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Watched “Wrestlemania – 38” over the weekend, pretty good… mostly predictable but a few shocking moments…

Yeah, I watched Wrestlemania 38 over the weekend. It was a pretty good ppv. Mostly “predictable”, the matches went by quick and there were only a couple of long ones. While it was mostly predictable, it was entertaining as hell show, though. They did a good job.

Only match I didn’t like was Charlotte vs. Ronda which was disappointing. Other than that it’s a good show….

Here are my favorite matches over the weekend:

– Seth vs. Cody
– Bianca vs. Becky
– Stone Cold vs. Kevin Owens
– RKBro vs. Street Profits vs. Alpha Academy
– Johnny Knoxville vs. Sami Zayn (I laughed my ass off, so hilarious)
– The Pat McAffee vs. Theory/Vince
– Roman vs. Brock (Pretty solid main event match)

Couple of shocking moments this year: Ronda loses to Charlotte (does this mean that Ronda’s WWE comeback was part-time and then she’ll disappear again???)

Damien Priest teams up with Edge… what was that about? Is Edge re-forming and reviving the Brood but with different members?

Not only Stone Cold wrestled his last match, Vince ended up having his last match as well .

I’ve been watching Wrestlemania every year and still do.

On with RAW after Wrestlemania tonight.


Vince McMahon interview on the Pat McCafee show… entertaining as hell, really!

Yesterday afternoon, I watched Vince McMahon’s interview with podcaster, Pat Mcafee live on his youtube show. I watched it from start to finish. I must say that it was a very interesting and entertaining as hell interview really. Vince, the CEO and chairman of the WWE and Pat McAfee a podcaster turned WWE Smackdown color commentator. Pat is a really good interviewer and good talker, I can see why Vince hired Pat to be the color commentator on Smackdown.

This interview goes over about an hour long and if you don’t feel like watching the whole thing, I’ll give you a small recap.

On Pat’s show, anything goes. It’s a no holds barred, anything goes podcast/show so guests on his show can talk whatever and however they want. They can swear too so yeah, you can betcha Vince drops a lot of F bombs which is cool. A different side of Vince you’ve never seen before.

Pat is not afraid to ask Vince some hard hitting questions and he asked plenty of hard questions. Vince seems okay with it and he answered everything.

Some of the topics that I found most interesting that were talked about…

  • Vince was asked about the roster cuts like all those superstars that were released/fired over the past year or so. Vince’s response that he just does what is right for business. Not a clear answer really.
  • Vince was asked why he ignores “wrestling” and everything about it. Vince’s answer to that one is that his father Vince Sr. ran the company a similar way, Vince Jr. is just doing it the way his father did it. Vince also said there will always be wrestling in WWE.
  • Pat asked Vince why he made himself a wrestler over the years… well Vince replied saying that the feud with Stone Cold forced him into being a wrestler/performer himself. Vince had to be the most hated bad guy ’cause of it.
  • Vince was asked about the Monday Night Wars and AEW. Vince said he enjoys confrontation.
  • Vince said he listen to audience but a portion of the internet audience can be biased and so he doesn’t listen to any of it. (meaning Vince doesn’t like the “wrestling smart” community? Which is no surprise really…

A lot of people want to hate on Vinnie Mac but I don’t know why. I respect him. Always did. He gave us all this, ya know? Wrestling. Without WWE, we wouldn’t have gotten WCW, TNA, ECW, ROH, AEW and all these other wrestling promotions that are out there. Plus Vince is a legend himself and he was a great performer in his own right.

I respect Vince even more after this interview. Vince is a very soft spoken guy but he’s actually surprisingly pretty smart. Vince doesn’t do interviews that much and I try to watch/listen to all of them.


Went to WWE “Supershow” last night in Glens Falls, it was a total blast…

Last night, I went to a live WWE show called, “WWE Supershow” in Glens Falls NY at Cool Insuring Arena, I think it’s called.

