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Kanye needs to leave the Kardashians before they destroy his life… they are cancerous…

Man, I am so sick of this… whenever Kanye has a “right-wing” opinion on something like his support for Trump… Kanye’s been leaning toward the right more and more even though he claims he’s independent. Kanye publicly voices support to Trump all the way up to when he decided to try and run for president of 2020 which he just dropped out of very quickly. In the press, Kanye claims he’s done supporting Trump and removing the MAGA hat but I don’t buy it. I think those Kardashians are doing everything they can to make Kanye drop support of Trump and they were successful this time, maybe?

According to the reports, they say Kanye has so-called “controversial” opinions like anti-abortion and anti-gun control… sure enough, people scream that Kanye has bi-polar disorder just because he expressed a right-wing opinion.

I remember when Kanye first came out as a Trump supporter, he started getting a lot of support from the Trump base and then Kanye disappears from the media for a long while. There were worries that those Kardashians are controlling him with everything they can get. Kanye comes back out of hiding and found “Jesus” meaning that he found religion and is a born again Christian now.


I don’t think there is anything wrong with Kanye at all. He is 100% fine and perfectly sane, the way I’m seeing him. He’s actually a pretty smart guy… those Kardashians are no doubt die-hard lefties and being the snowflakes they are, they can’t stand it when Kanye has some right-wing opinions. So each time when Kanye wants to express some right-wing views, the left wants to think he has “bipolar” disorder? Fucking unreal.

Kanye needs to divorce Kim K. before she ruins his life… look where Kim K’s ex-husband Kris Humphries ended up, remember him? She only wanted his money after 72 days of marriage.

Those Kardashians are evil and cancerous. Kanye should have never associated himself with them to begin with. It was a mistake of him getting romantically involved with her.

Maybe Kim K. is just upset that Kanye dropped out of the presidential race ’cause she wanted to be first lady? If Kanye hung on with his election bid, she wouldn’t have came out with that stupid statement and accused him of having bi-polar disorder. She’s just a lefty-snowflake who doesn’t like him having right-wing opinions.

He’s allowed to have right-wing opinions if he wants to. I thought this was the United States of America???


Kanye admits he had an ego problem in the past and said he’s about to change…

It’s pretty well-known that Kanye has said  and done some pretty egotistical things about himself over the years. Like the Taylor Swift MTV VMA’s incident and things like that. Maybe Kanye looked back at all the stuff he has said about himself in interviews and felt guilty about it.

Yeah, a lot of music stars out there have huge egos but most of them will never admit it. I give Kanye props for finally admitting it. How can you tell that you might have an ego problem? Well, if you have other musicians and even music fans looking at you with pure disdain then that’s a sign that you might be an egomaniac and narcissist.

I think other music artists and bands out there could learn from Kanye here. There are even plenty of local bands and unsigned talent with huge egos too. There are music artists and bands of all levels that think they’re so talented and great… they are not afraid to speak out about it but is it a great idea? No, not always. Having an ego problem could turn a lot of people off.

It’s understandable that you are talented and you’ve had successes in your music careers, but there’s no need to jerk yourselves off about it publicly. How about being humble? If you want to be taken seriously as a musician and want people to like you more then being “humble” is key. You don’t always have to think you’re talented and great all the time. If you believe that you suck and not all that great musically then you shouldn’t be afraid to say it ’cause most people won’t care anyways. With my own music, I know I’m not all that great musically, I just play music ’cause that’s what I do and I just do my thing.

Knowing how to be humble, just don’t act like you’re bigger and better than everyone else ’cause I hate when musicians have that attitude and they are everywhere even local musicians have that problem. There’s no need to be full of yourselves.

Admittedly, I can have an ego too sometimes but we all do in some form of another. It’s actually good to have an ego sometimes, it’s just that there are certain ways to go about it. There’s nothing wrong with liking your own music and being proud of what you do, but what you don’t want to do is go around acting like you’re a music god or something.

You should go to youtube and watch Jimi Hendrix’s interview on a talk show. If you want a perfect example of a humble musician then there you go. Jimi once said: “I don’t consider myself to be the best… I don’t like compliments, they distract me”.

There’s something for you to think about.

