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Headlining main event for WM-34 this year: Braun Strowman vs. Roman Reigns for Universal Championship???

Tomorrow night is the big Royal Rumble ppv and yes, of course I’ll be watching it on the WWE Network tomorrow night. Looking forward to it. WWE just announced that Roman Reigns will be an entrant in the Rumble tomorrow which is no surprise really. I don’t know why so many wrestling fans hate Roman Reigns ’cause he’s my favorite right now. Reigns is a good wrestler and puts on exciting as hell matches, so I don’t understand the hate? Oh well. Haters are gonna hate, huh?

The Road to WrestleMania always begins on the Royal Rumble ppv every year. That’s when the WWE will start putting together the card for WM-34 later this year. On the WWE Network, I have watched every WrestleMania and Royal Rumble ppv on it. What will the card for this year’s WrestleMania be like? I’m not sure yet but I am predicting that the headlining main event for this year’s ‘mania will probably be Braun Strowman vs. Roman Reigns for the Universal title.

I predict Brock Lesnar will lose the Universal Champ to Braun Strowman tomorrow night for that Triple Threat match they have with Kane. There’s a lot of talk that Lesnar is leaving the WWE again ’cause it looks like he’s making another come back to UFC so Lesnar to lose Universal Title tomorrow? I think Strowman is gonna win that match and get the Universal title finally.

Roman Reigns just lost the USA Title not too long ago and now it’s official that he’s in the Rumble, it got me thinking that Reigns is probably gonna win the 30 man rumble match, so he can go on to headline WrestleMania. Reigns headlined the past 3 Wrestlemanias in a row and he’ll probably headline WrestleMania again this year. Strowman will win title tomorrow and will keep it ’til WM-34 ’cause Reigns will take it from him. That’s what I think the main event for this year’s WrestleMania will be.

I could be wrong on this prediction, though. I wouldn’t be surprised the WM-34 main event will end up being Lesnar vs. Reigns, but we’ll see how it goes.

What will the other matches on the ‘mania card look like? Well Triple H vs. Kurt Angle is pretty likely. Chris Jericho vs. Elias might look like will happen. AJ Styles vs. Shinsuke Nakamura. Matt Hardy vs. Bray Wyatt for sure. Asuka vs. Alexa Bliss (w/Ronda Rousey being involved somehow). John Cena vs. Samoa Joe.

Shane McMahon will probably be in a match this year again but who knows who.

Anyway, I’m looking forward to the Rumble tomorrow night. Hopefully, the WWE will give us a few surprise return entrants this time ’cause they gave us nothing last year. Maybe Hulk Hogan will make a surprise entrant at the Rumble, who knows? Maybe the Rock will be a surprise entrant. I doubt it but ya never know. It’s WWE. They’re always in for surprises.

As far the first Women’s Rumble match goes, I predict Asuka will probably win that one. It’s probably gonna end up happening.



Vince McMahon returned on RAW last Monday, the day after Wrestlemania and he got the biggest crowd pop! WOW!!!

I’ll have to agree that this was best entrance Vince McMahon had in years and the crowd was amazing to him too. I’m reading some of the comments in that video and many fans are slamming the fans, saying all kinds of shit like: “Why are they cheering on Vince for being so high on Roman Reigns” (Roman Reigns, a wrestler fans hate).

Well, let me tell you why the fans are cheering Vince and giving him a standing ovation you negative idiots. Not only that Vince McMahon is one of the best performers in wrestling but the reason fans respect him so much is ’cause simply put, the man’s a fucking legend. Period?

They’re cheering him on and giving him a standing ovation ’cause Vince gave us professional wrestling and he gave us “sports entertainment”. Without Vince McMahon, the WWE wouldn’t have gotten so huge and powerful like the company is today. That’s why WWE fans respect the hell out of this guy. This is just our way of thanking him for giving us wrestling. Even though Vince stopped calling it “wrestling” and calling it “entertainment”, I’m still gonna call it “wrestling”.