I don’t go see live wrestling a lot but I do when I can. I love watching live wrestling. It is definitely way more fun watching pro wrestling live in an arena than watching it on TV for sure.

The goal for the WWE Supershow to have shows that features both RAW & Smackdown rosters having matches on the same show. Given by the title, “Supershow” that means a show full of the biggest stars on both rosters.

I had a blast last night. It was a good time seeing all the current talent you see on WWE TV week after week performing live in person. Pretty much all the huge stars were there: Charlotte Flair, Becky Lynch, Seth Rollins, Kevin Owens, Roman Reigns, Sheamus, etc. Crazy but fun. Even all the newer talent were there. Bobby Lashley made a surprise appearance even though he wasn’t listed in the card.

Most of the matches were “so and so” but it didn’t matter… it was still a blast seeing all the current stars live.

Now that live entertainment came back after a lockdown, it was refreshing for me to go out and see a live show ’cause I definitely needed that.

This is what professional wrestling is all about. That’s what wrestling is here for. It’s all about the live show, ya know? That’s why wrestlers do what they do, perform in front of crowds.

Here were the results from last night if anyone cares:

I did buy something from the merch table. I bought an RKBro shirt which is the name of a tag team that has Randy Orton and Matt Riddle in it. I’m a fan of that tag team now so I bought their shirt. Randy Orton wasn’t there last night but Matt Riddle was to have a singles match.

It’s good to go out and see live entertainment whether a pro wrestling show or a live concert. I would love to go see a rock concert at some point but a lot of venues are “vax only” and I vow to never get vaccinated so thankfully WWE isn’t super strict on “vaccines”.

It was a fun night last night, though and it was a great time seeing all the current stars including Roman Reigns and the Usos who is known as a faction called The Bloodline.

WWE events are a good event to take your kids ’cause there were kids all over last night. WWE continues to be family friendly but still fun. I continue to be a wrestling fan and not ashamed of it. I’ve been a wrestling fan ever since I was a child to be honest. Never gave up on it.


WWE star Randy Orton gets out of character to save young fan getting squashed at security barricade at ringside…

The WWE is now performing shows over in the UK this week… and in this video above, here you see WWE star Randy Orton (who is tag team champion with Matt Riddle) fist bumping fans at ringside ’cause Randy is now a babyface currently. As Randy was fist bumping and smiling at fans, he notices a young child fan is in trouble. This young fan, a little kid seems to be struggling in the crowd and was about to get squashed at the security barricade.

As you can see Randy immediately gets out of character as in getting out of his wrestling gimmick for a while to help a young fan struggling. What’s happening here is that fans are going a little crazy, hoping to get a fist bump by Randy and trying to get a closer look at the superstar but these rabid fans are not watching out for the little ones. Fans can get a little rabid and rowdy at WWE shows as well.

As you see in the video, Randy is not afraid to put his hands on fans and push them back and he’s not afraid to tell ’em to “move back”… which is cool… the goal is to give the kid some breathing room. As you can see Randy very protective of that child and a WWE security staff came to assist Randy.

What I love the most about all this is that Randy put the belt down to help that young fan…. clearly showing you that Randy feels that the belt is not really all that important… a child’s life goes first.

Why is Randy like this? Well Randy is really good with kids ’cause he is a father of his own… he has two daughters. In WWE, Randy may play a bad guy and heel a lot but in real life, Randy is just a normal guy and a family man himself.

Wrestlers really are good people and they really care for the fans. They wrestle ’cause they perform for us to begin with. They wrestle because they want to entertain people so yeah, a lot of wrestlers really care for the fans who go to the live shows. I’m sure Randy is really good with the young fans that go to his autograph signings and meet & greet events.

What Randy did here was pretty heroic, heroes don’t always wear capes.


Thoughts on all these WWE superstar releases lately…

The WWE has been releasing a large number of superstars from the company lately. In wrestling terms, “release” is another term for getting fired (a termination).

