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Bret “The Hitman” Hart attacked by fan during speech during WWE Hall of Fame show… my thoughts…


Last night on the WWE Network, I was watching the WWE Hall of Fame show and during Bret “The Hitman” Hart’s speech while he was honoring Jim the Anvil Neidhart, some idiot dumbass fan got into the ring and attacked the Hitman. When the incident happened on live TV on the WWE Network, the cameras got shut off immediately so the footage above is what you didn’t see on the WWE Network.

When the idiot fan attacked Bret, you can see that other wrestlers jumped in from the audience for his defense and to get the attacker out. The first two wrestlers that went in the ring to help Bret was Dash Wilder and Travis Browne. Dash is seen in the pink suit coat and black pants. He’s the one who punched the attacker out. Then other wrestlers joined in from the crowd. You can see Shane McMahon in there and all three members of the New Day. Also Drake Maverick and Davey Boy Smith Jr. were also in there.


Some of you may ask, why would some idiot attack Bret the Hitman Hart? Well Bret is a controversial figure in the world of professional wrestling. Bret is a pretty outspoken guy in interviews with the press. Bret is just a guy who speaks his mind in interviews and sometimes his thoughts/opinions aren’t for everyone. Sometimes he says things that upsets a lot of wrestling fans out there and the attacker must be one of his haters.

When it comes to Bret talking about the wrestling business in an honest and no holds barred kind of way, I don’t agree with everything Bret says but he’s still a human being. Bret didn’t deserve that whether you like him or not. What that idiot did was disgusting. Whether you like the Hitman or not, the guy is still a wrestling legend and one of the greatest of all time.

Words of warning, wrestling fans… don’t ever attack wrestlers in the ring or they’ll attack you in return. Wrestling maybe fake yes but these guys would have no problem pulling some real wrestling moves on you in order to protect their fellow wrestlers.

After the incident last night, I would think the WWE would be amping up security big time at Wrestlemania tonight so that it doesn’t happen again.

Glad the Hitman is okay, though. Some of you may ask, why didn’t Bret defend himself since he’s the greatest of all time? Well he is a 60 year old man and I would think he doesn’t have any wrestling left in him anymore so other wrestlers came in for his defense for that reason. Wrestling is fake, this is real life. I don’t think Bret would have been able to defend himself when that fan attacked him pretty quick.

This wasn’t the first time that wrestlers got attacked by fans. It happened many times before.



WWE announces their first WWE Hall of Fame inductee… congratulations D-Generation X… all members of D-X including Chyna are now inducted!!!

So the WWE announced their first WWE Hall of Fame inductee and that is a legendary wrestling stable named D-Generation X. All members of D-X which includes Triple H, Chyna, X-Pac, Billy Gunn and Road Dogg will ALL be included in this induction.


This is a well-deserved inclusion in the Hall of Fame and long overdue. D-X was a pretty big wrestling group in the 90’s during the Attitude Era. They accomplished a lot throughout the wrestling business over the years. D-X still do occasional appearances in WWE from time to time, though.

Fans have been trying to fight for Chyna to get inducted in the Hall of Fame and they finally succeeded. Chyna is finally in the Hall of Fame now which is well-deserved and long overdue as well.  Love her or hate her, Chyna did a lot for the business over the years. While Chyna is now in the Hall of Fame as D-X, this also means there’s a very good chance she’ll be inducted in the Hall of Fame individually someday too. When Chyna went as a solo performer, she was an extremely popular star and won over a lot of fans. She accomplished a lot in the wrestling business and she’s a legend. I’m a huge Chyna fan. Have been for a pretty long time and still am loyal to her today. I was bummed when she passed suddenly, although, it wasn’t a surprise.

The rest of the guys in D-X deserves to be in there too. They are all legends. I’m a lifelong wrestling fan and I’ve watched throughout the Attitude Era in the 90’s so I know all about D-X and what they’ve done.

D-X is what helped Triple H become a huge recognizable star in the business.

Hopefully the Undertaker will get inducted this year ’cause that’s long overdue too.


Why is the Undertaker not in the Hall of Fame???

Each time it’s Wrestlemania season, there is always talk about the WWE Hall of Fame. The Hall of Fame started in 1993 where they inducted Andre The Giant first. The WWE Hall of Fame has been going on for 24 years now and they’ve never inducted a WWE legend by the name of the Undertaker. The most famous and most recognizable star in the history of WWE.

The Undertaker has been in WWE for 27 years now. He has accomplished so much in the wrestling business. His real name Mark Calloway who plays a mysterious character who is supposed to be dead. He defeated almost every superstar you can think of.

I mean who doesn’t like the Undertaker? Every wrestling fan respects the hell out of this guy. There are even people who don’t watch wrestling at all and non-wrestling fans even like him.

So why isn’t the Undertaker in the Hall of Fame yet? I’m sure the WWE wants to put him in there and they are dying to… maybe it’s because the Undertaker himself doesn’t want to be in yet? Maybe Mark aka the Undertaker is waiting for retirement and then he’ll put himself in there. Who knows? The Undertaker is a legend for sure and one of the best performers in the business.

On WWE Network, I’ve been watching a lot of old WWE ppv’s from the 80’s – 90’s and yes, I’ve been watching plenty of old Undertaker matches. The guy is such an incredible performer. Each match he did was always so exciting. I loved both characters he played, The Deadman and The American Badass in which he had a biker gimmick at one point.

The guy is a genius, though. Mark Calloway slowed down on performing though ’cause I believe he’s on his way to retirement. Will his match against Roman Reigns at WM-33 this Sunday be his last?

