Just had my first boxing class at the YMCA in Greenwich and it was great!!!

For the longest time now I’ve been trying find classes that could teach me to fight better whether it will be martial arts or boxing. So one day at the Y, I was looking at the classes calendar to see if I can find something. I saw something on the calendar that said “Boxing Bootcamp” which was on Monday nights at 6:30. So I had my first boxing class today. Learned a bunch of new workouts I never learned before. Did some bodyweight training, weight training and kettle bell stuff. Of course, I learned some basic boxing moves like jabbing and sideswiping. So I finally found fighting lessons where it won’t cost much. Classes at the YMCA are free with the monthly membership.

Yeah, I want to learn how to fight better. Just in case so I can defend myself if someone decides to try and beat me up when I’m out. Also, just want to get into boxing and fighting just to learn something new. Something different. Meet new people.

I really enjoyed it, though and definitely gonna start going every week. They don’t call it “Bootcamp” for nothing ’cause the workouts were really tough and tires you out fast. I’ll get better as time goes along. I got to get better at jump roping too. Not bad for someone who is almost 40. I’m gonna be 40 in December.

Anyway, it was a fun time tonight. I’m also thinking about getting into Yoga classes at the Y this week so I’m planning to go back to the Y again tomorrow to get another look at the calendar to see when’s the next Yoga class is. I want to learn Yoga so I can stretch, relax and become more flexible. Yoga can help the boxing training too. When I join the Yoga classes, there’s probably gonna be a lot of women ’cause women love Yoga.

I gotta stop being lazy ’cause I’ll admit, I’ve been doing the workout thing on and off lately. Gotta get back into it full time and I will. I want to improve my life.



One thought on “Just had my first boxing class at the YMCA in Greenwich and it was great!!!”

  1. I used to box in the military for workouts. I’ve done the bootcamps you are describing and they are a fun way to get some exercise while learning some basic moves. I think the skills are important of course but the confidence and fitness will help you avoid or get out of situations without fighting.

    I’m sure they were tough to get through. Keep at it, and good luck.

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