The huge list of superstars getting released from the company started during the lockdown and the superstar releases continue even now. This been going on since last year really. Most of the superstar releases were pretty worthy of letting go ’cause the WWE has done nothing with most of them but there were a few releases that make you go, “huh, why?” For example, Bray Wyatt aka the Fiend especially and Braun Strowman is another one. Those two guys were kind of a big draw to the company and were getting ready for main event status but they got released anyway. Another guy that is pretty questionable is a wrestler named Rusev who’s release was unfair as well.

The latest names that WWE got rid of was Nia Jax which was also a shocker. Ya know who Nia Jax is, she is kind of a thick and overweight female wrestler who was also considered a top star. You saw her on WWE television week after week and all of a sudden WWE releases her. Male stars Keith Lee and Karrion Kross were also names that kind of shocked me.

Some of you may ask, why is all this happening? Many say it’s budget cuts and the pandemic did them all in which is kind of true. WWE can’t afford to pay all these stars anymore so they’re trying all they can to keep costs down.

Well, for one their product sucks anyways and they’re having a tough time trying to make money ’cause of their bad writing and bad booking of matches. Their ratings continue to tank week after week and WWE is getting worse. Even NXT and NXT UK are starting to get unwatchable. WWE is not a huge money making company like they used to be.

It’s sad, ya know? All these wrestlers got into wrestling ’cause they want to make their dreams come true. They got into the business ’cause most of these wrestlers grew up watching the golden age of wrestling like Hulk Hogan, Ultimate Warrior, Macho Man, Bret Hart, Owen Hart… the good ol’ days of the 80’s. Wrestlers got into the business hoping to become future champions and main eventers but their dreams won’t even come true ’cause of all these releases. Their careers can be cut short at anytime.

Now I would think any wrestler still working for WWE now are starting to get worried if they’ll ever get the “pink” paper one day, a termination.

Anyhow, as you see these guys get released from WWE… all these wrestlers continue to work for the wrestling business but they go to other promotions like AEW, TNA, ROH or they just work for indie promotions. They continue to work for wrestling ’cause it’s what these guys do. Wrestling is in their blood, it’s their passion so they can’t give it up even if they were let go of WWE.

I feel kind of bad for these guys, though ’cause they worked real hard to get to WWE and it’s over for them real fast. I used to have no problem with Vince McMahon but he’s starting to get on my nerves now. I’m losing it.


AEW will be another failure, WWE will always be king…

It may seem like AEW is a pretty hot wrestling promotion for right now but make no mistake about it… their popularity will die down sometime soon and they will just be another wrestling business going out of business. Kind of like what happened to WCW and ECW. When WCW and ECW started out, they started off pretty hot in the beginning but people stopped caring later on. I predict the same will happen to AEW. Go out of business like all the others. TNA Impact is still around but even they failed as a wrestling company due to different owner changes.

When AEW first started, I’ve been liking them for a little while… I’ve been with them at the start but then bailed and stopped watching. Why? I don’t know… it seems to me that AEW is trying to rip off WWE of what WWE did in the 90’s during the Attitude Era. I’m also amazed at how all these former WWE personalities that are in AEW now, talking so much negative shit about WWE and Vince. It’s like what? So many people claim there is no WWE vs. AEW war but that’s not what I’m seeing. AEW’s attacks and shots at WWE just won’t stop and they just continue. While most former WWE personalities are in AEW talking shit about WWE and Vince, there is one former WWE star that has nothing but positive things to say about WWE and Vince… that guy is none other than Aleister Black who is now Malakai Black in AEW. The split with WWE and Aleister Black was amicable, there’s no bad blood at all. I think Aleister was released due to the pandemic?

Anyhow, like with the title of this topic says, yes, “WWE will always be king”. Yes, it is true. There can be other wrestling promotions but they will never overtake WWE. WWE is a monster and a very powerful company. Yes, the WWE’s ratings may be way down as of this point but WWE is a giant. AEW is here ’cause of WWE, whether you want to admit it or not. Tony Khan the owner of AEW admits he is a fan of WWE himself and many former WWE guys working for his company.