Anyway, the Undertaker really needs to be in the Hall of Fame. I’m glad Kurt Angle, DDP and Ravishing Rick Rude are finally being inducted tonight but what about ‘Taker? I’m sure they’ll get ‘Taker in soon but the sooner the better, though.


Why I don’t agree with Hulk Hogan inducting “Macho Man” Randy Savage in the Hall of Fame…

Before Randy’s tragic death, the real-life feud between Randy and Hulk Hogan is well-documented. Here’s a few videos for you to see for yourself. Randy never liked Hogan and I’m sure Randy is rolling in his grave with WWE’s decision on having Hulk induct him.

I wish the WWE Universe would get some kind of petition going and try to get the WWE to have somebody else induct Randy in the Hall of Fame. Hogan is a horrible choice.

Hogan himself often talks about his feud with Randy over the years but the last thing you wanna do is trust Hogan and believe in his lies. I’m almost 100% sure it’s not true that Randy and Hogan buried the hatchet before Randy passed.

What was Vince thinking agreeing Hulk to induct Randy?


“Macho Man” Randy Savage to finally be included in the WWE Hall of Fame…

Took them long enough. The WWE Hall of Fame is just as bad as the Rock N’ Roll Hall of Fame. Too many wrestlers not inducted yet who are deserving.


Other wrestlers that deserve to get in are:

Owen Hart
Chris Jericho
The Undertaker
The Rock

Yeah, I said Chris Jericho. You may not agree with it but Jericho aka Y2J accomplished a lot in the WWE. He was the first to win the Undisputed Champion and he had too many great feuds & matches over the years. He will definitely make his way in there someday, though. If you think that Jericho doesn’t deserve it, then you are insane. He spent many years in wrestling so he’s definitely considered a legend by now, in my opinion.


Will Hulk Hogan induct the Ultimate Warrior into the wrestling Hall of Fame??? I don’t know…

In facebook, the WWE official page posted up a status asking the fans who should induct the Ultimate Warrior into the WWE Hall of Fame, and sure enough… most of the responses were Hulk Hogan. So it’s pretty clear that most of the WWE Universe want Hulk Hogan to induct Warrior which should be an obvious choice. Why? Simply because Hogan was the one who helped Warrior get over at their famous Wrestlemania 6 match.

Even though I can’t stand Hulk Hogan, I agree that he’s the obvious choice to induct Warrior; however, Hulk and Warrior would have to do some hatchet burying and put their differences aside in order for that to happen. Hulk and Warrior have been having a real life feud for many years and they still don’t get along in real life. I don’t know. It be cool that Hulk would induct the Ultimate Warrior but there’s a slight chance of that not happening.

If Warrior can bury the hatchet with Vince McMahon then I’m sure Warrior can bury the hatchet with Hulk too so who knows… anything is possible. We’ll have to wait to see what happens. I’m sure Hulk will be all for burying the hatchet with Warrior but it’s all up to Warrior of what he wants to do.

If Hulk isn’t gonna do it who else should induct Warrior into the Hall of Fame? I can see Jake “The Snake” Roberts doing it.

As far as Hulk and Warrior goes, we’ll have to see what happens. Even though I hate Hogan, I’d like to see Warrior and Hulk bury the hatchet ’cause those two guys held grudges for too long.


10 Wrestlers who deserve a Hall of Fame Induction…

Every year for Wrestlemania, we talk wrestlers being inducted into the Hall of Fame. Take a look at this inductee list and see who’s been inducted so far.

Who else deserves a Hall of Fame nod? Who else do you think should be on there who haven’t been inducted yet?

I can think of 10 names at the top of my head…in no particular order…

  • The Undertaker – Yep, the Deadman will make his way to the Hall of Fame, hopefully next year? We all want ‘Taker to make it.
  • Jake “The Snake” Roberts – It is sad that he isn’t even inducted yet. He was one of the best characters in wrestling who used a real snake as his weapon. Amazing wrestler too.
  • “Macho Man” Randy Savage – Oooooohhhh yeeeah, the Macho Man’s time in the Hall of Fame will come, tough guy.
  • “The Ultimate Warrior” – Hopefully, the Warrior will have his time, next year?
  • Mick Foley – Famous for bringing three different characters to wrestling: Dude Love, Mankind and Cactus Jack. Famous for being thrown off a Hell in a Cell by the Undertaker and famous for being a hardcore wrestling legend. This man totally deserves a nod, how can they forget him?
  • Owen Hart – One of the best mid-card wrestlers back in his time, he was a favorite of mine. He so deserves this.
  • Chyna – Many would laugh at this choice but she deserves it, like I explained before she accomplished a lot in the women’s division, plus she is the first woman to win the IC Title belt. That’s good enough to deserve a nod right there.
  • Sable (Rena Mero) – A controversial diva who was the first to mix porn and wrestling together. The first Diva to expose her breasts on RAW, the first Diva to pose nude for Playboy. Maybe not this soon, but Sable will get a Hall of Fame nod, someday.
  • Miss Elizabeth – She maybe dead, yes, but she still deserves a Hall of Fame nod, simply because her relationship storyline with “Macho Man” Randy Savage was so legendary.
  • Scott Hall aka “Razor Ramone” – Hey yoooo, laugh if you want, but Scott Hall had too many legendary moments in wrestling, especially his well known feud with Shawn Michaels, Bret Hart and Ric Flair in the WWE. Plus, Hall accomplished so much in WCW. It was him that helped make the nWo well known. He maybe a controversial figure in professional wrestling and he may have his personal problems in life, but give this man the respect he deserves. He was a talented performer. I admired him.

I’m sure there’s plenty more, but those 10 above, I would really like in the Hall of Fame.