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Judge closes case on Chris Brown’s domestic violence… WTF is wrong with America???

Welp, look like the case is closed on the Chris Brown and Rihanna domestic violence. Seriously?

If Chris Brown was white and not famous, he would have gotten much harsher punishment. A white guy and a non-famous person would have gotten a few years in “state prison”. Notice how I said, “state prison” and not “jail”. All the prick got was probation, community service and domestic violence counseling? Even through all this, the prick continued to release music. Since the Rihanna beating happened in 2009, Chris released 4 albums since then and all of them best sellers. Fans continued to support this woman beating asshole.

What’s even worse with this whole thing is, I did feel compassion for Rihanna and felt sorry for her up until she have forgiven him and they got back into a relationship together. That made me sick. Really? Most women who are victims of domestic violence would leave him for good.

In my opinion, I think Chris got away with it… domestic violence… just like OJ got away with murder. He got away with it with fame, money and power. Chris is rich because of his music career. You can get what you want if you have loads of cash. I think he got lighter punishment out of domestic violence ’cause of the color of his skin obviously. If Chris was white and not famous, he would have been in prison right now. No doubt about it.

This is part of why I hate today’s music industry. Too many music artists living in delusional fantasy land. They think they are too important and powerful ’cause of their fame. I can’t stand it.

Chris is gonna beat up a woman again. Give it time, he’ll beat up that woman that he just had a kid with. All that community service and domestic violence counseling won’t teach him a damn thing. Once a woman beater, always a woman beater. I’ll never support ’em.



I’m not surprised by the Suge Knight and Chris Brown shooting…

I don’t care how big, famous and legendary Suge Knight is. The guy is a criminal and a lowlife loser with so many problems. Even though that party was hosted by Chris Brown, I wouldn’t exactly blame the shooting on Chris Brown though. When you have a big party full of celebrities, rappers and music stars and Suge Knight is there… you should be prepared for a big shoot out. Everywhere Suge Knight goes there’s trouble. The guy has dealt with so much violence and crime over the years… which goes way back to the deaths of rappers 2PAC and Notorious B.I.G. I can’t understand why they would invite Suge Knight to that party to begin with. If he wasn’t there, I’m sure there wouldn’t have been any violence. Again, I’m not blaming Chris Brown… it’s all about Suge. I never liked the guy and you shouldn’t trust him.

I can’t understand why Suge gets so much support from fans and all that stuff when he has done so many bad things over the years. The guy’s a drug addict, a woman beater and all kinds of problems.

More on the story:



A brief thought on this Jenny Johnson vs. Chris Brown twitter feud…

So everyone is talking about this big twitter feud that broke out between Jenny Johnson and Chris Brown. What started this was, Chris posted a tweet saying, “I look old, I’m 23” and then Jenny replied to his tweet by saying, “I know! Being a worthless piece of shit, can really age a person”. Then they started trading back and forth, all kinds of insults and attacks. Then Chris deleted his twitter.

More on the story, here.

From what I’m understanding, I don’t think this Jenny Johnson, is a famous celebrity. Now, she’s been made one after this public feud. Anybody that gets into a flame war with a celebrity online, gets my respect. Chris will have to learn that no matter how long ago the 2009 Rihanna beating was, it will always come back to haunt him. You can’t escape that past, it will always be with you. You will get all kinds of bad karma, and all kinds of hate.

On top of this, Chris responding to this young women, clearly shows what kind of monster he is towards women. How come Chris doesn’t talk all tough toward a guy? I’m sure Chris’s fans and supporters, will try to defend him and play the race card, and all that shit, but he beat up a woman to a bloody pulp. You can’t support somebody like that. Chris doesn’t deserve to continue on in his music career after that. And it is pretty amazing to me why people are still buying his albums.

Celebrities on twitter do respond to real people like me and they read everyone’s tweets. I’ve been blocked by a few celebrities when I tried to trash talk them on my other twitter account that I don’t use (Hulk Hogan and Russell Crowe, blocked me on my other account, lol…). Celebs on twitter are crazy people, and it’s fun sending tweets to them, just to see if we’ll get some kind of response. Yeah, celebs on twitter are really them, they post up all kinds of photos and videos to prove it.

If you beat a woman, you can’t expect people to forgive and forget. Doesn’t work that way.


Chris Brown, why reward this piece of shit???

Isn’t it insane that the American music industry continues to reward Chris Brown, ever since the 2009 beating against, Rihanna? If a real man like me beat a woman, that would be a 10 – 15 year prison sentence or possibly more. All Chris got was that he was put on five year probation, was put on community service, and was forced to get put on domestic violence counseling. WTF? He got lesser punishment because he is rich and famous. Period.

Last year, he released his album, “F.A.M.E.” which was a huge best seller, and this year he released another album. I think he also won a few grammy’s.

Beating a woman, something like that can’t be forgiven or to forget. I refuse to support this guy and anybody that does, is fucking nuts and delusional. What’s even more insane is that there are rumors that Chris Brown and Rihanna, got back together. I don’t like either Chris or Rihanna but beating a woman is never cool.

At least South America is paying attention.

I can’t stand the attention this guy is getting, and can’t stand how this guy is everywhere you look. It’s not about jealousy, ’cause there is nothing to be jealous about with this guy.

The reason the labels continue to work with Chris ’cause gossip and celebrity controversy that makes the news helps people buy more records. That’s how the world of entertainment works these days. Whatever makes the money, I guess. This asshole should be in prison. He shouldn’t be getting all this attention that he doesn’t deserve.

