Cool Video: Chris Jericho goes violent at WWE fans…

TMZ posted a video where WWE superstar goes violent at WWE fans after an event in Victoria, B.C. Chris Jericho was on his way to his vehicle to leave for the day, when a crowd of WWE fans gathered around his vehicle. With Chris Jericho known as being a heel (badguy) in WWE, fans start talking trash at the wrestler, swearing at him and everything.

See the video at TMZ here:

Wow. Do people really take wrestling this seriously? Jericho is a scripted badguy and heel in WWE, he’s an actor and entertainer. That bitch who spit in his face, deserved the Smackdown by Jericho.

WWE is just a TV show, kids. It’s okay to hate on a wrestler that you see in character on TV, but if you hate on them in real life when they are not performing, you don’t want to mess with a wrestler for real. You must understand that fiction is different than real life. Those fans surrounding Jericho trying to start shit with him are losers.


EDIT to add: Correction, I just watched the video again, all the girl was asking is she’s asking Jericho if she can take a picture with him, and his answer was a push to the ground? Maybe Jericho is the badguy here, not the fan. I’ll have another post on this in a minute….

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