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Kanye West meets with Donald Trump at Trump Tower this morning…awesome!!!

Just a few days after Kanye West being released from the hospital at the psych ward, the rapper meets with Donald Trump at Trump Tower this morning. So apparently, it looks like Kanye never reversed support of Trump and Kanye is staying loyal to him which is awesome! So to those idiots that said Kanye was not a Trump supporter because of his “mental breakdown” can shove it!

Now that Kanye is out of the hospital, Kanye is looking a lot better and he’s looking a lot happier too. Everyone wants to say that Kanye is a huge egomaniac and an arrogant person but from the videos above, that’s not what I see. Kanye seems like a cool guy, in my opinion! It’s good to see him smiling.

Why was Kanye at Trump Tower today? Is Kanye gonna be a part of Trump’s administration somehow? Maybe Kanye will become our new Press Secretary, imagine that! Maybe Donald and Kanye just wanted to talk and that’s it? Just to say “Hey, what’s up” and all that stuff. Maybe Donald just wanted to thank Kanye for his support? Kanye seems to be thrilled standing next to Trump, you can tell. As you can hear in the CNN video above where Trump and Kanye were taking questions from the press, Trump said he and Kanye has been friends for a very long time. So ya never know, maybe Kanye will be a part of Trump’s administration somehow.



I think Kanye should divorce Kim and get away from those Kardashians… I knew they were a danger to his life…

Me thinks Kanye being hospitalized to a mental ward has nothing to do with his breakdown over his mother. That’s what they want you to believe. It has nothing to do with his rant about Beyonce and Jay-Z either. They put him in there because of his support of Trump. They wouldn’t let him out until he’s forced to reverse his support. How would they force him to change his opinion about Trump? Well, those so called psychologists are experts at changing people. They can change people however they want to. Kanye reveals that he supports Trump and defends Trump — bashes the media at one of his concerts… then all of a sudden he’s insane? Please. People want to act like his support of Trump has nothing to do with his hospitalization at the psych ward but you know it has something to do with that all the way. Now that Kanye is out, his opinion of Trump probably has changed. Next time he does an interview with the press, I’m predicting he’ll have negative feelings about Trump now. He goes into mental hospital ProTrump and now he’s probably NeverTrump. Watch for it, y’all.

Nobody will say who sent him in there but it’s obvious those Kardashians threw him in there and that’s what the media is trying to cover up. They’re protecting those Kardashians. Those Kardashians are evil. Kanye needs to divorce Kim and get away from that family. He’s better than that.


What’s going on with Kanye? I hope he’s okay…

Ya know, I see a lot of people re-sharing stupid memes  in facebook that they wish Kanye was dead. You know those memes that come up saying that they can’t understand why certain celebrities that they like die but they wonder why Kanye is still alive? I’m sure you’ve seen those memes lots of times and I’m like, really? How cold do these FB people have to be? I understand that some can’t stand someone but wishing death on them is wrong. Kanye is still human whether you like him or not.

It’s disgusting that Kanye is getting shit on for his support of Trump but I hope him getting hospitalized has nothing to do with that. He shouldn’t stop showing his support of Trump and he should keep it going. I can now understand why he had to wait until the election is over with to show his support of Trump ’cause he was probably worried of getting a liberal backlash.


People are saying that Kanye’s music career is gonna be over ’cause of his support of Trump? No. I predict his career is gonna get bigger. Trump has a lot of supporters and now that Kanye is showing his support, I’m feeling many Trump supporters will start buying his music. I know I will. I’m thinking about buying his albums, “Yeezus” and “Life of Pablo”. I already have one of his older albums on CD, “Graduation”, I think.

If you’ve payed any attention to my blog over the years of my life, I never really had a problem with Kanye. Look through my older posts, you can see me defending him quite a lot. He’s okay, in my eyes and I really mean that. I was never really a Kanye basher.


Paris Hilton and Kanye West, on the Trump Train? Oh my, it seems so!!!

Ya know, not all Hollywood celebrities are misinformed and brainwashed libtards who are all for Hilary. There are some celebrities out there who actually has a fucking brain like: Ted Nugent, Chuck Norris, Jean Claude Van Damme, Mike Tyson, Ice Cube, Jon Voight, Robert Davi, Scott Baio, Frank Stallone, James Woods,  etc. Those are pro-Trump people. Here’s a few more to add to the Trump Train which is totally awesome!



Call me crazy but I’ve been liking Kanye more and more. He’s getting more respect from me now.



MTV VMA’s same usual bullshit every year…

I didn’t watch all the MTV VMA’s last night. I only watched some of it. It’s the same usual bullshit like every year but this year is worse, in my opinion. Like usual, it’s full of left-wing “race-relations” politics. I was trying to figure out whether I watching the MTV VMA’s or the BET Awards.

This year Beyonce made the clean sweep of awards which is ridiculous. No wonder why Taylor Swift was snubbed this year ’cause MTV wanted this year to be Beyonce’s year. Kanye interrupted Taylor Swift at the VMA’s one year to send a message and hope Kanye is happy that Beyonce won more this year. *sigh* Beyonce sweeping all the awards instead of Taylor Swift or Adelle? Well, it’s MTV what do you expect? If they didn’t have Beyonce win, then liberals will be crying “No Diversity”. They would have called the MTV staff racist.

The VMA’s continue to be garbage like every year, though. If you want more rock & metal on the VMA’s you can forget it. Rock & metal on VMA’s is pretty much dead. The award shows will always be dominated by pop & rap just like the Grammy awards. I hate award shows. They’re all getting worse and worse. I really gotta stop watching them and I think I will.


Kanye West asking for money from Mark Zuckerberg, is Kanye in debt ’cause of the Kardashians?

We’ve tried to warn Kanye that having Kim Kardashian in his life would be toxic for him but he didn’t listen to us. Kanye takes to his twitter to rant about how much he is almost broke and he’s $53 million in debt. Now he’s asking for Mark Zuckerberg for help. Some of you are probably wondering what my thoughts about this are well here you go. It was only a matter of time that Kanye would get destroyed ’cause of the Kardashians. He’s gonna go broke ’cause of them. Kim K. married him to take his money.



The Kardashians will do anything for fame, money and more publicity even if it will damage people…

Like most people, I can’t stand the Kardashians either. This family is getting worse. Getting fame for nothing. Famous for being famous. Those women having no talent and getting fame anyway. They’re probably getting fame just for their good looks alone.

How are the Kardashians exploiting people for more money, fame and publicity? Read this interesting article that explains it all perfectly.


That is why Kim K. married Kanye West and it’s why the Kardashians transitioned Bruce Jenner into a woman. I bet it was the Kardashians who talked Bruce into doing it by paying him a lot of money, ya know? They’re exploiting Bruce/Caitlyn to boost their careers, absolutely.

Don’t be surprised that Kanye’s and Caitlyn’s lives would soon be destroyed ’cause of the Kardashians. Before you know it, Kim K. will divorce Kanye sometime in the future and a big custody battle will explode over North West and their second child that’s about to come. Kanye would soon be broke and homeless ’cause of the Kardashians, he could end up doing drugs kind of like how the Kardashians got Lamar Odom into drugs. The same could happen to Caitlyn.

The Kardashians are horrible people and I wish they would all go away, including all the Jenner family ’cause I can’t stand Caitlyn Jenner at all. I don’t give a shit what all of Caitlyn’s supporters think.