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I’m not surprised by the Suge Knight and Chris Brown shooting…

I don’t care how big, famous and legendary Suge Knight is. The guy is a criminal and a lowlife loser with so many problems. Even though that party was hosted by Chris Brown, I wouldn’t exactly blame the shooting on Chris Brown though. When you have a big party full of celebrities, rappers and music stars and Suge Knight is there… you should be prepared for a big shoot out. Everywhere Suge Knight goes there’s trouble. The guy has dealt with so much violence and crime over the years… which goes way back to the deaths of rappers 2PAC and Notorious B.I.G. I can’t understand why they would invite Suge Knight to that party to begin with. If he wasn’t there, I’m sure there wouldn’t have been any violence. Again, I’m not blaming Chris Brown… it’s all about Suge. I never liked the guy and you shouldn’t trust him.

I can’t understand why Suge gets so much support from fans and all that stuff when he has done so many bad things over the years. The guy’s a drug addict, a woman beater and all kinds of problems.

More on the story:



Twin Peaks reunion just happened last night in Los Angeles…

To celebrate the Blu Ray release of “Twin Peaks – The Entire Mystery”, David Lynch himself and the cast of “Twin Peaks” did a huge event in Los Angeles last night to have a premiere to show deleted scenes from the show and the feature film, “Fire Walk With Me”. Guess who showed up? Most everyone from the TV show showed up. Take a look through these photos in the links below and you’ll see a lot of familiar faces from the show… all of these guys showed up: Dr. Jacoby, Leland Palmer, James, Albert, the Log Lady, Lucy, Josie Packard, Shelley, etc.

There are people from the cast missing who didn’t show up though… there’s no Kyle Maclachlan who played Dale Cooper and no Dana Ashbrook who played Bobby… look like they couldn’t make it.

I’m thinking about buying the Twin Peaks Blu Ray set. Probably will.

Good to see the cast again. If David Lynch was successful at reuniting the cast… then he could reunite them for a continuation of the series of some sort. Maybe a third season or another big screen film with the same cast??? Is that where this is all headed to? Will there be a sequel of this show?


LAX shooting thoughts…

I’m sure some of you want my thoughts about that 23 year old  kid who shot a TSA agent at LAX in Los Angeles… well here are my thoughts…

Honestly, it’s no surprise that something like that would happen at an airport. Especially a gun free zone airport and since LAX is very tight with security. No matter how strict you make the gun laws and no matter how tight security is… somebody will always find their way around to commit a shooting and this is proof of it. Even though the TSA are pretty evil people — I can’t stand ’em myself — this still shouldn’t have to happen ’cause they are obviously human beings but this incident shouldn’t come as a shock to you either.

A lot of people in facebook are saying that this maybe staged by the US Government… and I wouldn’t be surprised if the Obama administration had something to do with this one.

Next thing you know, Obama will probably go on live TV the next few days to make a response to the LAX shooting… saying that he will work his way to make gun control tougher. Even if the background checks didn’t workout for Obama as he hoped… he’s probably going to find out other ways. Like I said… it doesn’t matter how tough you make the laws. People are still going to commit gun shootings.

The LAX shooting is a sad story but we’re gonna keep getting violence. They’re just gonna keep getting worse as long as Obama is still sitting in the White House. My heart goes out to the family and friends of the TSA agent who was killed, though. The shooting at LAX could have been worse.


“The Expendables 2” premiere in Hollywood made me wish I was there…

I remember last year, when I visted Hollywood on vacation, I got to witness the “J. Edgar” Clint Eastwood movie premiere at the Chinese Grauman theater. Now with the “Expendables 2” premiere happened there not too long ago, makes me wish I was at Hollywood this year. Why? Because Sly was there. He took his whole family there, in fact, see photo, here. Sly even took some time to sign autographs for fans, see photo, here.

DAMN! DAMN! DAMN! I’m just slamming my head against the computer desk, making me wish I was at Hollywood to witness the EXP2 premiere. That would have been my chance to meet Sly and get his autograph! GRRrrrrrrrr….

Oh well, hopefully, I’ll get my chance to meet Sly sometime down the road. You can see, that he loves his fans though. He’s very good with them.

I’m going to see, “EXP2”, later today. Gonna head to the mall in a little bit. I’ll be doing a little shopping today to pick up a few things as well.


