Sorry y’all but Kanye really supports Trump, I’m liking him more and more…

Earlier this morning I’ve started to watch Kanye’s interview with Charlamagne on youtube. It’s a long video and I’m 40 minutes into it but I’ll watch the rest of it this week. Then Kanye does an interview with TMZ.

A lot of people want to believe that Kanye is mentally ill and disturbed but I don’t think so. He seems completely sane to me. He does know what he’s doing and he does know what he’s talking about. Seriously, though, I think Kanye is a very intelligent man. The guy is interesting anyways. Over the years there was a misconception of Kanye being an egomaniac but I don’t see that in him at all. He seems pretty humble to me. He’s not full of himself like a lot of people want to believe.

The more I see Kanye do interviews with people, the more I like him. Kanye is getting a lot of popularity pretty fast and quite frankly, I think he’s getting bigger than Donald Trump.

If Kanye ran for president in 2024, I can see him easily winning it. He could definitely be the next one after Trump, I can totally see it. I’m all for Kanye becoming the next one. I have no problem with it.

When Kanye came out of the closet as a Trump supporter, people thought he was trolling and people thought he was kidding around. Well it doesn’t look like he’s trolling to me. I think it’s clear he really supports Trump for reals.

I love how Kanye exposed Snoop Dogg in this video saying how Snoop loved Trump before he became president. That was awesome. A lot of celebrities loved Trump before he became president and then they became haters after he got elected. In reality, I think celebs have no problem with Trump’s vision for America, they’re just pissed ’cause they’re jealous of Trump. They just want to be Trump and they know they can’t. A lot of Hollywood celebs and music stars would like to be president and that’s why they hate Trump, in my opinion.

I want to start listening to Kanye’s music pretty soon. Actually, I already do have one of Kanye’s older albums on CD and it’s his album “Graduation”. I’ll have to look around for it. I used to listen to that album a lot. I do like listening to some rap music, I’m not against all of it.


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