MTV VMA’s same usual bullshit every year…

I didn’t watch all the MTV VMA’s last night. I only watched some of it. It’s the same usual bullshit like every year but this year is worse, in my opinion. Like usual, it’s full of left-wing “race-relations” politics. I was trying to figure out whether I watching the MTV VMA’s or the BET Awards.

This year Beyonce made the clean sweep of awards which is ridiculous. No wonder why Taylor Swift was snubbed this year ’cause MTV wanted this year to be Beyonce’s year. Kanye interrupted Taylor Swift at the VMA’s one year to send a message and hope Kanye is happy that Beyonce won more this year. *sigh* Beyonce sweeping all the awards instead of Taylor Swift or Adelle? Well, it’s MTV what do you expect? If they didn’t have Beyonce win, then liberals will be crying “No Diversity”. They would have called the MTV staff racist.

The VMA’s continue to be garbage like every year, though. If you want more rock & metal on the VMA’s you can forget it. Rock & metal on VMA’s is pretty much dead. The award shows will always be dominated by pop & rap just like the Grammy awards. I hate award shows. They’re all getting worse and worse. I really gotta stop watching them and I think I will.


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