I want to learn as much cover songs as possible… I really love playing them…

This week I’ve been messing around with cover songs again. Trying to re-learn some of the cover songs that I’ve learned in the past so I can remember them and keep them memorized. As a musician and guitar player, I find it important that a guitar player and singer should know as much cover songs as possible. It’s important to know as much songs that other people would know.

A lot of musicians just want to play originals only nowadays. I would also want to learn cover songs that I’ve never learned before. I’m going to learn the guitar parts and memorize the lyrics for the vocals too. Yeah, I want to perform a lot of hit songs that people know well and like.

Why? For one, I want to prove people that I can play cover songs and do them well. Secondly, it’s fun playing songs for people that they know well and like. This Spring/Summer, I want to start hitting the open mics again in Saratoga Springs  so I can show them what I got. Once again, I just want to perform all the songs that I loved over the years. Play songs by bands and artists who inspired me to become a musician. Perform everything as much as possible… you’ll hear me perform songs by the Velvet Underground/Lou Reed, David Bowie, The Beatles, CCR, Led Zep, Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens, Johnny Cash, etc. I’ll also be performing covers by some newer bands too… bands such as Pearl Jam, Oasis, Seven Mary Three, Soundgarden, The Smashing Pumpkins, Blind Melon, The Spin Doctors, Live, etc. Stuff like those.

Musicians and bands are no longer doing covers but I’m still doing them and proud of it too. If other people have a problem with me doing covers then oh well. I wish musicians wouldn’t stop doing cover songs ’cause they’re fun to do. I would never make the cover songs sound exactly like it’s on the album, I just give them my own interpretation which is how cover songs should be played. Cover songs don’t always have to be played in the same exact rhythm style and tempo, just give it your own take. Make the song sound like that you wrote it.

I’m going to try to hit an open mic in Saratoga Springs at some point, I just gotta find out where they are ’cause I haven’t played open mics in so long. I’d like to start going to them again. Admittedly I do miss performing live in front of people. Caffe Lena has their open mics on Monday nights and the Putnam Place has their open mics on Wed. nights. I might go to both of those sometime soon.

Will I ever play actual paying gigs again? Not sure about that one, we’ll see but going back to open mics is a nice start. I used to play open mic nights all the time when I was younger. I used to go to them on a regular basis, would like to start doing it again.


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