Brock defends Justin Bieber, YES, I’m defending him, I said that right!

I’m sure some of you are wondering my thoughts, on Justin Bieber getting into a fight with a paparazzi, for allegedly harassing his girlfriend, Selena Gomez. The singer was wanted for questioning by police, and he could get charged. When the news was reported that Justin Bieber is wanted by police, I’m sure that got all the Justin Bieber haters all excited. I’m sure they’re all calling Justin Bieber an asshole for punching that guy for trying to take a picture. The haters are all hoping that Justin Bieber, would get some jail time for this. I’m siding with Justin Bieber on this one.

Why? Because his privacy was invaded and he didn’t deserve it. There are no privacy for celebrities anymore. The paparazzi’s job is to go out and take pictures of celebrities out in public, mostly in the Los Angeles area where they all are. These photographers actually get paid a lot of money for this stuff. They take these photos for crap tabloid magazines and gossip websites like TMZ and many others. Whenever a celebrity wants to go to a store, go shopping or eat at a restaurant in town or go see a live sporting event, the paparazzi will be waiting outside for them. As soon as they walk out, the celebrities will walk up snapping pictures without asking. That’s what those idiots do.

Justin Bieber wasn’t the only celebrity to get into a confrontation with them. Sean Penn got violent with the paparazzi many times. Remember Chris Martin of Coldplay? Why did you think Britney Spears shaved her head? Remember actor, Matthew McConaughey got into a fight with a group of paparazzi when he was out enjoying surfing with some friends? I’ll never forget that video. I also remember, actor Woody Harrelson, attacked a TMZ photographer.

Not only that celebrities got into fights with the paps, some of them got into car accidents when their cars were surrounded by photographers. Most notably Tori Spelling from last year.

Can you blame celebrities for fighting back at the paps? I sure can’t! The paps are scum. Bunch of losers. Justin Timberlake was right on the money and had every right to say it when he took to his twitter to say, “Photogs need to find a real job”, when they went out and took a photo of him and a female friend in a car. Celebrities have every right to fight back at the paps. If you become a paparazzi and you get obsessed with taking photos of celebs in the public, don’t be surprised if they get pissed off and they could punch you in the face.

With all this being said, Justin Bieber did the right thing. Sure, all these celebrities are putting themselves out there with their careers, but still doesn’t mean their private lives can be invaded. When these celebrities fight back, it just goes to show that they don’t care about the fame. They do music, movies, sports, etc. ’cause that’s what they do for a living.

Back in 2009, Arnold signed a new law where the paparazzi will get fined if they’re caught snapping photos of celebs without permission. The “Anti-Paparazzi Law“. You can hate Justin Bieber all you want, but the kid is a human being, he didn’t deserve his privacy to be invaded. This is part of the reason why a lot of celebs don’t go out too much ’cause of this going on. Celebs just want to live their lives, and be human like all of us.

I predict Justin Bieber won’t get charged, and he won’t get jail time. They’ll let him go. Justin is innocent, no matter what you think of him.


Thought: About the Miley Cyrus side-boob and other things…

The internet is still going on about this. The Miley Cyrus side boob, which became a huge media frenzy. Of course, it will. Anything that has something to do with Miley Cyrus, the internet will be all over it for days. She’s been spotted bra less a couple of other times too. If you want to know my thoughts, I think it’s pretty normal for a woman to do. If she prefers not to wear a bra in public, that’s her decision. Not yours. I don’t think it’s against the law in CA. Whether you think it’s normal or trashy, or she’s just out to get some attention, that’s just her business. As long as it’s legal and she’s in the legal age (which she is 19 now), I think she has the right to not wear a bra all she wants to. In Cali, during the Spring/Summer is wicked hot. Trust me, I’ve been to California a couple of times, mostly during the fall/winter, but it still seems to be hot over there. Just imagine how much HOTTER it will be in Cali during the Spring/Summer. That’s right, it will be BOILING. So can you blame her for wanting to wear something like that?

I’m sure women wear stuff like that in Cali all the time. I’m pretty sure, I’ve seen a few women in Cali myself who were bra less. Miley’s a target for this ’cause she’s a celebrity and a former Disney star. Yes, I’m sure all of her fans are crying now, saying things like, “Oh no, Miley is ruining her childhood role model image, boo hoo”. Maybe that’s the whole point of why she is doing this. She doesn’t want people to look at her like a family friendly Disney star, and she wants people to know that she can be a real human. Nothing wrong with her being sexual.

