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MTV VMA’s same usual bullshit every year…

I didn’t watch all the MTV VMA’s last night. I only watched some of it. It’s the same usual bullshit like every year but this year is worse, in my opinion. Like usual, it’s full of left-wing “race-relations” politics. I was trying to figure out whether I watching the MTV VMA’s or the BET Awards.

This year Beyonce made the clean sweep of awards which is ridiculous. No wonder why Taylor Swift was snubbed this year ’cause MTV wanted this year to be Beyonce’s year. Kanye interrupted Taylor Swift at the VMA’s one year to send a message and hope Kanye is happy that Beyonce won more this year. *sigh* Beyonce sweeping all the awards instead of Taylor Swift or Adelle? Well, it’s MTV what do you expect? If they didn’t have Beyonce win, then liberals will be crying “No Diversity”. They would have called the MTV staff racist.

The VMA’s continue to be garbage like every year, though. If you want more rock & metal on the VMA’s you can forget it. Rock & metal on VMA’s is pretty much dead. The award shows will always be dominated by pop & rap just like the Grammy awards. I hate award shows. They’re all getting worse and worse. I really gotta stop watching them and I think I will.


Nicki and Taylor kissed and made up but did Nicki play the race card???

It turns out that Nicki wasn’t talking about Taylor at all which is good but Nicki is still a bit of a bitch over this whole thing.


While Nicki went on a rant that she didn’t get nominated for “Video of the Year” Nicki still played the race card, though. Nicki claimed that the industry doesn’t reward enough black female pop stars and that’s playing the race card for sure. Like usual, black people always play the race card. That’s the problem with this country. Everybody wants to play the race card and it has been that way ever since Barack Obama’s been elected in the US. You wanna disagree with Obama’s presidency, you’ll get called a racist. You don’t want to get enough blacks nominated for the Oscars, you’ll get called a racist. You don’t want to nominate enough blacks for the MTV VMA’s, you’ll get called a racist. Racist this and racist that. So Nicki is trying to imply that MTV is racist.

It doesn’t end there for Nicki, she did a lot of body shaming and women shaming in her tweets, though.

Sure enough, Nicki doesn’t get any flak for her offensive tweets but instead people “applaud” her and even Taylor applauded Nicki being the feminist that Taylor is.

So Nicki is upset that her video for “Anaconda” didn’t get nominated for “Video of The Year”? Who cares! She should focus on her career than worry about winning a award. That’s the deal with pop stars. They’re all gonna be full of huge egos and lots of delusions. That’s how the industry is these days.


Nicki Minaj vs. Taylor Swift thoughts…

This is entertaining as hell. A huge feud broke out between two pop stars: Nicki Minaj vs. Taylor Swift. What is Nicki mad about? Nicki’s upset ’cause her video “Anaconda” didn’t get nominated for “Video of the Year” and for the Best Choreography categories.

Minaj tweets: “If your video celebrates women with very slim bodies, you will be nominated for vid of the year.” She also tweeted, “When the ‘other’ girls drop a video that breaks records and impacts culture they get that nomination.”

And then Nicki made the claim that black women don’t get rewarded for influencing pop culture.


It seems like she was calling out Taylor Swift but not mentioning her name but Taylor was quick to respond anyway. Who’s side am I gonna take? Neither. I’m gonna stay neutral on this one. I can understand what Nicki is talking about, though ’cause MTV just keeps ramming Taylor Swift down our throats every year. It’s getting old. Taylor’s been hogging up the spotlight on award shows for a pretty long time now. Both the Grammy’s and the VMA’s.

I don’t agree with Nicki that black women don’t get rewarded for influencing pop culture ’cause that’s a load of crock. The music industry has been ramming black females in pop music such as Beyonce, Mary J. Blige, Janet Jackson and many others down our throats for a pretty long time now. The industry have been given black women in pop music so many opportunities so I don’t know what Nicki is talking about?

