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WWE star Randy Orton gets out of character to save young fan getting squashed at security barricade at ringside…

The WWE is now performing shows over in the UK this week… and in this video above, here you see WWE star Randy Orton (who is tag team champion with Matt Riddle) fist bumping fans at ringside ’cause Randy is now a babyface currently. As Randy was fist bumping and smiling at fans, he notices a young child fan is in trouble. This young fan, a little kid seems to be struggling in the crowd and was about to get squashed at the security barricade.

As you can see Randy immediately gets out of character as in getting out of his wrestling gimmick for a while to help a young fan struggling. What’s happening here is that fans are going a little crazy, hoping to get a fist bump by Randy and trying to get a closer look at the superstar but these rabid fans are not watching out for the little ones. Fans can get a little rabid and rowdy at WWE shows as well.

As you see in the video, Randy is not afraid to put his hands on fans and push them back and he’s not afraid to tell ’em to “move back”… which is cool… the goal is to give the kid some breathing room. As you can see Randy very protective of that child and a WWE security staff came to assist Randy.

What I love the most about all this is that Randy put the belt down to help that young fan…. clearly showing you that Randy feels that the belt is not really all that important… a child’s life goes first.

Why is Randy like this? Well Randy is really good with kids ’cause he is a father of his own… he has two daughters. In WWE, Randy may play a bad guy and heel a lot but in real life, Randy is just a normal guy and a family man himself.

Wrestlers really are good people and they really care for the fans. They wrestle ’cause they perform for us to begin with. They wrestle because they want to entertain people so yeah, a lot of wrestlers really care for the fans who go to the live shows. I’m sure Randy is really good with the young fans that go to his autograph signings and meet & greet events.

What Randy did here was pretty heroic, heroes don’t always wear capes.


So the headline main event for “Wrestlemania 33” is gonna end up being John Cena vs. Randy Orton for the WWE Title? Looks like it!!!

So I watched the Royal Rumble ppv last night and it was good. So the main event for the upcoming ‘Mania 33 is probably gonna end up being John Cena vs. Randy Orton for the WWE Title. Last night John Cena won the WWE Title from AJ Styles (which was an amazing match btw, more on that later in this post) and Randy Orton ended up winning the 30 Man Rumble matchup. So that basically means that Orton is now automatically slotted to headline ‘Mania 33 for the WWE Championship. Could it actually be Cena vs. Orton @ ‘Mania? Possibly if Cena can keep the belt for that long that is unless someone takes it from him before ‘Mania but I doubt it though. It may not seem like it but Cena and Orton never had a headlining singles match at ‘Mania before so I think it’s finally time. Cena and Orton had other singles matches at other ppv’s before but never ‘Mania. Correct me if I’m wrong. I think Cena vs. Orton should happen at ‘Mania ’cause that would make an amazing match.

It’s sad that the Undertaker lost again but I think the Undertaker will still have a match at WM-33 this year. Who would Undertaker have a match against? Undertaker will probably end up having a match against Roman Reigns. Undertaker got eliminated by Roman Reigns at the Rumble last night so the Undertaker will definitely want his payback. So watch out Roman, you just messed with the wrong guy!

As far as the Rumble match itself goes, it was pretty good but slightly disappointing. Not because that Orton won, though. I’m actually glad that Orton won ’cause that was unexpecting. They made last night’s Rumble match unpredictable this time which was good. I’m disappointed in the Rumble match ’cause they made Brock Lesnar and Goldberg look like babies, they didn’t last long in the match at all. Sad! There were also no surprising superstar returns from the past which also made it disappointing: No Kurt Angle, no Triple H, no Shane McMahon… nobody came back. Just current superstars.

I thought Kevin Owens vs. Roman Reigns match was really good. I’m starting to like Kevin Owens even more. After watching that match, I thought to myself, did Vince finally lift the ban on chair shots to the head? There were a few of those in that match last night I see.

I thought the best match of the night was Cena vs. AJ Styles. That match was amazing. You see Vince? That’s what we all want to see. GOOD WRESTLING. Technical wrestling finally made a comeback. That match was incredible and will go down as a classic years from now. Both men did a phenomenal job. Ya know, when I used to watch TNA Wrestling… I’ve had my eye on AJ Styles for years and I always knew that guy would be a big WWE Superstar someday and here he is. I used to hate John Cena but I don’t anymore. Cena is becoming my favorite lately and I’m liking him more and more. I don’t understand all the Cena hate ’cause like him or not, that man is very talented and works hard. My respect grew on Cena lately.

It was a pretty good Rumble last night.


Chris Jericho and Brock Lesnar had altercation backstage after Lesnar match with Randy Orton…

That match even got Chris Jericho wondering whether that fight between Lesnar vs. Orton was real or not. Jericho got concerned about Orton’s well being but Jericho and Lesnar got into a little fight backstage ’cause of it. Vince confirmed it was all a work and even Randy knew it was.


Interesting article, though. Gotta give props to Jericho ’cause he cares for people and he’s a good guy in real life. I’ll admit that Lesnar can be a bit of a narcissist and a bully, though.