I like Kanye even more now for deciding to change for the better. His new album, “Ye”, is fucking great, btw. I’m planning to buy my own copy soon.


The days of people in America being forced to think Democrat/liberal will soon be over… people are now waking up…

What Kanye West and Candace Owens are doing is a good thing. Yeah, blacks being forced into the Democrat plantation has been a problem for a long while. In fact, blacks being forced into Democrats hasn’t been a problem before Barack Obama became president. Somehow Barack Obama and the mainstream media were successful at getting the black vote. Getting the black vote was the only way for Obama to win two terms in office. Yeah, they were definitely successful at turning most of the black community into Democrats, but I’m sure a lot of you probably don’t realize that a lot of black people are waking up. Many are leaving the Democrat plantation ’cause why? I think they are finally realizing that they were forced into it. They’ve finally come to a realization that the Democrat party don’t care about black people and they are fed up with it. Now a lot of blacks are leaving the Democrat party to think “independently”… either that or they go full-on conservative. Yeah, there are a lot of black conservatives out there… lots of ’em. They are finally realizing that blacks don’t need to be Democrats. No doubt, Obama and the mainstream media were successful at brainwashing the blacks into thinking Democrat and liberal. Not anymore. More blacks are leaving the Democrat party and it’s definitely driving the media insane. That’s why they bash Kanye and Candace.

One thing they are forgetting, though that black people aren’t the only ones getting forced into the Democrat plantation… it’s a problem for white people, Asians and Hispanics too. Obama and the American mainstream media tried to turn everybody into Democrats. That’s what they do… brainwash everybody so they can get everyone to have the same liberal talking points that the MSM spews out on a daily basis.

I’ve always said the news isn’t news anymore. Honest journalism has been dead for a decade now. They don’t report facts and don’t do investigative journalism like they used to anymore. The media are now political activists and all they do is ram their liberal opinions down our throats. That’s not journalism. They do this ’cause it’s how the left tries to get more power and win elections. That’s all they care about really.

Well, America has had enough with all this and fed up with it all. It’s a huge part of why Trump won the election to begin with ’cause we’re all tired of the media’s crap. While Americans are doing a good job waking up and getting off the Democrat plantation, there are still die-hard liberals out there that still believe everything the news says.

The media definitely did a good job of making it seem like being a liberal is a cool thing and being a conservative is a bad thing. That’s how the media works nowadays. It’s just pathetic. It’s getting harder and harder to be a conservative/Trump supporter nowadays ’cause liberals are always fighting and arguing with us daily. It’s getting old and tiresome, this left vs. right stuff. I know I’ve had enough with it. That’s a part of why I voted Trump ’cause I’m hoping for unity someday.

While blacks don’t need to be Democrats, nobody really needs to be Democrats, honestly. Get out of your left-wing fantasies ’cause most of it is just a bunch of silly garbage. Liberalism is getting 10x’s much worse today. You’ll see that when the Nov. 6 mid-term elections come. Some of liberals political ideas are getting scarier and scarier: being confused on the difference between male and female, bring back ISIS, loving illegal aliens, calling the NRA members terrorists, etc. I can go on all day with this one.

Sad that liberals still believe everything they see in the so-called news. I try to explain to them that most of it isn’t real but they won’t listen to me, of course. They don’t care if the media is wrong about Trump. As long as the fake news media are bashing him, they’re happy.

Liberals really are getting horrible, though. Their hatred toward the right is getting way out of hand and that’s what the media wants.


Kanye West comes out as Trump supporter and has some views leaning toward the right, yet he is getting hated on by both sides… weird…

I used to love Tomi Lahren but she lost my support after she tweeted that out. Ever since Kanye came  out of the closet as a Trump supporter and “free thinker”, he’s being hated on by people on both sides of the spectrum. Yes,  Kanye is even being hated on by some conservatives too. Most conservatives I’ve seen love what Kanye is doing but of course, there will be some that won’t appreciate what he’s trying to do.

Keep in mind that a “Free Thinker” doesn’t exactly mean conservative. That’s what some mistakenly believe. A “free thinking” person in politics means that someone doesn’t really follow a side. This person isn’t on one side of the spectrum and just thinks for him/herself. So that means a “free thinking” person is gonna have a mix of some conservative views and some liberal views.

Conservatives called Kanye a hero when he came out as Trump supporter and called him a hero for calling out Obama about not doing anything about black on black crime and violence in Chicago, but some conservatives hated on Kanye for giving Emma Gonzalez a shout out and calling her a hero. Ya know, I don’t agree with Kanye supporting Emma but if he wants to, that’s his opinion… let him have it.

I thought conservatives were “freedom of speech” activists? Conservatives always said that liberals were the most intolerant people on the planet and now conservatives are being intolerant. Ya know, intolerance exists on both sides of the aisle. Kanye has been trying to make a point that hate goes on both sides of the aisle and the more conservatives hate on the guy, the more it proves his point. Conservatives like to pick on liberals for not being accepting of others views if they’re different and now they’re doing the same thing pretty much.

Tomi was a young lady who got fired off of Glenn Beck’s “The Blaze” ’cause it appeared that she was pro-choice. She got attacked by conservatives ’cause of it. Now she’s attacking Kanye for having some liberal views? Hmmmm…. sounds like she’s the one that conservatives need to steer clear away from.

Some in the conservative community are calling Kanye a fake Trump supporter, a fraud and opportunist but I don’t think so. Kanye is the real deal and he means well.

I also loved it when Tomi posted this on twitter:

Um, wasn’t battling opioids one of Trump’s big MAGA policies? Didn’t he just have a big speech at the White House about it not too long ago saying that he and his administration are going to work hard on battling opioids? Then Tomi makes lies that opioids isn’t MAGA when it’s a big part of it?

Not only that liberals hates “Free thinkers”, it’s turning out that some conservatives hate “free thinkers” as well, apparently.

I know blacks becoming “free thinkers” and getting off the Democrat plantation is gonna be confusing for some but get used to it. A black awakening is happening right now as I type this. I predict more and more blacks will get on the Trump Train this year after Kanye so easy re-election for Trump in 2020. Mark my words.


Sorry y’all but Kanye really supports Trump, I’m liking him more and more…

Earlier this morning I’ve started to watch Kanye’s interview with Charlamagne on youtube. It’s a long video and I’m 40 minutes into it but I’ll watch the rest of it this week. Then Kanye does an interview with TMZ.

A lot of people want to believe that Kanye is mentally ill and disturbed but I don’t think so. He seems completely sane to me. He does know what he’s doing and he does know what he’s talking about. Seriously, though, I think Kanye is a very intelligent man. The guy is interesting anyways. Over the years there was a misconception of Kanye being an egomaniac but I don’t see that in him at all. He seems pretty humble to me. He’s not full of himself like a lot of people want to believe.

The more I see Kanye do interviews with people, the more I like him. Kanye is getting a lot of popularity pretty fast and quite frankly, I think he’s getting bigger than Donald Trump.

If Kanye ran for president in 2024, I can see him easily winning it. He could definitely be the next one after Trump, I can totally see it. I’m all for Kanye becoming the next one. I have no problem with it.

When Kanye came out of the closet as a Trump supporter, people thought he was trolling and people thought he was kidding around. Well it doesn’t look like he’s trolling to me. I think it’s clear he really supports Trump for reals.

I love how Kanye exposed Snoop Dogg in this video saying how Snoop loved Trump before he became president. That was awesome. A lot of celebrities loved Trump before he became president and then they became haters after he got elected. In reality, I think celebs have no problem with Trump’s vision for America, they’re just pissed ’cause they’re jealous of Trump. They just want to be Trump and they know they can’t. A lot of Hollywood celebs and music stars would like to be president and that’s why they hate Trump, in my opinion.

I want to start listening to Kanye’s music pretty soon. Actually, I already do have one of Kanye’s older albums on CD and it’s his album “Graduation”. I’ll have to look around for it. I used to listen to that album a lot. I do like listening to some rap music, I’m not against all of it.


Kanye’s mission is really quite simple to grasp… he wants to make it possible to love each other again despite differences of political views…

Despite Kanye’s and John Legend’s little feud on twitter over Kanye’s support for Trump, it looks like Kanye and John are still brothers. As you can see in the pic and video above, it looks like Kanye invited John over to the West/Kardashian home just to hang out and as you can see in the video John even played some piano at the West/Kardashian home.

