowhere.


The Listening Room: Hear Tom Morello’s new band, Street Sweeper, here!!!

Look like the guys in Rage Against the Machine, already formed a new project with a new singer/rapper, since Zach De La Rocha left the band again. This is a new band with a new frontman called, Street Sweeper. As usual, the music sounds very similar to Rage, but the only difference is the vocals/rapping. As always, Morello’s guitar playing is phenomenal and so great.

According to their myspace, they are unsigned for now, but with this being Tom Morello and the left over guys from Rage, I’m sure they will find a label once they get done touring.

See the band’s myspace here:



Report: Tom Morello set to release 2nd solo album under the Nightwatchman…

Tom Morrello the current guitarist for the now reunited Rage Against The Machine is now set to release his second solo CD under the Nightwatchman. The title of his next album is “The Fabled City” and it is confirmed for a release date of Sept 30th. The CD will include 11 tracks and it is produced by Brendan O’ Brien (the same producer who worked on the new AC/DC record).

The tracklisting for “The Fabled City”:

“The Fabled City”
“Whatever It Takes”
“The King of Hell”
“Night Falls”
“The Lights Are on in Spidertown”
“Midnight in the City of Destruction”
“Saint Isabelle”
“Lazarus on Down” (featuring Serj Tankian)
“Gone Like Rain”
“The Iron Wheel” (featuring Shooter Jennings)
“Rise to Power”

Billboard reports:


I’m happy for him that he’s continuing his solo career. He’s really good at his solo stuff as I really enjoy “One Man Revolution”. He can do it all, he can rock hard on electric and go mellow on acoustic. Looking forward to picking up his new album.

Now that Rage Against the Machine is back with Zach De La Rocha, hopefully the band will go back into the studio for a new album too. A new RATM album has been a long time coming!