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It’s not a good week for Amber Heard at all, she’s getting destroyed like crazy… fun to watch… I believe she’s done…

I usually don’t watch/listen to live streaming most of the day but today was an exception. I started watching the Depp trial this morning so I can watch the Kate Moss testimony which ended up very short.

Kate Moss dropped the bomb that she didn’t get pushed down the stairs by Johnny as Amber claimed. So now that you heard from Kate Moss herself today, BOOM, it’s done.

Then we have a Depp psychologist Dr. Curry bringing up Amber’s problems of PTSD and Bipolar disorder and Dr. Curry makes it sounds believable.

Then we have an ex-TMZ guy dropping another huge bomb that Amber did sent stuff to TMZ after all which is not a surprise really.

Johnny Depp testified again and he killed it as always. You almost want to feel sorry for the guy when he was explaining how evil Amber is. As Johnny was saying all that stuff, Amber stopped smirking and had a blank stare as Johnny was talking.

Today was addicting ’cause Amber was getting destroyed by everyone all day. I was watching the trial most of the day ’cause it was entertaining as hell seeing all these people exposing Amber and destroying her hard.

Yeah, the verdict reading is Friday and I think the judge is gonna give Johnny the victory. After Kate Moss and the TMZ guy, Amber’s finished… she’s done. The jury will look at those two and have no choice but to side with Johnny.

If the judge ends up siding with Amber instead, then all that will prove is how corrupt and broken the justice system is… so I don’t think Amber will win at all. Johnny’s fine, nothing to worry about.

The trial is not over yet… there’s still tomorrow and Friday. There’s more witnesses to testify tomorrow and I’ll tune in to some of them. If it gets good then I’ll continue watching.

GO JOHNNY GO! He’s got this totally!


Sorry y’all but Kanye really supports Trump, I’m liking him more and more…

Earlier this morning I’ve started to watch Kanye’s interview with Charlamagne on youtube. It’s a long video and I’m 40 minutes into it but I’ll watch the rest of it this week. Then Kanye does an interview with TMZ.

A lot of people want to believe that Kanye is mentally ill and disturbed but I don’t think so. He seems completely sane to me. He does know what he’s doing and he does know what he’s talking about. Seriously, though, I think Kanye is a very intelligent man. The guy is interesting anyways. Over the years there was a misconception of Kanye being an egomaniac but I don’t see that in him at all. He seems pretty humble to me. He’s not full of himself like a lot of people want to believe.

The more I see Kanye do interviews with people, the more I like him. Kanye is getting a lot of popularity pretty fast and quite frankly, I think he’s getting bigger than Donald Trump.

If Kanye ran for president in 2024, I can see him easily winning it. He could definitely be the next one after Trump, I can totally see it. I’m all for Kanye becoming the next one. I have no problem with it.

When Kanye came out of the closet as a Trump supporter, people thought he was trolling and people thought he was kidding around. Well it doesn’t look like he’s trolling to me. I think it’s clear he really supports Trump for reals.

I love how Kanye exposed Snoop Dogg in this video saying how Snoop loved Trump before he became president. That was awesome. A lot of celebrities loved Trump before he became president and then they became haters after he got elected. In reality, I think celebs have no problem with Trump’s vision for America, they’re just pissed ’cause they’re jealous of Trump. They just want to be Trump and they know they can’t. A lot of Hollywood celebs and music stars would like to be president and that’s why they hate Trump, in my opinion.

I want to start listening to Kanye’s music pretty soon. Actually, I already do have one of Kanye’s older albums on CD and it’s his album “Graduation”. I’ll have to look around for it. I used to listen to that album a lot. I do like listening to some rap music, I’m not against all of it.


Marco Rubio is more presidential than Hillary… here is the proof…

I may not be a big fan of Marco Rubio but at least he seems like a friendly and down to Earth guy, I’ll give them that. TMZ stopped Marco on his way out and Marco was cool enough to stop for a few to chat with them.

When TMZ tried to stop Hillary to chat with her, she just smiled, kept on walking and ignored them.