It is unfair that troubled celebrities continue to get special treatment, when real people like us get worse punishment than they do. Gotta love the power of fame and money. Gotta love how this world works.


Thought: Chris Brown breaking a window at “Good Morning America”…

I’m sure people want to know my thoughts on Chris Brown losing his temper again. Breaking a window and going mad at the “Good Morning America” studios, in his dressing room there. It’s obvious the law didn’t teach him anything. He’s going to be the same madman no matter how much help he gets. This is further proof that he will beat up someone again. Even worse, he could have beaten up that woman who interviewed him at “Good Morning America”, if he wanted to. Think about why he went back to the dressing room after the interview. He knows he couldn’t lay a hand on her, the interviewer.

Of course, nobody pressed charges on him and I’m sure that won’t violate his probation. That is what fame does to people. They get away with everything. The guy needs to be locked up.

What’s even more messed up, is that Chris Brown still has a lot of die hard fans that will support him, no matter what. Those idiot fans of his need to get out of their fantasy worlds and realize that their hero is not to be supported. They are supporting a woman beater. They must think beating women is okay.


Thought: Chris Brown on Larry King tonight…

I just got done watching the Chris Brown interview on “Larry King Live” on CNN that was on earlier tonight, and man it was something else, I tell ya. All Chris was pretty much doing was trying to defend himself for it, trying to get people to feel sorry for him and forgive him, trying to prove that he isn’t the monster that people are trying to make him out to be.

Larry was getting onto him everytime, asking him tough questions that he couldn’t answer. When Larry showed him the Rihanna photo with her beaten up face that was from TMZ, Chris just looked down to the floor and then he started looking real nervous.

Throughout half of the interview, Chris looked upset and nervous as hell. Toward the end, he was all smiles and upbeat like he didn’t have a care about Rihanna.

He goes on talking about Michael Jackson, he said that Michael Jackson went through some negative times and went to positives, Chris claims he can do the same thing. Go back to his music career, after his tough times like Michael Jackson did.

Chris had a bit of an ego problem, he called himself a “celebrity” on the show.

Want to know my thoughts on Chris on the Larry King show? All I see it as, “save my music career please”. That’s it. That’s all he went on there for, hoping to save his dying music career.

Beaten a woman to a bloody mess is never a mistake. I’ll never respect and I’ll always despise men who hits a woman or beats her down like crazy. I hope fans of Chris Brown, those few little fans that still support his music, would get a reality check, by not buying his albums and seeing his concerts. The stupid kid doesn’t deserve a music career.

Chris is a man child suffering delusions of granduer. I laughed when he says that negativity makes you more popular. So he’s obviously striving off this publicity over this Rihanna stuff and enjoying it.

I wonder how much cash he payed the judge to avoid jail time? That’s where he should be, behind bars wearing an orange jumpsuit. I think he’ll beat up a woman soon, maybe not at Rihanna but maybe the next woman he hooks up a date with. Chris Brown needs to get his ass kicked by a bigger guy than him, show him how it feels to get punched in the face multiple times.


Report: Chris Brown is a delusional idiot, this clown still has a career?

I tried to find the youtube video to this but look like the coward took it down. Him blaming the haters for beating up Rihanna.

The Associated Press reports:


Once a woman beater, always a woman beater. It doesn’t matter how much of an annoying bitch a woman is, you never hit her, not even a punch in the shoulder either. If she punches you first, you don’t hit back.

If she is about to kill you with a knife or a gun, it’s okay to attack her back for self defense, only if it’s something life theatening… that’s it…but reacting with violence now matter how angry she makes you is wrong.

Chris is just doing whatever it takes to save his so called music career.


Confirmed: Rihanna and Chris Brown already did duet together…

Turns out that the rumours are true that Rihanna and Chris Brown both collaborated on a song together. They went into the studio to record a song just weeks after Chris has been arrested for allegedly beating the pop star.

No further details of the song has been given. No plans on whether or not to release the song on either of their upcoming albums.

NME.com reports:


Here’s an idea for men wanting to collaborate on a song with a woman, beat her up, and it’s gaurunteed to be a huge hit! I know, bad joke. If you think about it, if they do release the song, it probably would become the most overplayed mainstream hit. Controversy creates popularity.


BREAKING NEWS: Chris Brown charged with 2 felonies!!!

While Rihanna is refusing to press charges on her woman beating boyfriend, Chris Brown, this is still not stopping the D.A. to press charges on him. He has been charged with 2 felonies, if found guilty, the rapper could face four years and 8 months in prison.

TMZ reports:


While this is good news, I don’t see Chris Brown being put away. Riri and her father would probably defend the guy when they testify, so he can walk with no problem.



My thoughts on Chris Brown and Rihanna getting back together…

I do know that the entire world of the internet is angry at this. On how Rihanna won’t press charges on Chris, then she gets back together with him instead. Then you read the news that Rihanna’s father is all up for them getting back together.

But you know what? I agree with Rihanna’s father. They’re a couple with an on and off relationship. There’s plenty of couples that have an on and off relationship, they break up and get back together, break up and get back to gether, happens all the time.

It could be about the money and fame that they’re addicted to each other with, sure, but what they do is their business not ours.

The question is, why would a couple get back together after the guy has beaten her so badily? The simple answer is, that things change. You can put things behind you very quickly and move forward. Chris is taking anger management class, I read about, and that’s probably what made Rihanna get back to him because he agreed to make his life better.

Whatever these celebrity couples do is their business, and you have no right to get into it. Stop obsessing with celebrities lives, when you should be the one concentrating on your own life and your own family.