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Expecting Chris Jericho to return to WWE soon? Don’t count on it ’cause he just signed with All Elite Wrestling for a full time contract…

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WWE fans were wondering if wrestler Chris Jericho would return to the WWE someday. Jericho has been slowing down in WWE lately focusing on other things like performing at wrestling independent events, touring with Fozzy, working on his podcast and all that stuff that he does. Well, hate to break the news that it looks like that Jericho isn’t returning to WWE anytime soon ’cause he just signed a full time contract to All Elite Wrestling which is a brand new independent wrestling company put together by Shahid and Tony Khan.

To be honest, I’m glad Jericho has been staying away from WWE and he should stay away from them. Back when Jericho was on WWE TV, the WWE wasn’t using him right. WWE kept making him lose matches and kept making him look weak. In my opinion, Jericho did the right thing stepping away from WWE for a while ’cause I don’t like the way WWE is right now to be honest with you. Jericho is better off without WWE anyways.

On top of that, I love the stuff that Jericho is doing with independent wrestling like the stuff he’s doing with Kenny Omega, Cody Rhodes and the Young Bucks. All that stuff he’s doing is pretty amazing shit. All these guys are doing stuff that WWE are afraid of.

I am noticing that independent wrestling have exploded in the wrestling scene. Seems to me that indie wrestling is doing better than WWE nowadays. Why is the indie wrestling scene so hot nowadays?  Why are fans turning to indie wrestling than professional wrestling like WWE? The answer is quite simple really…. one word: wrestling. That’s it. Indie wrestling companies give us wrestling when the WWE doesn’t. WWE is all about family entertainment so fans are now flocking to indie wrestling.

Kenny Omega is a pretty huge star in the indie wrestling world and the Young Bucks are getting up there too. I prefer Jericho stay indie ’cause he’s doing well.

I’m a huge Jericho fan, though. I’ve admired the guy for many many years ever since he made his WWE debut in 2000. I like all the stuff he’s doing. As for his band Fozzy goes, I’ve listened to them a little bit but haven’t bought any of their records… planning on it, though. I’m more of a fan of Jericho’s wrestling than his music.

Jericho’s one of the best in the wrestling business. He can play both the good guy and the bad guy quite well. He’s also really good in the ring too. I wish him luck in AEW.



Just watched the Chris Jericho vs. Kenny Omega match at Wrestle Kingdom 12… wanna see true wrestling then see this match!

The wrestling internet community has been hyping this match to death for a long while and I’ve been wanting to watch, but didn’t know how I would watch the match live ’cause this is a Japanese ppv event. This a Japanese wrestling company called NJPW and they have their yearly “Wrestle Kingdom” shows which is like Japan’s version of WrestleMania sort of. Well Chris Jericho was booked for a United Stated championship match against Kenny Omega @ Wrestle Kingdom 12 which just happened today. I think the ppv event happened earlier this morning ’cause it would be night in Japan… keep in mind Japan is on the other side of the world so the Time Zones are gonna be different obviously.

I saw the match Omega vs. Jericho and I’m like “Wow, what a freakin’ match”! I bet this match got Vince McMahon a bit jealous ’cause this match was 100% true wrestling. This is the kind of match you’ll never see in WWE. When I watched this match with Omega vs. Jericho, I definitely did not feel like watching a match that is for children. This match has all the things you’ll never see in a WWE ring: chair shots to the head, blood, flipping the middle finger, etc. In this match, Jericho is the heel and Omega is the baby face. I thought both men did a great job and this match will go down as a classic.

I’ve been a fan of Chris Jericho for years and my loyalty to him never stopped. Jericho does a good job playing both the heel and the baby face, but in this match Jericho’s heel character is different than WWE. One thing I like about Chris Jericho, he’s always great at changing his wrestling gimmicks over the years. Jericho has always been a phenomenal performer but this match was the best I’ve seen him in.

Take note, Vince McMahon. This is what wrestling fans want to see. It’s a good thing Japan knows what true wrestling is all about. This match was thrilling and exciting all the way through.

Will WWE sign Kenny Omega after this match? Who knows, anything is possible now.


Chris Jericho and Brock Lesnar had altercation backstage after Lesnar match with Randy Orton…

That match even got Chris Jericho wondering whether that fight between Lesnar vs. Orton was real or not. Jericho got concerned about Orton’s well being but Jericho and Lesnar got into a little fight backstage ’cause of it. Vince confirmed it was all a work and even Randy knew it was.


Interesting article, though. Gotta give props to Jericho ’cause he cares for people and he’s a good guy in real life. I’ll admit that Lesnar can be a bit of a narcissist and a bully, though.


Hear a song by Fozzy here…

Chris Jericho have been playing some new Fozzy songs on his podcast show and from what I’ve heard the new Fozzy album is pretty damn good. I think I’m gonna get it pretty soon.

I think this band deserves more mainstream recognition ’cause they’re pretty good, in my opinion. If Chris wants to go far in his music, I think he should retire from wrestling for good and focus on music full time. Fozzy isn’t too bad at all. I dig ’em.