I stopped watching AEW ’cause even they can get pretty bad with the storylines and matches, they are no better… and the music themes for their stars are pretty awful.

Anyhow, WWE maybe struggling in the ratings and all but they’ll figure out a way to get back on top again. I continue to support and watch WWE ’cause I like them better to be honest.

Wrestling fans wanna whine, cry and bitch about how awful WWE is but they continue to watch anyways. I continue to watch ’cause I enjoy it. People complain about how WWE isn’t wrestling anymore which is a load of bull. Yes wrestling is still around and WWE still puts on good matches here and there. I continue to watch WWE ’cause I respect all the performers, I respect what they all do. I respect Vince too ’cause he’s the one that gave us wrestling in the mainstream. I’ll admit that I’m not too thrilled of his booking and writing like most but Vince is a genius and a legend.

I just like enjoying wrestling. I’m not the one that will whine and cry everything about it. Wrestling is just a show and I think a lot of people take it way too serious. Just wanted to give out my thoughts on everything going on in the wrestling industry lately. It’s all crazy.


Happy Birthday Vince MCmahon, Thanks For giving us Wrestling…

You can love this man or hate him all you want but Vince McMahon aka the CEO/Chairman/owner of the WWE is such a genius and a legend. Us wrestling fans wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for Vince.

Yeah, pro wrestling has been around long before the old WWF but Vince definitely helped make wrestling more mainstream and popular. Without Vince, we wouldn’t have gotten WCW, ECW, TNA Impact, ROH, NWA.. and most of all we wouldn’t have gotten AEW as well.

Vince gave us wrestling, love him or hate him all you want to.

Look, I don’t agree with everything Vince does… I’m not a fan of his booking and writing myself but the man is a genius, I respect him so much. On top of that, Vince McMahon was a helluva performer himself during the Attitude Era/Ruthless Aggression era when he played this evil boss character, Mr. McMahon. I think that’s another reason why a lot of us respect him ’cause he was a great performer in the ring in his own right and he even had a few great wrestling matches himself too believe it or not. Vince made himself a wrestler and performer ’cause he was drawn into it after the Montreal Screwjob.

I’ve been a fan of WWE ever since I was a kid. How did I get turned on to wrestling? Well, I had cousins that were obsessive fans and used to watch it with them. I still watch wrestling even to this day. Sometimes I do take long breaks from WWE when they get bad but I continue to watch.

I don’t think Vince himself realizes how much he’s respected by a lot of us. All those internet wrestling smarts will never admit that they would never be around today if it wasn’t for Vince. All those “smart” fans, ya know?

Everyone wants to see Vince step down and retire but it’s not gonna happen. Vince is gonna run WWE until he dies, trust me.

Nobody wants to admit that Vince is a hard working guy. From all the stories I’ve heard from behind the scenes people of WWE, Vince doesn’t sleep much… I think he has insomnia pretty much and he’s a workhorse. All he does is work for WWE. There are times when he doesn’t work and takes a little break but when he’s not working he hits the gym and I read that Vince usually hits the gym over night. Vince is a heavy lifter in the gym with video proof. A guy who is 76 now and hitting the gym hard and heavy. If you continue to hate on Vince after seeing that, you are insane!

Happy birthday Vince. Thanks for all you do!


Watched WWE Summerslam last night, it was pretty good… Becky Lynch and Brock Lesnar finally returns.

Well I guess now that live crowds are back and WWE is back to doing arena/stadiums shows, they’re back to do 3 or 4 hour ppvs. I actually enjoyed Summerslam last night. Not the best but pretty good.

Match of the night was Edge vs. Seth Rollins… I’m getting impressed with Edge more and more. Used to not be much of an Edge fan in the old days but nowadays he’s winning my respect.

The other good matches were RKBro vs. Aj Styles/Omos, Drew McinTyre vs. Jinder Mahall, Alexa Bliss vs. Eva Marie and Damien Priest vs. Sheamus were pretty solid matches.