The WWF/WWE has been in business for over 30 years and it took fans this long to realize that Vince McMahon is a genius. He really is. Vince deserved that crowd reaction all the way. Whether Vince plays a good guy or a bad guy owner of WWE, fans will always love him no matter what. Vince is a legend, there’s no denying that.

Vince doesn’t appear on TV much anymore ’cause he’s pretty much semi-retired as an on TV performer. I do miss the old days of Vince during the Attitude Era where he was really evil and fans hated him to death… oh man, the Vince vs. Stone Cold feud was great stuff.

I’ve always respected the hell out of Vince; although, I will admit that he’s sometimes horrible at booking and storylines. Other than that, the dude is a genius. Non-wrestling fans needs to give him more respect ’cause it’s him that gets parents out to arenas to get their kids to see live wrestling shows. It’s all on Vince, y’all. He does that.


Cool video footage of the Undertaker backstage at Wrestlemania last Sunday night…

Here is video of the Undertaker walking backstage after his match with Roman Reigns from last Sunday’s Wrestlemania after the show ended. ‘Taker walking backstage with his wife Michelle McCool. Undertaker himself seems to be in a good mood as you can see.

So what’s next for ‘Taker now that he’s all done wrestling? Will he move on to a new career soon? Like get some movie roles or maybe write a book? I think it’ll be cool if he wrote his own autobiography so he can tell us how he got into the wrestling business.

Anyways, ‘Taker has been a part of wrestling for most of his life and I think he deserves some time for himself.


Why is the Undertaker not in the Hall of Fame???

Each time it’s Wrestlemania season, there is always talk about the WWE Hall of Fame. The Hall of Fame started in 1993 where they inducted Andre The Giant first. The WWE Hall of Fame has been going on for 24 years now and they’ve never inducted a WWE legend by the name of the Undertaker. The most famous and most recognizable star in the history of WWE.

The Undertaker has been in WWE for 27 years now. He has accomplished so much in the wrestling business. His real name Mark Calloway who plays a mysterious character who is supposed to be dead. He defeated almost every superstar you can think of.

I mean who doesn’t like the Undertaker? Every wrestling fan respects the hell out of this guy. There are even people who don’t watch wrestling at all and non-wrestling fans even like him.

So why isn’t the Undertaker in the Hall of Fame yet? I’m sure the WWE wants to put him in there and they are dying to… maybe it’s because the Undertaker himself doesn’t want to be in yet? Maybe Mark aka the Undertaker is waiting for retirement and then he’ll put himself in there. Who knows? The Undertaker is a legend for sure and one of the best performers in the business.

On WWE Network, I’ve been watching a lot of old WWE ppv’s from the 80’s – 90’s and yes, I’ve been watching plenty of old Undertaker matches. The guy is such an incredible performer. Each match he did was always so exciting. I loved both characters he played, The Deadman and The American Badass in which he had a biker gimmick at one point.

The guy is a genius, though. Mark Calloway slowed down on performing though ’cause I believe he’s on his way to retirement. Will his match against Roman Reigns at WM-33 this Sunday be his last?

Anyway, the Undertaker really needs to be in the Hall of Fame. I’m glad Kurt Angle, DDP and Ravishing Rick Rude are finally being inducted tonight but what about ‘Taker? I’m sure they’ll get ‘Taker in soon but the sooner the better, though.


So the headline main event for “Wrestlemania 33” is gonna end up being John Cena vs. Randy Orton for the WWE Title? Looks like it!!!