Kanye is onto something that there is too much hatred in this country just because political views are different. Liberals hating conservatives and conservatives hating liberals. It goes both ways. No, you don’t have to hate people just because someone is a die-hard liberal and you don’t need to hate people just because they’re conservative either. You can still love someone even if that person supports Trump and you can love someone even if someone hates Trump. You get what I’m saying? What Kanye is trying to do is not that hard to grasp.

You don’t have to hate each other over differences of opinion and it don’t even have to be about politics either.

Yeah, I’ve boycotted music stars, movie stars and other celebrities for being so hateful toward our president and admittedly, I didn’t have to do that. I can still support an artists work even if I don’t agree with their political views. Admittedly, I took so many celebs out of my life over politics and shouldn’t have done that. I took off music CD’s off my shelf of artists who talked trash about Trump: Springsteen, Pearl Jam, U2, Neil Young, etc. I even decided to boycott Stephen King and decided to stop buying his books because of his hatred for Trump. I guess I’ll put those albums back on the shelves and I’ll start buying Stephen King books again.

Liberals called me out and called me crazy for boycotting celebs over political views but they do the same thing when celebs have right-wing views. They need to stop boycotting people over politics as well. It goes both ways.

You don’t need to hate people over politics and that goes for me too.



Kanye West takes red pill and officially joins the Trump Train!!!! Of course, liberals are upset! Boo hoo!!!

This has been an interesting week on twitter. As you can see, Kanye West the iconic rapper is officially out as a MAGA Trump supporter! It’s no surprise really ’cause you should have seen this coming since Trump’s and Kanye’s meeting at Trump Tower together. Kanye joining the Trump Train all started when he gave a black conservative woman by the name of Candace Owens a shout-out after she’s been on twitter trying to teach people that it’s okay to be a “free thinker”. Kanye woke up, took the red pill and he became a free thinker himself simply ’cause of Candace Owens twitter account.

Of course, all of this thrills the MAGA Trump Train and conservatives but Kanye still seems to upset some conservatives after he said on twitter that he’s no Republican/Democrat and Kanye said he even loves Hillary. Kanye just wants to think for himself and encourages everyone else to do the same. Kanye also wants everyone to love each other again and stop destroying each other just because political views are different ’cause I agree. Destroying each other because views are different is getting old and tiresome. Kanye also says you don’t have to agree with Trump on everything but just love him anyways ’cause that’s part of being a “free thinker”.

Kanye has been destroying the “thought police” all week on twitter and I freakin’ love it! I absolutely LOVE what Kanye is doing on twitter. This may seem a little weird but I am loving the Kardashians this week too. This week Kim. K and Kris Jenner has been calling out the Fake News Media for making lies about their families. So did the Kardashian/West family finally woke about how fake our mainstream media is? It seems so! For many years, the media has been in bed with the West/Kardashian clan but now the media seems to have turned on them since Kanye came out of the closet as a Trump supporter this week.

It’s amazing, ya know? I used to be a Kanye hater but now I’m a huge fan. I used to think he was an egomaniac like everyone else but now I’m realizing he’s not a such a bad dude after all. I’m all for President West in 2024, Kanye’s got my vote. I have no problem with the Kardashians becoming first families either. I used to believe this was a trainwreck of a family but maybe they aren’t so bad after all? Kanye and the Kardashians are trying to bring everyone back together. Unity is what they’re trying to do.

Some people may think that Kanye is just doing this just to promote his new album this year but I don’t think so. Kanye means well and he’s for real. I’ve been listening to Kanye’s music through youtube all week, and his music isn’t all that bad either. I think I’m gonna start buying his albums from Itunes pretty soon. I’m definitely gonna buy his new album when it comes out later this year. All of his albums are on Itunes except for his latest “The Life of Pablo” which I will have to get it on physical CD somehow. Yeah, I do like to listen to rap & hip hop music believe it or not.

With all this being said, Kanye is calling the USA to love each other again and not hate. We can have different opinions and views on things, we just don’t have to destroy each other over it.