Taylor’s hogging award shows so it’s gonna start to make other artists upset and all jealous. Nicki is probably just jealous nothing more. Back to Taylor Swift, ever noticed that each time Taylor releases a new album, they usually come out before award show season?

I do dig Taylor’s music myself but I do think she’s a bit egotistical and full of herself.

Anyhow, I think this feud is staged. Ya know? Fake as a way to hype up the VMA’s and get people interested in watching. A ploy for more ratings. I actually dig Nicki’s “Anaconda” btw, it’s actually not a bad pop song.


Miley to host the MTV VMA’s, Taylor Swift leads the nominations…

Admittedly, I still kind of watch the MTV VMA’s but for the only reason… I watch for laughs only. Even though MTV is not good anymore like it used to be… I still tune in to the MTV VMA’s just for comedy material. The VMA’s used to be good in the old days but these days the VMA’s are crap. The VMA’s used to be good in the 80’s and 90’s when the hair metal and grunge movement took over but now the VMA’s are obviously about Rap & Pop music.

Sometimes I just find it amusing seeing half naked pop stars on stage lip syncing and having dancers all over. It’s gonna get worse this year, I see. With Beyonce, Taylor Swift, Rihanna, Nicki Minaj is gonna be all over it.


Now you know why Taylor Swift changed her direction to pop music, right? I think her labels urged her to change her genre to pop with the album “1989” so award shows can ram her down our throats even more. Taylor is talented and I dig her music myself but I believe she is overhyped though and the industry is obsessed with her for sure.

One thing I’m noticing is that Beyonce and Taylor are on a few categories together. I wouldn’t be surprised that Beyonce will win everything instead of Taylor just to keep Kanye happy.

Kanye is not nominated for anything this year but he’s probably still gonna be involved. He’s probably gonna perform or present an award or both. He’ll definitely be there though. I have a feeling the whole Kardashian clan will be there too. They’re probably gonna get Bruce (Caitlyn) Jenner to present an award to somebody.

Usually every year in the VMA’s, something controversial happens just to get the world talking and debating about it as a ploy for more ratings. I wonder what’s gonna happen this year? Last year Miley did the twerk, what is she gonna do this time?


MTV VMA’s last night…

Last night, after watching 4 episodes of “Dr. Who” The 9th Doctor with Chris Eccleston, I’ve decided to catch the rest of the MTV VMA’s. I did catch a few live performances. I caught the Iggy and Rita Ora performance which was great. I caught Taylor Swift performing “Shake It Off” which was great. I also caught the ending… Beyonce’s performance and I wanted to talk about that a little bit…

I’ve noticed that Beyonce was onstage for quite a while. They gave her a lot of stage time than any other artists. Of course, when it comes to Beyonce, they have to bring in gossip and drama into it by bringing Jay Z and their daughter, Blue Ivy into things for more ratings and more attention. Of course, they were gonna have Beyonce and Jay-Z close out the show with a long boring performance. Yes, they did it to squash divorce rumors but that didn’t need to be a part of the show. The whole point about the VMA’s is about celebrating music, not their personal lives but of course, it’s MTV so what do you expect??? MTV was willing to let Beyonce squash divorce rumors with Jay-Z on TV ’cause they know the internet and social networking will be all over it.

If you wanna know what kind of bullshit that MTV was going to try to pull with the VMA’s last night, that was it. The Beyonce and Jay-Z thing. Typical MTV. Nothing to see here, move along. *sigh*

I’m tired of the industry shoving this couple in our faces. They are not the hottest couple in music… Johnny Cash and June Carter were.

Mainstream music today really is a joke… although I do like a few artists of today’s mainstream. Iggy is one of them and I like Lorde too.

I’m not a fan of Beyonce although her performance last night was funny to watch.