Did Vince McMahon lift the ban on blood in WWE? About last night’s Summerslam…

Last night, I watched “WWE Summerslam” ppv on the WWE Network. A lot of people are complaining about the ending but I thought it was a great ending. Ya know, they don’t call Brock Lesnar “the beast incarnate” for no reason and they wanted to make a point with Brock Lesnar. They did exactly that last night. Lesnar is once again this unstoppable monster. He’s been exactly that ever since he beat the Undertaker and broke the Undertaker’s streak at Wrestlemania. Lesnar is the unstoppable monster in the UFC and they wanted keep the unstoppable monster going in the WWE.

There’s a lot of talk that Lesnar went off script and he beat Randy Orton in a bloody mess for real. In my opinion, I don’t think so. It was scripted for sure. I could tell that Lesnar was sticking to the script. While the blood did look pretty real to me, there is a technique that wrestlers do to their opponents called “blading”. It’s where they hide a small knife where they cut the opponent off-screen so they can look like they’re in a bloody mess. So it was definitely all fake for sure, of course. WWE just did a good job on making it look “real” as possible.

A lot of people are shitting on the Summerslam ending but once again, I thought it was great. Lesnar the beast has returned. The monster in him is what I love about Lesnar. He’s a heel that everyone loves to hate.


On top of all this, with the way this thing is going with Brock Lesnar in WWE is leading up to something. It’s leading up to a possible match against Bill Goldberg so will there be a Brock Lesnar vs. Bill Goldberg match in the future? There’s been a lot of talk on that. I heard that Goldberg called out Lesnar so the feud is already starting. What I think is gonna happen is that Lesnar is gonna keep beaten up superstars like he did with Randy Orton and then Bill Goldberg decides to be the hero to try and stop Lesnar. I think a Lesnar vs. Goldberg match will possibly happen at the Royal Rumble or the next Wrestlemania. I think it be better at the next Wrestlemania in 2017. Bill Goldberg is a wrestling icon too, he was another legend from WCW. So far, Brock Lesnar beat all the legends and icons in the WWE but not yet Bill Goldberg.

I was kind of shocked to see the blood myself ’cause when I saw that, I thought to myself, “I thought Vince McMahon banned blood in WWE, did he just lifted the ban?”. Probably not. Blood is probably only allowed during a Brock Lesnar match ’cause when you see a Brock Lesnar match, you’re gonna expect to see blood. It’s not a Brock Lesnar match if blood wasn’t allowed, right? If there’s no blood during a Lesnar match then he’s no longer the “beast incarnate”. Something to think about.

Yep, this is all leading to a match with Bill Goldberg. People was hoping that Bill Goldberg would come out and save Randy but no Goldberg yet. Who knows? Maybe Goldberg will appear on RAW tonight. Could be a possibility.

Last night’s Summerslam ppv was awesome overall, though. I liked most matches. I liked Sasha vs. Charlotte the best and I also loved Aj Styles vs. John Cena. I used to be a John Cena hater but I’m actually starting to like him more. I have no problem with Cena now as he’s just starting to earn my respect. I’ll have another post on Cena another time.


Report: WWE blames low rating for last Monday’s RAW show on Randy Orton…

Last Monday’s RAW didn’t do very well in the ratings. The ratings were very low this week. Usually RAW ratings are good, but WWE is failing fast. Who does the WWE blame the low ratings on? Yep that’s right, Randy Orton. See the article, here.

Of course, they would blame it all on him. I don’t blame it on Randy Orton ’cause the fans are starting to like him now. He’s becoming a babyface, so the ratings aren’t his fault at all. What do I think happened to the ratings???

First of all, everyone’s probably sick of seeing WWE sticking their dicks up John Cena’s ass. Cena getting too much screen time, hogging the main events. Almost every RAW episode ends with Cena being the hero. Sick of it, sick of it, sick of it. Secondly, everyone’s sick of this RAW anonymous GM already. Thirdly, the reason no one watches RAW anymore is because all the iconic superstars are gone: No Rock, No Stone Cold, No Mick Foley, No HHH, No Jim Ross being the announcer, No more Dave Batista, etc. You get the drill. Maybe people are getting tired of celebrity guest hosts and getting tired of the PG rating. Also getting tired of the Nexus storyline.

Don’t blame on Randy Orton, WWE. Stupid! He’s just a guy doing his job, getting paid to perform for the fans.


Thought: WWE doesn’t suck!!!

I see so many people slamming the WWE. Accusing them of being a bunch of phonies and saying how fake they are, and how they suck at everything they do. They are fake and scripted of course. They are entertainment. Like them or not, they are sports athletes. No matter what you think of them, they are athletes. The wrestling is fake, but as I always say, injuries do happen for real sometimes just like you can get injured on any job. I don’t care what anyone thinks about professional wrestling. Gotta give them the respect they deserve, ’cause they work very hard to keep their companies alive today. They are really good business and marketing people. They are better at marketing than almost every company out there. They sell out almost every arena shows, they get strong TV ratings and high PPV buy rates still. I give the WWE, a whole lot of respect. 100%. Like them or not, they do a good job entertaining people.