Disappointed with Bianca getting squashed by Becky like that. You think Bianca and Becky would put on a helluva match together a longer one but ended up being a squash. Anyhow, I can see Bianca challenging Becky for a re-match and WWE will give us a better match with them too for the next ppv, I’m sure.

Goldberg vs. Bobby was actually okay… I was extremely surprised that Goldberg lasted longer in the ring than we all thought. Most Goldberg matches are very quick but he actually did a little more this time.

Had a feeling the Usos and Roman were gonna retain their titles. Brock will end up taking the belt from Roman real soon and that’s when Roman’s “Head of the Table” group will split. It’s looking like Brock will feud with Paul Heyman which will be real interesting. This storyline will be like why did Paul Heyman stab Brock in the back while he was gone? It’s gonna go down something like that.

It was a pretty good show and WWE slowly improving.


WrestlEmania 37, Just a brief review…

Well over the weekend I watched “Wrestlemania 37”. It was a two night show that took place on Saturday and Sunday. I thought it was a pretty good Wrestlemania but could have been better.

Look here for the card:

I thought every match on Saturday Night 1 was really good, every match that night was great. I even thought Bobby Lashley vs. Drew McIntyre was fantastic even though I can’t stand Lashley and I thought the women’s main event Sasha vs. Bianca was a great match as well. I even thought Bad Bunny did a great job in a wrestling match with Damien Priest even though I hate his music.

Night 2 wasn’t the greatest. I thought the best matches of that night were Shayna/Nia Jax vs. Natty Neidhart/Tamina tag match, Kevin Owens vs. Sami Zayne was great and so was Asuka vs. Rhea Rhipley women’s tag match. The other matches that night weren’t that great at all…. especially Randy Orton vs. The Fiend, this feud is getting stupid even though I’m a huge fan of Randy.

As far as the main event goes with Roman Reigns vs. Edge vs. Daniel Bryan – Triple Threat Championship match… I’m sure everybody expected Roman to lose the belt last night to one of the other guys but of course, that didn’t happen. Roman won the match and retains. It’s probably gonna be a long title run for Roman. That’s okay ’cause I actually like this new heel Roman persona. I think Roman is a badass actually, I’m a fan.

I thought it was an okay Wrestlemania, just thought Night 1 was the best.

It was refreshing to see actual live fans back at a Wrestlemania, though. That was great. Watching wrestling with fans in the crowds is what it’s all about and that’s what they do this for to begin with. This is what wrestlers sacrifice everything for is to wrestle in front of live crowds.

Looking forward to watching RAW tonight.


Will be watching a whole week of wrestling this week, just noticed that…

Hmmmm, well today I’m gonna catch up with last week’s Smackdown, NXT and NXT UK. Tomorrow night will be WWE RAW, Tuesday Night will be the WWE Hall of Fame show, Wed/Thursday will be the NXT ppv “Stand and Deliver” which is a two night ppv, Friday night will be Smackdown and on Saturday/Sunday will be two nights of “Wrestlemania”. Yup, that’s a whole week of wrestling for sure.

Usually there’s a lot of wrestling to watch to watch on Wrestlemania week, usually happens every year ’cause that’s the WWE’s way of building up hype and to help promote Wrestlemania.

That’s a lot of wrestling to watch this week so I won’t be streaming any movies/TV shows this week.

I like to watch the WWE Hall of Fame live show every year before Wrestlemania ’cause it’s very powerful hearing the Hall of Famer’s speeches. The WWE will be officially inducting legends into the Hall of Fame for 2020 and 2021 ’cause there was no Hall of Fame show last year due to Covid. The Hall of Fame show is back for this Tuesday night which is gonna be on Peacock on Tuesday evening so can’t wait to watch that.

So happy that I signed up for Peacock ’cause just for the hell of it, I just looked on the WWE Network site and it got shut down today ’cause of the big move.

Not sure how to watch live TV on Peacock for WWE yet but I’ll figure it out ’cause I’m still new to this Peacock thing.