So I watched the Royal Rumble ppv last night and it was good. So the main event for the upcoming ‘Mania 33 is probably gonna end up being John Cena vs. Randy Orton for the WWE Title. Last night John Cena won the WWE Title from AJ Styles (which was an amazing match btw, more on that later in this post) and Randy Orton ended up winning the 30 Man Rumble matchup. So that basically means that Orton is now automatically slotted to headline ‘Mania 33 for the WWE Championship. Could it actually be Cena vs. Orton @ ‘Mania? Possibly if Cena can keep the belt for that long that is unless someone takes it from him before ‘Mania but I doubt it though. It may not seem like it but Cena and Orton never had a headlining singles match at ‘Mania before so I think it’s finally time. Cena and Orton had other singles matches at other ppv’s before but never ‘Mania. Correct me if I’m wrong. I think Cena vs. Orton should happen at ‘Mania ’cause that would make an amazing match.

It’s sad that the Undertaker lost again but I think the Undertaker will still have a match at WM-33 this year. Who would Undertaker have a match against? Undertaker will probably end up having a match against Roman Reigns. Undertaker got eliminated by Roman Reigns at the Rumble last night so the Undertaker will definitely want his payback. So watch out Roman, you just messed with the wrong guy!

As far as the Rumble match itself goes, it was pretty good but slightly disappointing. Not because that Orton won, though. I’m actually glad that Orton won ’cause that was unexpecting. They made last night’s Rumble match unpredictable this time which was good. I’m disappointed in the Rumble match ’cause they made Brock Lesnar and Goldberg look like babies, they didn’t last long in the match at all. Sad! There were also no surprising superstar returns from the past which also made it disappointing: No Kurt Angle, no Triple H, no Shane McMahon… nobody came back. Just current superstars.

I thought Kevin Owens vs. Roman Reigns match was really good. I’m starting to like Kevin Owens even more. After watching that match, I thought to myself, did Vince finally lift the ban on chair shots to the head? There were a few of those in that match last night I see.

I thought the best match of the night was Cena vs. AJ Styles. That match was amazing. You see Vince? That’s what we all want to see. GOOD WRESTLING. Technical wrestling finally made a comeback. That match was incredible and will go down as a classic years from now. Both men did a phenomenal job. Ya know, when I used to watch TNA Wrestling… I’ve had my eye on AJ Styles for years and I always knew that guy would be a big WWE Superstar someday and here he is. I used to hate John Cena but I don’t anymore. Cena is becoming my favorite lately and I’m liking him more and more. I don’t understand all the Cena hate ’cause like him or not, that man is very talented and works hard. My respect grew on Cena lately.

It was a pretty good Rumble last night.


Will I watch Wrestlemania 31 this Sunday? Probably not…

Wrestlemania 31 is this Sunday and to be honest, I don’t think I’m gonna watch. I usually watch Wrestlemania every year and have been watching Wrestlemania for years. I don’t watch every WWE ppv like a lot of fans do… only the big ones. I stopped watching WWE. Haven’t been watching RAW in a long time, it’s actually been a few years now since I haven’t watched it. Some of you would think I wouldn’t give up watching wrestling but yes I do. I do take long breaks from watching WWE from time to time when they start getting really bad but I don’t like the direction where the company is headed right now. Every time I try to tune into RAW, the show has never improved. The same old gimmicky storylines and soap opera stuff. Always shoving John Cena in our faces like usual.

I’m not crazy about the Wrestlemania card this year:


The only match I would be interested in seeing is Sting vs. Triple H… that’s probably gonna end up being the match of the night while Undertaker vs. Bray Wyatt will be the second best. You know Undertaker is gonna win against Bray Wyatt since the WWE upset too many WWE fans with the Undertaker losing his Wrestlemania streak last year.

I could watch Wrestlemania 31 on WWE Network if I wanted but I don’t wanna subscribe to it. I’m not really all that excited about this year’s Wrestlmania. I do wanna see the Triple H vs. Sting match though ’cause that’s gonna be the good one.

I don’t like WWE anymore and the way it’s going lately. Who knows, maybe I’ll change my mind and will watch it anyway but it’s probably gonna be a mediocre Wrestlemania like all the others.