These guys travel every week non stop, no seasons off. They work hard, all year round, every day. Do they suck for that? I give all the performers respect because a lot of them don’t do wrestling for money. Why do they do wrestling? Because they simply love it. They are addicted to professional wrestling and huge wrestling fans just as much as we are. They may have went back to the PG rating, but you know what? The PG rating doesn’t bother me anymore. It’s actually a good move.

I get made fun of all the time for my love of professional wrestling. You know what? I’m cool with that. I enjoy what I want to enjoy. I’ve been watching professional wrestling for years, ever since I was a child. I still treat professional wrestling as a passion of mine. The WWE is a powerful company ’cause Vince is a great promoter and one of the best businessmen around. He’s a very intelligent guy. I still watch WWE ’cause I respect them. You should too, even if you’re not a fan of this brand. People call the superstars and performers fakes, but they didn’t get signed to the WWE overnight. These superstars had years of training and learning wrestling before they got to WWE. To me WWE is very special ’cause they need to entertain families and people around the world. They work very hard for what they do. So give them the respect they deserve. They still do a good job putting on shows even if it’s a PG rating.

Tonight’s “Night of Champions” PPV was good. Got some of my predictions right and some wrong. Kane won against Undertaker like I said. Randy Orton is now WWE Champion. I’m happy WWE gave the title win to someone else this time. It was getting kind of boring seeing John Cena win almost every ppv. It’s nice to finally have a little change for once! I loved the ppv. More on this tomorrow.


BREAKING NEWS: Randy Orton seriously injured for real from last night’s WWE “Over the Limit” ppv…

If you want some sad news, here it is. WWE Superstar, Randy Orton, was seriously injured from last night’s WWE “Over the Limit” ppv. I didn’t watch it, by the way. It was Randy Orton vs. Edge in a single’s match. The match was cut short (it wasn’t in the script), after the referee noticing that Randy was wincing in pain. It was then discovered that Randy dislocated one of his shoulders.

More on it here:


You ask, how can wrestlers get injured when wrestling is fake? Yes, wrestling is fake…but not all of it. Wrestlers can get injured for real, but by accident. Anybody can get injured on all jobs, it’s the same with wrestling. Keep in mind that these wrestlers doing a lot of physical things, and even if you do a fake move…you could get a bad muscle strain or a pull or a superstar can get something worse. Randy Orton has a history with shoulder problems and if his shoulder keeps getting worse, his professional wrestling days could be over for good.

I’m not sure how badily injured Randy Orton is, and not sure how long he’ll be out of WWE. He might not be gone at all and might show up on RAW tonight. It’s a real injury so Randy Orton could be gone for a long time. Like him or hate him, Randy is one of the best performers in WWE. Great worker. He’s a great wrestler, excellent on the mic, has a good look, good physique, etc. He has it all. He has everything what a wrestler is supposed to be.

To those who don’t know, Randy Orton is the son of wrestling legend, Cowboy Bob Orton. Randy had always been one of my favorite superstars even when he is heel. If he’s going to be gone for a long time to heal up, the WWE would be crap without him.


Report: Ed Harris to star in “Big Red” with WWE star Randy Orton…

WWE Films is doing a family film titled, “Big Red” which will star Ed Harris and Amy Madigan in the lead. With WWE being in charge of this film, of course, there will be a WWE superstar involved and that is Randy Orton. Ed Harris will play an English school teacher and Randy will play the father of a bully who wants the teacher fired. So this means it’s Ed Harris vs. Randy Orton in a film?

Does this also mean that Ed Harris could be hired as a RAW guest host in the future? Possibly. Ed Harris being RAW guest host would be pretty sweet. Who knew that Ed was such a big wrestling fan? You just never know who is!!!



Thought: Dave Batista return at Wrestlemania this weekend? Will the Animal interfere the Triple H vs. Randy Orton match?

Rumours swirling the webs, that “The Animal” Dave Batista might return to WWE soon this year, he is clear from his injury to come back. Dave said in an interview once that he might have a match at Wrestlemania this Sunday but don’t know if he’ll be back in time for a storyline for it. Could he make his return at Wrestlemania 25 this Sunday? If he did, then it would make sense if he interfered the, ‘Triple H vs. Randy Orton” match. As you wrestling fans may already know, Batista has lots of history with Orton. As all three were in the group, Evolution, with Ric Flair in the past.

I would like to see a Batista comeback. The “Triple H. vs Randy Orton” match may not get any interferences at all, and they just wrestle clean. We’ll just have to wait this Sunday to find out.


Report: Behind the scenes of the Triple H invades Randy Orton’s home segment on RAW last night…

  • The house that Triple H and Randy Orton filming in wasn’t really Randy Orton’s home. It was a house WWE rented in Florida just to film that one segment.
  • Randy Orton isn’t really married to that woman seen in that segment, the woman that played Randy Orton’s wife is actually a former Playboy model, Laura Croft. On Raw, Randy said he was married to that woman, named Samantha, which was played by Laura. In real life, Randy Orton is actually married to a woman named, Samantha Speno but looks like the actual Samantha didn’t want to act on TV.

More on it here: