Liberal media trying to teach Americans to hate our country but it isn’t happening…

The liberal MSM really disgusts me. First they defend the flag burning and rioting at Trump rallies. Now they defend Gabby Douglas for not putting her hand on her heart during the National Anthem in the Olympics. Now liberals are defending Colin Kaepernick for sitting during the National Anthem. Do you see a pattern here, folks? Black Lives Matter is anti-America and Muslims are anti-America.

Instead of the media punishing Gabby Douglas for not putting her hand on her heart, they reward her by getting her as a judge for a Miss America competition. Give it time, they’ll reward Colin Kaepernick too. What will Colin get for this??? A book deal, his own reality show? Either way he is gonna get something instead of getting flak by the media and liberals.

It seems to me that liberals are desperately trying to get us to hate America but isn’t gonna work. This is part of Obama’s goal. He wants people to hate America. So he’s using the media to manipulate people. It’s just Obama’s way of destroying the country by trying to get Americans to turn our backs on our country. He did exactly that with the liberal community ’cause it seems more and more that liberals hate this country.

I’m never gonna hate America no matter what anybody says ’cause I love my country. Someday, I’m gonna get a tattoo of an American flag on my body somewhere. I love America and don’t feel ashamed of it. If you hate the country then get the fuck out.



2 thoughts on “Liberal media trying to teach Americans to hate our country but it isn’t happening…”

  1. I believe Obama’s goal (and Hillary Clinton’s, should she steal the torch), is taking our beautiful, beloved country and turning it into a Socialist State by following along the sulfurous path of radical Marxist organizer, Saul Alinsky (whose teachings both Obama and Hillary Clinton have shown keen interest).

    Alinsky’s “roadmap” to a Socialist State sets out an 8-point plan in obtaining citizen-control by limiting or maximizing the following:

    (1) Healthcare (2) Poverty (3) Debt (4) Gun Control (5) Welfare (6) Education (7) Religion (8) Class Warfare

    SEE the August 27, 2016, article by Tyler Durden on titled “Is this Hillary Clinton’s Roadmap for America?”


    1. Ya know, I’ve actually read “Rules For Radicalz” by Saul Alinsky (but just for research alone) and everything Obama & Hillary is doing to the country is Alinsky style indeed.


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