Did Vince McMahon lift the ban on blood in WWE? About last night’s Summerslam…

Last night, I watched “WWE Summerslam” ppv on the WWE Network. A lot of people are complaining about the ending but I thought it was a great ending. Ya know, they don’t call Brock Lesnar “the beast incarnate” for no reason and they wanted to make a point with Brock Lesnar. They did exactly that last night. Lesnar is once again this unstoppable monster. He’s been exactly that ever since he beat the Undertaker and broke the Undertaker’s streak at Wrestlemania. Lesnar is the unstoppable monster in the UFC and they wanted keep the unstoppable monster going in the WWE.

There’s a lot of talk that Lesnar went off script and he beat Randy Orton in a bloody mess for real. In my opinion, I don’t think so. It was scripted for sure. I could tell that Lesnar was sticking to the script. While the blood did look pretty real to me, there is a technique that wrestlers do to their opponents called “blading”. It’s where they hide a small knife where they cut the opponent off-screen so they can look like they’re in a bloody mess. So it was definitely all fake for sure, of course. WWE just did a good job on making it look “real” as possible.

A lot of people are shitting on the Summerslam ending but once again, I thought it was great. Lesnar the beast has returned. The monster in him is what I love about Lesnar. He’s a heel that everyone loves to hate.


On top of all this, with the way this thing is going with Brock Lesnar in WWE is leading up to something. It’s leading up to a possible match against Bill Goldberg so will there be a Brock Lesnar vs. Bill Goldberg match in the future? There’s been a lot of talk on that. I heard that Goldberg called out Lesnar so the feud is already starting. What I think is gonna happen is that Lesnar is gonna keep beaten up superstars like he did with Randy Orton and then Bill Goldberg decides to be the hero to try and stop Lesnar. I think a Lesnar vs. Goldberg match will possibly happen at the Royal Rumble or the next Wrestlemania. I think it be better at the next Wrestlemania in 2017. Bill Goldberg is a wrestling icon too, he was another legend from WCW. So far, Brock Lesnar beat all the legends and icons in the WWE but not yet Bill Goldberg.

I was kind of shocked to see the blood myself ’cause when I saw that, I thought to myself, “I thought Vince McMahon banned blood in WWE, did he just lifted the ban?”. Probably not. Blood is probably only allowed during a Brock Lesnar match ’cause when you see a Brock Lesnar match, you’re gonna expect to see blood. It’s not a Brock Lesnar match if blood wasn’t allowed, right? If there’s no blood during a Lesnar match then he’s no longer the “beast incarnate”. Something to think about.

Yep, this is all leading to a match with Bill Goldberg. People was hoping that Bill Goldberg would come out and save Randy but no Goldberg yet. Who knows? Maybe Goldberg will appear on RAW tonight. Could be a possibility.

Last night’s Summerslam ppv was awesome overall, though. I liked most matches. I liked Sasha vs. Charlotte the best and I also loved Aj Styles vs. John Cena. I used to be a John Cena hater but I’m actually starting to like him more. I have no problem with Cena now as he’s just starting to earn my respect. I’ll have another post on Cena another time.


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