Chris Jericho… why I respect the hell out of him…

I may have stopped watching WWE for a long while but I’ll never stop loving all the wrestlers and I will always respect the company’s superstars. Chris Jericho who is also known as, Y2J is one of those wrestlers who I respect a whole lot. I just read his first two books, “A Lions Tale” and “Undisputed” (both of these books are really good, btw). I haven’t read his third book, “The Best In the World” (which just came out not too long ago) but I will get around to it soon. I’ve been a Jericho fan for many years. Pretty much followed his entire WWE career. He’s a great wrestler, great performer and great entertainer.

Most importantly of all, he seems like a good guy in real life too. Why do I look up to him so much? I  just like the way he talks and the way he thinks. He’s a pretty intelligent guy and very honest. I just think he tells the best wrestling stories than any other wrestlers out there. Yeah, other wrestlers tell wrestling stories but Jericho is the best at it. If you want proof of that… listen to his podcast show, “Talk Is Jericho” and read his books. After I read his first two books and listening to his podcast show, this stuff is bringing back a lot of memories from the old days of wrestling. So far, I remember all of this stuff. I also enjoy listening to Jericho’s conversations on music and metal.

His podcast show “Talk Is Jericho” is very good. Ever since IOS 8 was made, the new Podcast app came up. “Talk Is Jericho” is the only podcast show I listen to and so far, I listened to the first 59 episodes. The podcast is addicting. Seriously, it’s the only podcast show I listen to. I don’t listen to other podcast shows. Jericho’s podcast is the only one worth listening to, in my opinion.

I respect this man a whole lot ’cause I admired him for making his dreams come true and working hard to entertaining people. He has a passion for it and he’s very good with his fans too.

I haven’t gotten into his band Fozzy yet but gonna plan on getting their albums soon. I just respected him for his wrestling career. I hope to get my chance to meet the guy sometime if he’ll ever do an autograph signing around here sometime in the future.

This guy is an icon in wrestling and we have a future WWE Hall of Famer for sure.

If you ever asked me who my favorite wrestlers of all time are, here are my top 5 in no order:

Chris Jericho Y2J

Ric Flair

Mick Foley

Ultimate Warrior

The Undertaker

Even though I stopped watching WWE… I haven’t been watching for over a year now… I will always be a wrestling fanatic, though. I just prefer the older days of wrestling like 80’s through the 90’s. I don’t like today’s wrestling at all.


Brock defends wrestler, Chris Jericho……again….

WWE Star, Chris Jericho, is in the news again. Of course, every time this guy returns to the business and if he does something controversial, he becomes a big target in media news. Remember, a while back, I think a few years ago, that Jericho was in the news, for getting into a fight with a female fan after a house show? (He punched her in the face…) Well, here is something new this year. Jericho and CM Punk were performing a match at a House show in Brazil.

CM Punk was waving the Brazil flag for the fans, but Jericho took the flag away, and kicked it out of the ring. See the video here, at TMZ.

Brazilian police came close to arresting Jericho for it ’cause it’s against the law to desecrate flags in their country, but Jericho apologized for it and they let him go, but WWE suspended him for 30 days instead.

You guys, Jericho is a bad guy wrestler, a heel. That’s what heel wrestlers do, they’re supposed to do offensive things to get, “heat”. They’ll do whatever it takes to get the crowd booing ’cause that’s what a heel’s job is supposed to do. It’s all part of a wrestling show. I’m sure Jericho doesn’t hate Brazil, this is just part of his act.

On top of all this, heel wrestlers do this stuff all the time in the business over the years, but the way the industry is today, since wrestling is so mainstream, everyone wants to think of “wrestling” as real. Chris Jericho is a great performer. One of the best heel wrestlers around. If he can get himself in the news, get himself in the media being a bad guy “wrestler”, he’s doing all the right things. Whether it gets himself in trouble in real life or not. I mean, how many heel wrestlers out there do something offensive and they don’t make media news? Not too many. You have to do something drastic, in order to get everyone’s attention in a wider scale and Chris Jericho can do that.

That’s what make him a talented performer. Now, it wouldn’t surprise me if this gets turned into a wrestling angle next week on RAW. It’s hard to take things seriously in wrestling. Hard to tell whether these things are real or not. I still support Jericho. He really didn’t mean what he did. He was just being a performer, and that’s his job.


Report: Chris Jericho to take time off from WWE again???

Rumours are swirling the nets that WWE star Chris Jericho could be quitting WWE or take some time off again. Why? Since he has a pretty big tour with his metal band, Fozzy, that is what’s putting his WWE career in question.

There are rumours that Jericho wants to concentrate on Fozzy full time and hoping to start an acting career.

I find this a shame that Jericho is about to go from WWE soon ’cause I feel it’s too early for him. He’s too young to be quitting. Jericho is just getting at the top of his game in WWE and he’s about to throw it all away. Jericho’s been on his twitter page, hinting that he’s leaving WWE soon. Just last night after his “Night of Champions” ppv appearance, Jericho tweeted this.  So does this mean Jericho won’t appear on RAW tonight? We’ll have to wait and see. I think he’s teasing but he might appear on RAW tonight, never know.