Everyone expects these young female Disney stars like Miley, Vanessa Hudgens and Demi Lovato to be all family friendly and perfect, but the reality is, they aren’t. You’ll start to learn that they have personal problems and issues just like all of us.

On top of all this, you have to admit that Miley is not that bad looking. Her boob looks to be a pretty good handful. She also looks pretty natural, doesn’t look like she has breast implants. Just leave her alone, and let her be.


Report: Catwoman doesn’t get along too well with Ozzy Osbourne and Jack Sparrow on the Hollywood Blvd.

I went to Hollywood last Fall around Halloween, and the Blvd. is one hell of an interesting street. The famous street can be both good and bad. The good: Lots of fun, and exciting things to do and see there. The bad: A lot of crazy whack jobs that hang in front of the Starbucks & the Chinese theater, the main part of the Blvd. When I mean whack jobs, are the people that dress up in movie and TV characters. They hang around there all day long, taking photos with the tourists. If you take photos with them, they will probably ask you for a donation. That’s what they do to make money. It’s been that way with Hollywood for years.

A fight broke out between other characters. Catwoman was busy doing her usual thing, taking photos with the tourists, and other characters tried to pick a fight with her too, interupting her photo sessions. She peppered sprayed Jack Sparrow and an Ozzy impersonator. Catwoman is being a real life hero here. I believe she used the pepper spray for self defense. She had the pepper spray on her for protection, knowing how crazy the Blvd can get sometimes. Sounds like the other characters got a little jealous of Catwoman ’cause she was probably taking more photos with tourists than the others. I’m on Catwoman’s side and she gets my support on this.

Read the full story, here.


Cool Video: Tom Morrello aka “The Nightwatchman” takes over Occupy Wall Street protests in Los Angeles…

Guitarist and singer, Tom Morello, you either love him or hate him. Some people hate him because they don’t like the way he sends messages about politics and all that stuff.

I absolutely love this comment CurrencyENT said in the youtube video below:

“He may have made a lot of money during his lifetime, but he also donates a lot to charities and supports many activist groups. He doesn’t live like a “rockstar”, he lives like your average blue collar worker would. He didn’t do it for the money and fame, he did it to share a message and for his love of music. Respect the man”

Whether you like Tom Morello or not, that youtuber CurrencyENT is exactly right of what he said about Tom, I agree with him. When Tom is the “Nightwatchmen” playing acoustically, he’ll play anywhere he wants to, including open mics at a small bar in your town.

I respect Tom for a lot of reasons. I like how he sends messages about politics and the world. He does a better job at it, then Bruce Springsteen, in my opinion.

In this video below, Tom is seen here performing a set in front of a crowd of protesters. He covers Woody Guthrie’s “This Land is Your Land”, and he changes the lyrics around to the song a little bit.

Tom wasn’t booked or wasn’t hired for this event. He just set up his acoustic equipment and just played. Why? Because he wanted to, that’s why! It’s no surprise that these protests would grab his attention because everyone knows Tom Morello is politically motivated.

When will Bruce Springsteen or Neil Young start performing in front of protesters? Just give it time and they’ll show up out of nowhere.


Cool Video: Danny Devito finally gets his star for the Hollywood Walk of Fame…

I’ve always admired Danny Devito as an actor, director and one funny ass, comedian. He’s a great guy who treated his career in a positive note. He had a very successful career and he finally gets the respect he deserves. Danny Devito finally gets a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

He has done it all in the movie business. He doesn’t just do comedy, he can also do a serious drama role and he’s even starred in several action movies.

Some of my favorite films he have starred in are: “Throw Momma From the Train”, “Twins”, “The War of the Roses”, “Batman: Returns”, “Hoffa”, “L.A. Confidential”, “The Virgin Suicides”, “Man on the Moon”, “Heist”, “Death To Smoochy”, and I even enjoyed “Matilda” even though he directed that film and not star.

Danny is one talented man and this is well deserved. Congrats Danny!

Like I said, I’ll be visiting Los Angeles to visit family at the end of Oct. So I will probably check out the Walk of Fame. Of course, I will bring my video camera and document my Hollywood vacation. Can’t wait.