Just more proof that Hillary is unfit to be president. She’s nothing but a bitch and a cunt. I hardly ever call women those names but Hillary is deserving of it. I mean what kind of presidential candidate would just keep on walking and ignore people? Sure, Hillary might be in a hurry which looks like but she should have stopped over to say “hi” which would only take a minute or two just so she can look “presidential”.

She can do all kinds of “un-presidential” things all she wants to, liberals will still love her no matter what she does.


Scott Weiland shoots down jail rumors…

TMZ started the rumors that former frontman of STP, Scott Weiland have been in jail for a few months and as you can see, Mr. Weiland was quick to shoot down the rumors. He proved that he wasn’t arrested by showing this video of him in the studio with his new band, The Wildabouts.

Look like Harvey Levin of TMZ is about to get “cease and desist letters” from Scott’s attorneys.

I hate TMZ. They are a bunch of loser whackjobs who needs to find a real job. Yep, getting paid to make celebrities look bad publicly. TMZ needs to be shut down.

I’m glad Scott is well, though and he is looking real good and healthy in this video too.

Look like he is recording his first album with the Wildabouts band. He’s been playing live with the Wildabouts for a long while now, they just never recorded a studio album yet until now.

Scott Weiland may have had some personal problems in the past but people change. Why can’t people understand that? Nope. People always have to accuse him of a lot of ridiculous things.


Cool Video: Chris Jericho on TMZ, talks trash at Mickey Rourke some more, makes fun of Barack Obama…

TmZ catches up with WWE star Chris Jericho in NYC…it’s a good two minute video where TmZ asks him about Mickey Rourke and Barack Obama.

See this funny video here:


Imagine walking the streets of NYC and suddenly you see Chris Jericho walk by. If that happened to me, I would have stopped him for an autograph and a picture taken with him.

Notice there are no crazy WWE fans stopping him for an autograph or a picture taken. I guess those Victoria, B.C. videos scared people off? People are afraid to meet Chris Jericho now and they should be!

I won’t be afraid to meet the guy.


TMZ confirms a beaten Rihanna photo is real…

Actually the LAPD did confirm the photo is real at TMZ, reports going around that Rihanna’s Dad isn’t happy about it either. I hope Rihanna and her family sues that fucking website, TMZ.

I don’t think the family needed to see that pic and neither the public. I didn’t want to see what her beaten face looks like? Why would anyone?

Boycott TMZ. Mr. Levin calls himself a lawyer? Idiot.


Cool Video: Chris Jericho goes violent at WWE fans…

TMZ posted a video where WWE superstar goes violent at WWE fans after an event in Victoria, B.C. Chris Jericho was on his way to his vehicle to leave for the day, when a crowd of WWE fans gathered around his vehicle. With Chris Jericho known as being a heel (badguy) in WWE, fans start talking trash at the wrestler, swearing at him and everything.

See the video at TMZ here:


Wow. Do people really take wrestling this seriously? Jericho is a scripted badguy and heel in WWE, he’s an actor and entertainer. That bitch who spit in his face, deserved the Smackdown by Jericho.

WWE is just a TV show, kids. It’s okay to hate on a wrestler that you see in character on TV, but if you hate on them in real life when they are not performing, you don’t want to mess with a wrestler for real. You must understand that fiction is different than real life. Those fans surrounding Jericho trying to start shit with him are losers.


EDIT to add: Correction, I just watched the video again, all the girl was asking is she’s asking Jericho if she can take a picture with him, and his answer was a push to the ground? Maybe Jericho is the badguy here, not the fan. I’ll have another post on this in a minute….

Report: Verne Troyer, midget actor sues TMZ.com…

Midget actor Verne Troyer who is most famous and well known for his role as Mini Me in the Austin Powers trilogy sues gossip website TMZ.com, due to TMZ posting a leaked sex tape that had Verne Troyer in it. Verne Troyer reportedly had a sex tape that was leaked online for everyone to see. TMZ posted a small clip of the sex tape that just shows Verne making love to a woman that is much taller than he is.

Verne also sued the man who stoled the tape which Kevin Blatt got a hold of, he was the person who distributed the movie “One Night In Paris”. In the lawsuit, Verne wants the tape an injuction prohibiting further dissemination of the video.

TMZ.com reports:


Harvey Levin, the owner of TMZ is a lawyer himself, don’t worry he’ll get away with this clean.