Kanye West comes out as Trump supporter and has some views leaning toward the right, yet he is getting hated on by both sides… weird…

I used to love Tomi Lahren but she lost my support after she tweeted that out. Ever since Kanye came  out of the closet as a Trump supporter and “free thinker”, he’s being hated on by people on both sides of the spectrum. Yes,  Kanye is even being hated on by some conservatives too. Most conservatives I’ve seen love what Kanye is doing but of course, there will be some that won’t appreciate what he’s trying to do.

Keep in mind that a “Free Thinker” doesn’t exactly mean conservative. That’s what some mistakenly believe. A “free thinking” person in politics means that someone doesn’t really follow a side. This person isn’t on one side of the spectrum and just thinks for him/herself. So that means a “free thinking” person is gonna have a mix of some conservative views and some liberal views.

Conservatives called Kanye a hero when he came out as Trump supporter and called him a hero for calling out Obama about not doing anything about black on black crime and violence in Chicago, but some conservatives hated on Kanye for giving Emma Gonzalez a shout out and calling her a hero. Ya know, I don’t agree with Kanye supporting Emma but if he wants to, that’s his opinion… let him have it.

I thought conservatives were “freedom of speech” activists? Conservatives always said that liberals were the most intolerant people on the planet and now conservatives are being intolerant. Ya know, intolerance exists on both sides of the aisle. Kanye has been trying to make a point that hate goes on both sides of the aisle and the more conservatives hate on the guy, the more it proves his point. Conservatives like to pick on liberals for not being accepting of others views if they’re different and now they’re doing the same thing pretty much.

Tomi was a young lady who got fired off of Glenn Beck’s “The Blaze” ’cause it appeared that she was pro-choice. She got attacked by conservatives ’cause of it. Now she’s attacking Kanye for having some liberal views? Hmmmm…. sounds like she’s the one that conservatives need to steer clear away from.

Some in the conservative community are calling Kanye a fake Trump supporter, a fraud and opportunist but I don’t think so. Kanye is the real deal and he means well.

I also loved it when Tomi posted this on twitter:

Um, wasn’t battling opioids one of Trump’s big MAGA policies? Didn’t he just have a big speech at the White House about it not too long ago saying that he and his administration are going to work hard on battling opioids? Then Tomi makes lies that opioids isn’t MAGA when it’s a big part of it?

Not only that liberals hates “Free thinkers”, it’s turning out that some conservatives hate “free thinkers” as well, apparently.

I know blacks becoming “free thinkers” and getting off the Democrat plantation is gonna be confusing for some but get used to it. A black awakening is happening right now as I type this. I predict more and more blacks will get on the Trump Train this year after Kanye so easy re-election for Trump in 2020. Mark my words.


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