That Barack and Michelle biopic “Southside With You” flops in the box office hard…

Well this to me isn’t a surprise at all… the first Obama biopic film only made $3 million in the box office even if the film opened in 813 theaters opening weekend. Not good at all… however, the horror film, “Don’t Breathe” rakes in a whopping $26.1 million.

Did libtard Hollywood honestly believed people would go see the Obama movie? Hollywood can’t get the hint that nobody likes Barack or Michelle. Fuck both of them. I’m sure Hollywood are gonna make a lot more Obama biopics but nobody will see those either. Nobody likes the Obamas. Get over it.

Instead, people would rather see “Don’t Breathe” which looks like a more interesting movie. I’m actually interested in seeing “Don’t Breathe” myself and will probably check it out this week.



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