When you’re into bodybuilding & fitness, you’re definitely gonna get all kinds of jealous and negative people at you…

Isn’t it sad that you’re trying to do something very positive in your life and you’re also trying to do something inspiring for other people so they can be happy but instead you get nothing but negativity in return? It’s really true. The more you get into shape and the harder you work out, the more negative people you will get. You like to publicly express that you go to the gym and you like to write about it. You also like to post progress pics and even videos of yourself working out. Yet not many people wants to give you positive feedback. Some do give you positive feedback and some are proud of ya but not enough.

Most everybody just gives you criticism like you’re doing this wrong and you’re doing that wrong. You need more work on this body part and that body part. Ya know, getting unwanted advice from people when you know exactly what you’re doing. Getting advice from big shot know it alls. What’s even sadder is that people who don’t even workout acts like know it alls and gives you unwanted advice. It’s like, huh? Some people would even get a lot worse and give you very negative criticism about your physique and the way you work out… blah blah blah.

When you post progress pics on social networking, you notice not many people will give them the like button and not many give you positive feedback. It’s crazy. You want to do something very positive in your life and it’s definitely going to make people jealous. That’s why they criticize and give you negativity ’cause they are jealous and that’s my opinion really.

Why would people act jealous ’cause you’re into working out and stuff? Is it because they know you’re doing something with yourself and they aren’t doing anything? Is it because they know that you’re in very good shape and they aren’t? Maybe people are into working out and they know you’re in better shape than they are, that’s another reason. There are many reasons people get all jealous. There’s no doubt in my mind that people get all jealous of ya is why they give you negativity and hate.

It’s funny that people don’t want to admit that what I do is inspiring for them. Ya know, think about it… I’m 41 years old doing all kinds of physical things and I’m a guy doing it with scoliosis, I have the Harrington rod and all. People don’t see that as inspiring and courageous? I really do feel like a warrior doing all this.

That’s okay, let people think what they want ’cause all I care about is becoming the best shape in my life. My goal is to live a long life and to be really muscular when I’m 50 – 60 years old.

I love fitness and bodybuilding. It’s a 2nd passion of mine behind music. I’m gonna take it more seriously from this point on and do a 4 day a week workout routine. Gonna make my meals a lot more strict as well. Admittedly I do want to get big and muscular and not afraid to say it.

Sure, I’m not the best at fitness and have a lot to learn. I’m not perfect at my workout forms and I do my best to correct the form at all my workouts. I’ve been at this for like 10 years and have never been seriously injured yet which is good. Admittedly, I’ve gotten minor injuries a few times like a few strains here and there but nothing that bad. I never got seriously injured ’cause I always try to work out in the best form as possible.

I do all this without a personal trainer and am a self-taught bodybuilder too. How did I teach myself? Well through various sources… I’ve learned workouts from Arnold’s “Modern Bodybuilding” book, I’ve learned workouts from Bodybuilding.com… and I learned workouts from popular youtube fitness channels such as Scooby1961 (I still watch his videos admittedly), Scott Herman, The Hodge Twins and Chris Jones aka Physique of Greatness. I also learn workouts by watching other people in the gym.

I love the physique I have now but still have a lot of work to do, though. I want to get bigger chest pecs and gonna do more dumbbell floor presses from now on instead of pushups. For the back, I’ve gotten into dead-lifting and will stick to that full time. For legs, I’ve gotten into barbell squats on Smith Machine so gonna stick with that too.

I’ve been sticking with 4 day a week routine. Worked out three days this week and the 4th day will be sometime this weekend and it will be back day. I love going to the gym and working out. Will never give it up.

Never listen to the critics and haters ’cause they’re just jealous of you and that’s it. It is going to bother some that you’re into working out and there’s nothing you can do about it. Just keep doing your thing and make people jealous. The more jealous people get then you must be in great shape, right? Some will never admit it publicly.



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