I love what Kanye is doing ’cause what he’s doing, I can relate. For many years, the thought police thought it was okay to control my thoughts if they didn’t agree with what I said, no matter the topic. It didn’t have to be just politics, people get onto me about stuff all the time just because they disagreed with something I said. It’s like so because other people disagree with you makes you a bad person? The thought police is a problem in society and always has been.

My favorite tweet Kanye posted was this one:

Really true if you think about it.

Keep up the good work, Kanye and don’t back down to the thought police. Try not to let us down like that coward Shania Twain just did.


Kanye West meets with Donald Trump at Trump Tower this morning…awesome!!!

Just a few days after Kanye West being released from the hospital at the psych ward, the rapper meets with Donald Trump at Trump Tower this morning. So apparently, it looks like Kanye never reversed support of Trump and Kanye is staying loyal to him which is awesome! So to those idiots that said Kanye was not a Trump supporter because of his “mental breakdown” can shove it!

Now that Kanye is out of the hospital, Kanye is looking a lot better and he’s looking a lot happier too. Everyone wants to say that Kanye is a huge egomaniac and an arrogant person but from the videos above, that’s not what I see. Kanye seems like a cool guy, in my opinion! It’s good to see him smiling.

Why was Kanye at Trump Tower today? Is Kanye gonna be a part of Trump’s administration somehow? Maybe Kanye will become our new Press Secretary, imagine that! Maybe Donald and Kanye just wanted to talk and that’s it? Just to say “Hey, what’s up” and all that stuff. Maybe Donald just wanted to thank Kanye for his support? Kanye seems to be thrilled standing next to Trump, you can tell. As you can hear in the CNN video above where Trump and Kanye were taking questions from the press, Trump said he and Kanye has been friends for a very long time. So ya never know, maybe Kanye will be a part of Trump’s administration somehow.


I think Kanye should divorce Kim and get away from those Kardashians… I knew they were a danger to his life…

Me thinks Kanye being hospitalized to a mental ward has nothing to do with his breakdown over his mother. That’s what they want you to believe. It has nothing to do with his rant about Beyonce and Jay-Z either. They put him in there because of his support of Trump. They wouldn’t let him out until he’s forced to reverse his support. How would they force him to change his opinion about Trump? Well, those so called psychologists are experts at changing people. They can change people however they want to. Kanye reveals that he supports Trump and defends Trump — bashes the media at one of his concerts… then all of a sudden he’s insane? Please. People want to act like his support of Trump has nothing to do with his hospitalization at the psych ward but you know it has something to do with that all the way. Now that Kanye is out, his opinion of Trump probably has changed. Next time he does an interview with the press, I’m predicting he’ll have negative feelings about Trump now. He goes into mental hospital ProTrump and now he’s probably NeverTrump. Watch for it, y’all.

Nobody will say who sent him in there but it’s obvious those Kardashians threw him in there and that’s what the media is trying to cover up. They’re protecting those Kardashians. Those Kardashians are evil. Kanye needs to divorce Kim and get away from that family. He’s better than that.


What’s going on with Kanye? I hope he’s okay…

Ya know, I see a lot of people re-sharing stupid memes  in facebook that they wish Kanye was dead. You know those memes that come up saying that they can’t understand why certain celebrities that they like die but they wonder why Kanye is still alive? I’m sure you’ve seen those memes lots of times and I’m like, really? How cold do these FB people have to be? I understand that some can’t stand someone but wishing death on them is wrong. Kanye is still human whether you like him or not.

It’s disgusting that Kanye is getting shit on for his support of Trump but I hope him getting hospitalized has nothing to do with that. He shouldn’t stop showing his support of Trump and he should keep it going. I can now understand why he had to wait until the election is over with to show his support of Trump ’cause he was probably worried of getting a liberal backlash.


People are saying that Kanye’s music career is gonna be over ’cause of his support of Trump? No. I predict his career is gonna get bigger. Trump has a lot of supporters and now that Kanye is showing his support, I’m feeling many Trump supporters will start buying his music. I know I will. I’m thinking about buying his albums, “Yeezus” and “Life of Pablo”. I already have one of his older albums on CD, “Graduation”, I think.

If you’ve payed any attention to my blog over the years of my life, I never really had a problem with Kanye. Look through my older posts, you can see me defending him quite a lot. He’s okay, in my eyes and I really mean that. I was never really a Kanye basher.