Misconceptions that people make about me that I’m about to debunk…

Do people make misconceptions about you? I’m sure people make misconceptions about you all the time and with me there are lots of them. Just for fun, I’m about to name some that people make up about me. Misconception which means a view or opinion that is incorrect based on faulty thinking or understanding.

I’ll try to name 10 of them in no particular order:

I’m a depressed person: I get this one a lot from people. I don’t know what it is that people think I’m a depressed person and people think I have loads of problems when I don’t. I’m fine and good. In fact, I’m very happy right now and life is very good for me. Not sure why people get this idea that I’m a depressed person.

I’m a troublemaker who likes to stir things up on the internet: Another one I get a lot which is laughable. People think I like to troll people online which is totally untrue. I’m just like everyone else, I like to use the internet to speak my mind and express myself. If people think I’m causing trouble well that’s pretty flattering really. I must be saying the right things that’s pissing people off.

People think I hate local musicians and the music scene in general: No I don’t really. There are many that think I go around talking trash about local musicians and local music. I love live music and I love other musicians, it’s just that I’m a brutally honest person when it comes to music and unfortunately it isn’t gonna make some happy. I just like to keep things honest is all. If I don’t like a musician then I won’t be afraid to say it and if I don’t like the way the music scene is going then I won’t be afraid to say it. It’s just that simple.

I’m a lazy person who sits around and do nothing: Another one I get a lot. No, I don’t sit around and do nothing all day. I’m a guy who goes to the gym on a regular basis. I like to go out and enjoy myself every now and then like go shopping at the mall and hang out with friends sometimes so I’m good, thanks. I also like to go out on bike rides and long walks sometimes. I do like to go out and enjoy myself.

People think I’m shy and don’t talk a lot: Partly true but to an extent. I’m only shy around people I don’t know. If I know you well enough, I’ll be talking for hours and hours. I can be a talkative guy when I want to be. I’m trying to be more talkative to strangers though and it’s being worked on more.

People think I’m mean and have an attitude: Another one that is completely bullshit. I try to be nice to everyone as much as possible. I won’t bite at all, really. If at some point I’m being somewhat mean and having an attitude then maybe it’s because I’m tired of people’s bullshit? Ever think of that? Treat me how you would want to be treated and I’ll be good.

Some think I’m gay/bi-sexual: I get gay rumors all the time and I’m telling you, I’m 100% straight. I love women. I don’t get why some get obsessed with my love life. Probably because people never seen me with a woman before. Maybe I’m just happy being single? I would like to start dating women at some point, though.

People think I’m a crazy right-winger and conspiracy theorist: It seems I drive people crazy with my political views and I’m okay with that. I’m not really into conspiracy theories like people think and I’m not a crazy right-winger either. I believe I’ve always been educated about politics and did my research. I do have “right-wing” views but I’m not far-right like people think.

People think I’m not smart: Another big one I get a lot. People thinking I’m not a smart person but let them believe what they want to believe. I believe I am pretty smart & intelligent and I’m not afraid to say that out loud.

I’m not a real musician: People always criticized my musicianship. They still do as well. I believe I’m a pretty decent musician. I do know my shit. I believe I’m a pretty good guitar player and singer as well. I do know my music theory. I have good enough rhythm chops. I’m improving on my lead guitar playing and I’m getting better at improvising/ear training. People always said I’m not a real musician but I believe me I am. Try jamming with me. You might be impressed of what I could do.

Enjoy the read.



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