I’m not surprised by the Suge Knight and Chris Brown shooting…

I don’t care how big, famous and legendary Suge Knight is. The guy is a criminal and a lowlife loser with so many problems. Even though that party was hosted by Chris Brown, I wouldn’t exactly blame the shooting on Chris Brown though. When you have a big party full of celebrities, rappers and music stars and Suge Knight is there… you should be prepared for a big shoot out. Everywhere Suge Knight goes there’s trouble. The guy has dealt with so much violence and crime over the years… which goes way back to the deaths of rappers 2PAC and Notorious B.I.G. I can’t understand why they would invite Suge Knight to that party to begin with. If he wasn’t there, I’m sure there wouldn’t have been any violence. Again, I’m not blaming Chris Brown… it’s all about Suge. I never liked the guy and you shouldn’t trust him.

I can’t understand why Suge gets so much support from fans and all that stuff when he has done so many bad things over the years. The guy’s a drug addict, a woman beater and all kinds of problems.

More on the story:



Miley Cyrus at the VMA’s thoughts…

I didn’t watch the VMA’s last night, nor did I watch the Miley Cyrus performance and don’t care to watch it at all. All day long, I’ve been seeing people posting about Miley Cyrus on their newsfeed. People saying how horrible and racy it is. Her tongue sticking out and all.

Well, if you want to know my thoughts… that’s how MTV is. Every single year at the VMA’s, they will pull some kind of controversy with an artist just to get people talking and to help bring up the ratings. They will do anything to attract attention. Not a lot of people watch the VMA’s anymore and MTV knows it too. That’s why they do this shock factor stuff on the VMA’s hoping that will get people to tune in. That’s why some people still watch every year ’cause they’re wondering what kind of controversy MTV will pull off next. They’ve been doing the shock factor stuff for years. Goes way back in the 90’s when Krist Novoselic of Nirvana threw his bass up in the air and hit him in the head when it came down. Controversy goes way back before then too. I’ll never forget Howard Stern’s Fartman. Most of the shock factor stuff were fake and scripted except for the Novoselic bass throwing incident… that was pretty real.

I don’t know why people continue to support the commercial mainstream of music but whatever. If you think these artists are talented and if you think the industry is real, then you’re delusional and need to wake up. Like I previously said before about fame, most of the industry are auto-tuned and lip syncing bullshit. That’s the VMA’s.

I had a lot of respect for the industry during the 90’s grunge and metal era but since pop & rap took over… there’s no good music anymore.

To be fair to Miley though, she’s just trying to get out of her Disney image. She’s trying to grow out of her child role model stuff.  I’ve been saying that on this blog for years now. No matter what you think of her VMA’s performance, she is succeeding with her goal of getting out of her Disney image. She clearly doesn’t wanna be Hanna Montana anymore. I haven’t seen the video of her performance yet but I will get around to it.

I stopped watching the VMA’s years ago. It’s the same garbage every year. I got better things to watch. I was watching “Breaking Bad” last night instead.


Tonight’s VMA’s was a nightmare of a show…

Yes, I ended up watching MTV VMA’s tonight just for something to watch. The only three good things about tonight’s show was the Amy Winehouse tribute and they showed off “The Hunger Games” teaser trailer. I also liked how they showed clips of the new “Beavis & Butthead”. They were the plus!

The rest of it was just a disaster. I think Lady Gaga and Katy Perry takes the prize of worst fashion awards, what the hell were they up to? Katy Perry a block of cheese on top of her head and Lady Gaga dressed as John Travolta from “Greese” or the Fonz from “Happy Days”? Plus all the live performances were really bad too and they were all lip synching, of course.

Chris Brown was the wrong performer to pay tribute to Nirvana. The Foo Fighters should have been up there doing that.

I thought it was cool that Tony Bennett revealed a new Amy Winehouse song that those two recorded in the studio together before her death. A pregnant Beyonce performing was horrible too. Performing like that is not good for the baby, she shouldn’t have done it.

I don’t get why the music industry continues to award Chris Brown all the glory and fame when he is nothing but a woman beater. Why is he up there,  when Rihanna should have been up there instead?

The VMA’s continue to get worse every year.